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Microsoft announces its fourth annual Connect(); developer event

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Microsoft logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has announced the dates for its fourth annual Connect(); developer conference, revealing that it will take place from November 15-17. The event will be held (opens in new tab) in New York and will feature more than 75 sessions intended to help developers learn to build apps that "will have a profound impact on the world," Microsoft says.

Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, alongside leading industry innovators, will share what's next for developers across a broad range of Microsoft and open source technologies.

While the event itself will run for three days in New York, those at home will be able to tune in to a livestream of the keynote. We likely won't see the types of major announcements that Microsoft typically saves for Build, its other developer-focused event. Still, the event is likely to provide some valuable insight for developers. In the meantime, you can learn more about the event and save the date at the Connect(); website (opens in new tab).

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  • The way Microsoft has been ditching the consumers, I don't think anyone wants to connect();
  • Don't worry, it will be cancelled at the last minute and they will send you an email about what a great favor they did for you.
  • What MS needs is urgent reconnect()
  • Wait till MS announces Build 2018, where Satya will ramble on about....
    "the mobility of interconnected cloud services, and the world wide infrastructure of tuna fish marmalade corn toast fluffy kitty pants orange juice purple hair space IOT of things that make you go huuuuuuummmmmmmm."
    Am I the only person here who is like "what the hell is this guy talking about?""" ?
  • Pretty sure this event will be empty...amirite?
  • My thoughts exactly.
    I imagined a convention centre or the like with a few tumbleweeds blowing through with Satay Nutella talking about Cloud First, Mobile First. More like a comedy club scene.
  • Meh... Microsoft is loosing all his loyal fan base while trying to get attention from consumers of another platforms... And it is failing with both of them... That's sad...
  • Connect to what? Why? MS DOES NOT listen to consumers. DOESN'T CARE about what people think. They are the equivalent of cafes twenty years ago that wouldn't stock anything except cow's milk - no soy, no skim, so lactose free, no almond. BYE BYE!
  • Look how condescending and disrespectful of their customers with their Groove notice - making out they are doing us a favour by ditching the best streaming service for an inferior one. WTF! MS should read how people reacted to this, listen, retract and apologise. Then they should cancel that idea, keep Groove and advertise, let people know about it. Dumb *ucking twats.
  • Do people still develop for the Microsoft ecosystem? I guess there'd still be one or two developers left who Microsoft hasn't shafted in one way or another.
  • Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, TemperMonkey, etc?
  • All the f'n resets have made it hard to develop anything for the store.  THIS is why they don't have any developers, they keep changing how to develop for the store.  PICK ONE THING AND STICK WITH IT AND EVOLVE IT INSTEAD OF RESET RESET RESET.  Sorry i'm a little pissed at MS right now.
  • Microsoft engineering groups are going well. WSL, TypeScript, VSCode, .NET Core, SQL Server for Linux, etc. They are getting popular even for Linux and Mac developers.  
  • Microsoft will adopt more and more open source technologies used in other ecosystems, just to attract developers, but with a little success. Their actions on consumer market will transform them into a cloud company, and that is a bad move on long term. More new apps are developed firstly on Apple ecosystem and almost no developer invests in the new Microsoft technologies (like UWP). But I hope they will come with some good news.
  • Xboxes use UWP.xb, and there's no alternative.
    win10 pc, win10s, win10.arm uses UWP.pc and there's no alternative.
    uwp.iot,, etc don't much have alternative either, no? has no alternative either, but iOS, Android exist. No one has time for a 3rd niche mobile OS.
  • While it is necessary to take "strong" decisions at some point along the timeline, taking these strong decisions solely on one's own personal opinion while disregarding any other opinions is known as "autocracy". This is where Microsoft is heading towards by ignoring a section of their customers. They are eliminating the feedback look (customers) that is so important to stabilize any business decisions.
  • Don't get me wrong, MS has pissed me off over the last few years.  Dumping the Band.  No new Phone.  But it seems shocking that so many people have commented on this post that just seem to be haters.  Stop looking at MS feeds then.  WTF
