Microsoft announces the $180 Lumia 640 with a 5-inch HD display, Glance and Dual-SIM LTE

The Lumia 640 builds off of the strengths of the Lumia 635 but brings none of the drawbacks. With improved hardware and a larger, 720P display, the Lumia 640's dual-SIM LTE design should open Windows Phone to a whole new market.

Additionally, Microsoft is tossing in a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on the Lumia as well as on one PC or Mac and one tablet. The subscription comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage and 60 free minutes of Skype Unlimited Worldwide calling per month.

Pricing of the dual-SIM LTE version of the Lumia 640 is expected to be around $180 (159 euros) while the dual-SIM 3G should retail for $155 (139 euros) both starting in April.

Microsoft Lumia 640 back covers and colors

Lumia 640 Specifications

  • Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
  • Windows 10 Ready
  • Colors: Glossy cyan, orange and white, as well as matte black 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8926), 1.2 GHz quad-core processor 
  • 5" HD (1280x720, 16:9) IPS LCD, 294 PPI, Glance screen, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Sunlight readability enhancements 
  • 1GB RAM 
  • 8 GB internal mass memory + up to 128 GB Micro SD & 30GB free OneDrive cloud storage 
  • Rear camera: 8 MP AF (3280x2464), f/2.2, 28 mm, 1080p @ 30 fps video (continuous autofocus), Flash: LED, Lumia Camera 5.0 (with Dynamic Flash, HDR) 
  • Front camera: HD 1 MP wide angle, f/2.4, 720p video 
  • Connectivity: BT 4.0, microUSB2.0, Micro SIM, A-GPS+GLONASS, BeiDou, DLNA, Screen cloning with Miracast, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n/ 
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Ambient Light Sensor 
  • Battery: 2500 mAh (BV-T5C) removable battery 
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Size: 141.3 x 72.2 x 8.85 mm

Overall, the Lumia 640 with its less than $200 price point looks like an enormous improvement over the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635.  

Standby for more photos and our hands-on video of the Lumia 640, live from Barcelona!

