Microsoft and NASCAR team up, Windows 10 logo to be put on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car

Microsoft continues to expand its efforts to sponsor professional sports with a new partnership with NASCAR. The the company is now an Official Technology Partner of the stock car racing league. In addition, the company will be a technology partner with one of NASCAR's major race teams, Hendrick Motorsports.

NASCAR states:

"Both NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports will adopt the Windows 10 platform and Microsoft Azure to deliver technology solutions to help improve performance on and off the track. In addition, Microsoft will support the upcoming launch of Windows 10 with primary sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s No. 88 Chevrolet SS at Sonoma Raceway on June 28 and Pocono Raceway on August 2. Windows 10 will be the Official Operating System of Hendrick Motorsports.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will also serve as an official spokesperson for Microsoft for the launch of Windows 10, which will happen on July 29. Here's what he had to say about the partnership:

"I'm a big technology user and really enjoy Microsoft products," said Earnhardt, who is NASCAR's 12-time most popular driver. "Kicking off the Hendrick Motorsports relationship with Windows 10 is a unique opportunity, and there's no doubt our ongoing technical partnership will help us raise the bar in many areas. It's great to see Microsoft is having such a positive experience with NASCAR and wants to do more across the sport. We're excited to be a part of that."

Thanks to Zovin for the tip!

Source: NASCAR

  • All i can say is.......!!!!! Stupendously beautiful!
  • Looks great, agreed! Why did they not make modifications to the logo though? It looks the same as Windows 8.
  • Then they have to change again the Windows button on the keyboard and on the phone, etc. It will be hard
  • Because that is the new logo. Fits with Microsoft's rebrand of a couple years ago
  • Because there's no way to simplify the logo further. It's already modern, flat in design and follows metro style which has been MS's choice for quite sometime now.
  • Remember, these folks can barely read, much less the easier the better.
  • So, when he wins a race and gets out of the car they hand him a ... Windows 10 phone?
  • Next meme of 9gag'll be like :
    "Windows 10 crashed last night"
  • LOL
  • Lol! But if that joke goes mainstream, I wonder if it'll affect the Windows 10 adoption rate... Hmm.
  • +929
  • And its not on the door. Dominating the entire hood of the car.  Way to get your name out there Microsoft.
  • Why not Josh Wise? I know there's still room on his car...
  • Turn left Baby!
  • GO FAST!
  • Like watching a dog chase its own tail.
  • Lol
  • NASCAR is... well yeah. But still a good move for MSFT.
  • I think it would've made more sense to use Xbox. The Xbox green would stand out more and NASCAR's fan base is likely more interested in Xbox One than in Windows 10 with Azure...
  • Actually Nascar demographics are pretty solid in the age group for potential Azure users.
  • How the hell do you know....
  • My 12 year old loves NASCAR, but has no clue what Azure is.
  • Imagine having Cortana inside that car..!
  • -"Hey Cortana, turn the car left."
    - "I am sorry, but I am currently not avialable in your area"
    - "goddamit Cortana, this isn't a game"
  • @Prakeern you have nice sense of humour... A big LOL for that reply
  • That is awesome...
  • Rofl... Imagine losing a race relying on AI
  • Good one Prakeern.
  • haha, that's funny. And I always  trust human more than machines, especially when "this isn't a game".
  • LOL. That was funny!
  • Imagine Earnhardt driving a Warthog or the Master Chief driving that Car..
  • Awesome. Been a Windows and #88 fan for a long time. This is cool. Hope they have some cool shirts.
  • I'm with you on that. I'd love a shirt as well
  • Hmmm. That will inevitably link the words "Windows 10" and "crash" at some point in time, and you can only hope it doesn't provide endless punch lines, plus gorgeous visuals. Maybe the good part will be that any search for "Windows 10" and "crash" will bring up news about Dale Earnhardt Jr. instead of what people might expect...
  • You have  a great imagination.
  • Dear god...your right..
  • wow
  • I like this deal. I used to race in a SimRonline racing league and use Microsoft paint job a few times.
  • Can we have a game of NASCAR available for windows phone ? IOS and Android has couple games of that sport.
  • Yes! This please.
  • I'll take two, please.
  • I got a racing car that would look just grand with Microsoft logos on. Satya, call me :p
  • Hold on, I'll go tell him....
  • Get all them hillbilly's off XP!! I enjoy watching the occasional Nascar race.  I used to like it a lot more but don't have a whole lot of time to watch it anymore.  The engineering that goes into these cars is pretty cool, although all cars and racing leagues has the same.  Nascar is the only racing league that is on TV every weekend it seems like...
  • O yes, because nothing but hillbillies watch Nascar. You're very uninformed.
  • Sounds cool to me. I like the car and the idea of Microsoft promoting Windows 10 this way.
  • I hate this new notifications system from WC>
  • Should have done Formula 1
  • ^^This!!  Go Silver Arrow!!
  • The Lotus team has allready big coloured Microsoft+Logo. Next step: put a big Windows 10 on it too. So yes, I agree. Even better: put it on our local hero's car: the Toro Rosso of Max Verstappen. 17 year old that kicks tyres ehhh ass :)
  • Yep, Lotus F1 Team has the windows logo already and some small Microsoft Dynamics text on the side of the car.
  • Lotus F1 team has big Microsoft Logos, check out next time.
  • Can we get Cortana to replace DW for the 'Boogitey, Boogitey, Boogitey'?
  • If only.
  • Wonder when they will update the logos on the Team Lotus car in F1? Especially since that car is working much better this season.
  • They've updated it. The windows logo is now on top of the car, just in front of the drivers. And the usual Microsoft Dynamics text on the sides which has been there for 2 years now?
  • I know that, I was thinking for Windows 10. Dynamics has been a Lotus sponsor for a couple seasons now.
  • MS,Focus more on Windows 10 mobile development and then think about Promotions....
  • That would be incredibly shortsighted of them to do. They need people to have Windows on the brain before they roll out all of their products.
  • The world didn't revolve around just Windows for Mobile. Get over it.
  • Shucks.
  • Shucks is only half a word. The correct saying is:   Aw Shucks!
  • Okay then. Aw shucks!
  • He was on a  FoxSports1 interview last week saying the first thing he does every morning is reach for his IPad.  Might be time for a Surface.
  • Junior!!
  • As a massive 88 fan. THIS IS AWESOME!!! #daleyeah
  • I'm not into NASCAR but I've always loved the cars and the logo designs they put on them. This looks so good I just might watch a race or two. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah I seen that during the fm portion of the e3 replay on xbl
  • GO 88 & Go MS.