  • They are not haters. Just disillusioned, confused and severely disappointed fans/consumers. Just before the launch of Win 10 the future looked full of promise, finally MS would have all the pieces in place to unify their ecosystem and really push forward to expand it. Since then MS leadership has done nothing but undermine their ecosystem and destroy consumer and developer trust by abandoning products and market segments. Even doing so without explanation. This weeks scrapping of Groove tells us they have no wish to maintain, let alone improve/expand, a consumer based ecosystem. The decisions made by MS leadership have been so unfathomable that MS has become a joke, even to their most loyal fanbase.  Although these comments may seem hateful, there is truth in them. Why would any developer find it more appealing to create content for the windows ecosystem today, than it was in the past? Developers make products for people/users, and those users are steadily disappearing from windows based devices. The last remaining bastion of Windows is enterprise. In five to ten years, all the kids/students that grew up with Android and iOS will start to take over the enterprise sector. And they will be taking Android and iOS with them, and developers are already hard at work turning these devices into useful productivity tools. I assure you, I'm no hater and neither, I suspect, are the previus commentators. We just don't understand why MS has chosen to squander away all their potential. I wish the board would decide to replace Nadella with Phil Spencer. He has done great work bringing back enthusiasm for Xbox and Windows gaming. He seems to be one of the few remaining, among MS leadership, that gets what users want. He might be their last, best hope to keep MS from fading into obscurity.
  • Some very valid points. Over the years, since adopting WP (Samsung Focus), seeing MS come up with some really neat and great tech, only to have other companies beat them to the punch, and in some cases, improve on that tech. Many companies, businesses and government improve their standing through lessons learned. The one lesson that MS can't seem to get is, following through with new tech and ideas. It seems as though, once another company manages to beat them to the punch, they just give up. They aren't in it for the long haul, when it comes to the average consumers. It seems that the Board and Satya Nadella want to play it safe and cut ties, without really ever trying. They may promote something during a convention, but nothing from that point. The Band was a great product overall. It had some design flaws that could be easily fixed with material and/or design changes. I think the Band 3 would have be the equivalent to the Surface Pro 3, in terms of gaining more public notoriety among consumers, as long as material quality was vastly improved. You, could send and receive texts, which worked amazingly well for such a small screen. Cortana integration, control music and volume on your phone, built in GPS, email, weather, FB IM, caller ID, heart rate monitor and UV sensor, just to name features that I used. It is hard to want to continue supporting a company that is very capable of creating some ahead of it's time technology, only to allow it to fall by the wayside. MS has to find a way to appeal to consumers and that will only come through dedication and longevity in support, promoting and listening. Until then, MS will always trail behind and find it hard to get average consumers to try new products. If they actually paid attention to lessons learned from their Xbox success, they would see that dedication and longevity is key. No one thought Xbox would survive in a world were PS, Dreamcast, and Nintendo thrived. However, dedication has put them in the ranks of being one of the top two home console gaming systems. (This has nothing to do with whether or not Sony sells more or not). The point is, over a decade of proven commitment, marketing and listening to customers has paid off. If MS had done that with WP, instead of always rebooting soon after getting a product in the wild, MS would have relevance in the mobile area. When MS finally tried to implement these things with Windows 10 Mobile, it was already going down hill and it would have taken a level of commitment that MS just isn't built for.
  • I see it the other way round.
    I didn't care about WinPhone and don't think it will ever take off.
    No one has time for a niche 3rd mobile OS.
    Trust? How many consumers and devs are/were there? win10.arm is another story cause it runs what win10pc and win10s runs.
    What other choice besides uwp.pc, if a freshman or startup's not skipping PC market (win10pc, win10s and win10.arm) all together?
    If a xbox game is available on win10pc and win10s via XPA... wouldn't it also be available on win10.arm devices by default?
    0 effort into unifying their ecosystem?
  • I disagree with Phil Spencer.  The XBOX had a lot of potential beyond just a game system.  Phil Squandered that.  Sure he strengthened the core audience and system, but he unnecessarily gimped the media portion.  XBOX could have been a living room media monster, instead it is just another game system that sits next to Rokus, Firesticks, Apple TVs.  He lacks vision beyond gaming.  Nadella lacks vision beyond Cloud.  What they need is a consumer guy, that has vision.  MS has all the tech to EASILY make a full ecosystem, but they lack vision.  With out that, ALL IS LOST!
  • There is a thin line between love and hate.  MS has crossed that line for too many of us.