Microsoft Lumia 640 front

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice!
  • Seems same like 830/730 hardware except camera's size fitted in another body :/.
  • Time to buy new phone :D
  • I don`t think so, Will wait for Windows 10!
  • Damn they also have dual shot back cover which was previously only owned by 620.
  • Still rather have moto g, too bad they don't have lte version in u.s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Tough competition for Nokia Lumia 730 !!
  • Tbh being an owner of the Lumia 735 I pretty much love that sexy shape and the manageable size, 5" be it only .3 inches more than my 730, is a bit too much for me.
  • Still 730's design is super sexy. Plus nothing comes to OLED dispay. But still this one is b promising
  • lol u guys (730 owners) are getting jealous :P 
  • That's clear facts for us, jokes apart the 7xx series has that sexy body design that started off with the Nokia N8 and such that I ever since my teen age adored xD
  • Damn!
  • i just got my 730 :'( and i did get abit upset... mostly because 640 & 640 XL get to use the lumia camera 5.0.....and being cheaper than 730 lol also i personally perfer ips monitor over oled so all my 730 left is that it looks way cooler :/// btw anyone know why 640s /830 can use lumia camera 5.0 but not the 730?
  • Really been confused about that myself, maybe it has to do with the camera power? 8.0mp+ devices?
  • My 730 is just too sexy to give up on lol
  • I feel bad for nokia Lumia 830 users. :(
    In fact I was gonna be one this month. Now confused. 640xl or 640 or 830? Or 730?
  • Its even better in every way you look at it then the the 830. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • How? The camera, weight, and storage are all better on the 830. All the 640 has is a bigger battery.
  • What about the price ? :P
  • Also, the metal body, image stabilization, camera button and permanent Window, back and search buttons are an improvement in the 830 over the 630. However, the price of the 640 is OUTSTANDING! It's a great value.  
  • Nexus 1520 !?
  • No camera button and onscreen buttons says I disagree with you.
  • Bro, what is Nexus 1520?
  • I think he leaked the next Nexus... Oops!
  • I feel bad for nokia Lumia 830 users. :(
    In fact I was gonna be one this month. Now confused. 640xl or 640 or 830 or 730? What would you prefer?
  • i ordered lumia 830 last week on flipkart and got now. dont know wat to do after seeing 640 ..:(.!! 
  • Awesome specification compared to my 630, price is almost same when I bought 630
  • shall 630 owners, feel cheated , coz same chipset, same display tech, and even same price point (at launch).
    why there wasn`t double tap to wake, or glance already on the 630, i will be glad if they gave it in the next update (8.2)
  • Should thank Nokia for that. Microsoft is doing good
  • No physicals buttons ? Ill pass
  • If by physical buttons you mean apart from the power and volume button, I think you're in for along pass. Cause I don't think any other than the camera specific phone > 830+ have those anymore.
  • 435 and 532 have capacitive buttons.
  • Should have put a better ffc than the 1mp. Should have gone with at least a 2 when the 535 and 735 have 5mp shooters. Guess that's what the xl is for
  • Thise 2phones are for selfies..!
  • You have to wait and see what the Microsoft 7 series or equivalent is. With release of the Microsoft 4,5&6 series you can get an idea of the road map where things are heading over the older Nokia phones
  • I've been an owner of the 720 and currently a 735 if all goes well into the 740 wont take long to get me hopping aboard lol
  • Dude MP isn't everything! :P Other things matter too for cameras!
  • ^this. my 535 and 620 both have rear 5mp camera. i can confirm that 535 has INCOMPARABLE camera over the 620. so yea, mp is not everything (which i already known anyway)
  • Great price! If only I waited a few weeks with buying a 535. instead I would have bought this 640. I bought the 535 merely because the 735 was to expensive and the 635 had a too small screen. If only I waited...
  • you can always sell it !! (to a dumb person for the same money you got it for :P)
  • I can finally switch to T-Mobile and use a good device until a true flagship comes out
  • Specs seem about on par with the Lumia 830, right? Slightly bigger battery, slightly worse camera, no Qi charging? Very close to the same specs as the iPhone 6.
  • No they aren't. That's comparing Apple to Oranges. It doesn't make any sense. Why even bring that up, who cares about the iPhone here on Windows Central right. Stick with Windows centric information. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The answer is a clear nope! 830 beats this and XL in camera. Oh ok XL has 13 mp but only with ZEISS optics. 830 has a 10mp which can shoot still videos and has PureView and Zeiss and build quality in 830 is rillly good. But 830 must be 310$. Not 400$
  • I like Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia 640 with sd400 supports Lumia camera 5.0 ? I thought sd 400 didn't support that
  • The 830 has Lumia Camera 5 with an SD400 processor. The only thing that the SD400 doesn't support is 4K video recording.
  • And Microsoft wont let us l730 owners use Lumia camera 5 and the moments app
