Microsoft and Acer work together on a new Windows 10 laptop for schools

Microsoft wants to see more Windows 10 laptops in schools, so the company collaborated with Acer on an upcoming laptop made for the education market. The 11.6-inch Acer TravelMate B117 has some features that should appeal to schools.

One of the more interesting features on the TravelMate B177 is its embedded LED light on its lid. It can flash in four different colors and is designed to be used by students to indicate their current status to teachers:

"For example, teachers can post multiple-choice questions to the whole class, and after students select their answers on the notebook, the LEDs will light up in a corresponding color to indicate the answers they have chosen. Alternatively, students can toggle the LED light after they have finished an assignment, and teachers can monitor the progress of the whole class simply by looking at the students' notebooks. The LED light can also replace traditional hand raising, signaling the need of attention to the teacher. In addition, teachers will also have a user interface that displays the total status, such as the number of students that have finished their assignments, or the breakdown of multiple choice answers."

The construction of the laptop is also made to deal with the school market:

"Designed with classroom environments in mind, the TravelMate B117 features a ruggedized frame with a rubber strip that frames the chassis to protect the device from unexpected bumps and drops. It also weighs in at just under 3lbs and measuring less than in inch thin. A solid hinge which opens up to 180 degrees can take on up to 25,000 swings, while the cover can withstand up to 60 kg of pressure. The keyboard is spill-resistant with a water drainage design that protects against accidental spills."

Inside, the laptop will have Intel HD graphics, up to 4GB of RAM and options for both SSD and hard drive storage. A launch date and price for the Acer TravelMate B117 has yet to be revealed.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham