Microsoft and NASCAR team up on new Windows 10 race management app

Microsoft has teamed up with NASCAR to develop a new Windows 10 race management app for its racing teams. It will be used for the first time today during the Toyota - Save Mart 350 at the Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California.

NASCAR executive vice president Steve O'Donnell and Microsoft's Mike Downey demonstrated the app in a press event on Friday, where the app was shown working on a large Surface Hub screen. It will be used in combination with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:

By bringing six different data categories, such as historical data, timing and scoring, pit road officiating, video replay and car positioning, into one app, O'Donnell said it would allow race directors to relay messages to teams more quickly than the current system where data is analyzed on multiple screens from multiple feeds. Information can be gleaned during the race as well as immediately afterward, so the goal, at least from a competition standpoint, is that the decisions in what is perhaps the fastest of fast-moving sports can be made more quickly.For example, if there's a violation on pit road, NASCAR officials will be able to cut video and send it to the teams, along with a message. This would replace today's method of relaying the message over the airwaves. NASCAR is counting on this being a more accurate and efficient way to deliver their in-race messages.

Microsoft and NASCAR plan to offer improvements to the app after its debut today.

John Callaham
  • Damn, i whished for a management game ^^
  • NASCAR management??? "How to make left turns more organised and effective."
  • Look, folks!! It's one of those Formula One snobs ;-)
  • They sometimes turn right... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Well, they're turning right today. Regardless, If that is how you generalize it, that just means you are quite ignorant in regards to.
  • App download link?
  • This is not for racing fans.
  • Solution looking for a problem. Don't see how adding bloat like video to time sensitive messaging can make races safer.
  • If you don't understand something, do you always say "solution looking for a problem"? Apparently, NASCAR identifies a problem and sought out the solution. It's also really clear from reading the use scenarios in the article that there are problems being solved, processes streamlined and communications enhanced.
  • Honest question, have you ever even remotely seen what responsibilities race control, behind teams and the sport, hold? Time sensitive messaging between drivers, aka, the ones running the race, comes via voice control, not sending them an IM with video GIFs with cats on them. Secondly, having access to onboards for drivers or overall video feed, despite the reputation of all their "turn left, turn left, turn left" circuits, allows managers and spotters to make LEAGUES more split second decisions that can save lives, properly judge collisions or race incidents or add competitive advantages in a conventional and moderately fair manner. This isn't even a NASCAR specific concept, this is a RACING concept, where even if you're watching F1, WRC, WTCC, or the Nurburgring 24h, race teams can make racing far more efficient and safe. Your ignorance amused me here.
  • Because the first responce a team ALWAYS has when they are called for an over the wall penalty is "no we didn't"....  To which now, as soon as the video dictates they commited the infraction, they are sent proof simultaniously with the penalty.
  • The NBA needs an App to help ameliorate its rather ignominious officiating -- as Walt Frazier might say.
  • What about Formula1 App for Windows 10 Mobile? The official website of the Formula 1 still does not work in Edge browser!!!