Microsoft and HTC sign deal with STC for the launch of HTC 8X in Saudi Arabia

STC exclusively grabs the HTC 8X

STC (Saudi Telecoms Company) Group has signed a strategic partnership with both HTC and Microsoft to exclusively launch the 8X Windows Phone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a leap into offering the Apollo experience to the region, and for STC to hold exclusive rights on HTC's flagship. The announcement comes concurrently with the GITEX GulfComms exhibition, and we'll likely see STC launch the handset in November.

STC's GM of Corporate Communications, Eng. Nawaaf Al Shalani, had the following to add on the partnership:

"We are pleased to announce this new partnership, and we look forward to working with HTC and Microsoft, the leaders in innovative technology. This cooperation affirms our dedication to serving our customers, and sheds light on our ability to create comprehensive services and strategic alliances that consolidate our leadership in the IT industry, as the HTC device provides an added value to the smart phone market in general, and without a doubt it is an innovation that will satisfy the demands of the wider STC customer base by giving them the ideal smart phone experience."

The HTC 8X is expected to launch in a number of markets, offering consumers a colourful selection of HTC Windows Phones. Variants of the HTC 8X, alongside the HTC 8S, ensures that all bases are covered. While Nokia first injected colour into the platform last year with the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, we'll certainly welcome HTC's new approach.

Jon French, HTC's Vice President MEA, commented on the deal:

"This strategic partnership promotes our vision in forming long-term, positive and mutually rewarding relationships with our main partners in the region, where we always seek to produce smart phones that embody pioneering technologies and innovative designs, as reflected in the advanced HTC Windows Phone 8X. We are thrilled for the opportunity to present the HTC Windows Phone 8X to the Saudi consumers."

The partnership between the three companies will bring the experience of Windows Phone 8 to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though no pricing has been revealed as-of-yet. Last quote comes from a Microsoft Middle East spokesperson:

"The announcement of this partnership today is a proof of the collaboration strength that gathered 3 of the communication industry leaders, where the customers in Saudi Arabia will be able to experience the latest smart phone technology with HTC Windows Phone 8X, operated by STC."

To recap on HTC 8X specifications, the Windows Phone sports a 4.3" Super LCD display, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, 8MP rear shooter (with wide angle 2.1MP FFC), Beats Audio, 1800mAh battery and NFC. Not a bad offering should the price be right.

Source: AME Info, va: WMPU

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