It's not everyday that Apple gets attacked by a handful of companies who compete in numerous markets, but it seems Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have filed formal applications for a declaration of invalidity against the trademarks held by Apple for "App Store" and "Appstore" with the Trade Mark office in Europe.

This is familiar ground with Microsoft, having already fought for the trademark to be denied. Whereas, not so long ago, after Amazon launched it's Android "Appstore", Apple rushed in and sued the online retailer, which was counter sued with the claim that Apple was too generic with objections to term usage.

And in my opinion, Apple are being way too generic with their claims against usage of the terms. It shouldn't be trademarked as a term since "App Store" (and "Appstore") can be used in the variety of operating systems when describing the store in which you can purchase apps. Albeit Microsoft and Google have "Marketplaces". What do you make of this nonsense?

Source: CNET