  • That's what I'm talking about.there are a lot of phones with the sd400 who doesn't have the Lumia camera 5.0
  • may be now they will, with the next update ;)
  • i really wish that will come true :/
  • exactly
  • And i think Lumia 1020 "old hardware not possible" it's just bullshit. The s4 on that device didn't support 41 mpx .. Only 20 mpx but with a "trick" make that s4 to support that 41 sensor. Do that" trick" again.they don't want to.....
  • Only at 155$...gr8
  • On screen softkey is okay, but why without camera button again?
  • Cost cutting methods... I'm also guessing outer plastic will be cheap...
  • i was looking at that myself, i think only pureview devices will get the camera button bro
  • MSFT says only Pureview device get camera button, I think 640 & 640XL has pureview too, isn't the dynamic flash and HDR is specialized for pureview camera? Now only selected pureview device get camera button.
  • No. I think Zeiss matters
  • Wonderful Microsoft. MS has finally nailed it with right specs at right price point. Perfect!
    Let's hope Windows 10 exceeds expectations. More features and functionality is always welcome but I hope the core apps design deviation will be fixed before the final version ships(at least for SKUs supposed to run on phones and phablets). #BringBackMetroModern #BringBackPivotCentricLargeTypographicHeaders #PutAllMenuesInElipsesAtBottom #AchieveMore
  • This is why the 735 is being discontinued in the UK.
  • The 735 is a great phone. I love mine. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • this is kinda funny seeing you say 735 is a great phone, you love yours..... then "Posted via the Windows Central App for Android" lmao
  • If they come to Canada I mi guy just make the change. I held a 830. It was nice. I was wondering if It could replace my phone today. Could I give up the 1020 camera for it? Not sure but a larger screen is a maybe.
  • No "compass" ?
  • * magnetometer
  • I am actually fairly excited about this. Similar to the 830 in many ways, but obviously cut back in some to gain that lower price. All a tradeoff between features that make each handset unique.
  • I feel bad for nokia Lumia 830 users. :(
    In fact I was gonna be one this month. Now confused. 640xl or 640 or 830 or 730? What would you suggest?
  • I hate those dual sim phones! Not having the option to disable the 2nd sim slot completely is just annoying. I returned a dual sim wp for this reason and the first thing a friend compained about was the dual sim settings and icons everywhere present in the system (status bar, dialer...). If you use only one sim like most people in central europe, you just don't want a dual sim lumia.
  • Same here, Totally agree with you.
  • I also agree. There should be a single SIM model.I hope Microsoft does.
  • +720.
  • This one looks really promising. Come soon 640!
  • Better than 535 waw
  • So you're suggesting that a 640 is better than a 535??? Wow, blowing my mind, dude.
  • No Gyro or SensorCore?
  • Wow, this look good! SD400 is good enough, and dual SIM LTE! Front and rear cameras, glance screen, all the standard sensors, etc. Hopefully the 535 touch screen issue does not plague this model.
  • Lumia 730 Vs Lumia 640 :P
  • I feel bad for nokia Lumia 830 users. :(
    In fact I was gonna be one this month. Now confused. 640xl or 640 or 830??
  • ClearBlack is a forgotten thing now.
  • Yes ! It's going to be mine :3
  • Awesome!
  • Ah~~
    The Cyan and 5" inches are so tempting
    Do I sound like a fool if I would love to change my 1 year old 925 for this? Although it does not consider an upgrade for any part of the hardware other than the screen size:-]
  • I'll stick to the 830 until the flagship is actually announced soon I hope.
  • Does the both SIMs have 4G connection?
  • Thats what i was wondering aswell since another phone from what a few months back had dual sim lte/hspa+
  • Dualshot cases are back! No photo does justice to that case. It's just an eyegrabber.
  • Wtf glance
  • Wish they have another model of 640 with a screen size less than 5 inch and a single SIM variant.
    Other than that, this phone is pretty cool.
  • "Both Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL will be available in single-SIM and dual-SIM LTE and dual-SIM 3G variants." From
  • Thanks for the info.
    One more thing. Maybe I'm asking too much but do you think that there is or will be a 640 model with screen size smaller than 5" .
  • That 640 looks like a really good phone for the money! Luckily I purchased my 735 on promotion, or I definitely would have regret buying it
    The 640 (single sim) is almost identical to the 735 but it has glance, a better battery and an Office subscription for a lower price than the 735. The 735 has Zeis optics (but less MP), OLED screen, better front camera and is slighty smaller (which I prefer). Are there any other differences I'm missing?
  • I feel bad for nokia Lumia 830 users. :(
    In fact I was gonna be one this month. Now confused. 640xl or 640 or 830? Or 730??
  • Don't feel bad its not your money!
    Look @ aperture size.
    Its better for low light photography.
    Hence L730 better than L 640!
  • Qi charging, the 735 has it
  • Clear black?
  • Well is it better than my Lumia 730?
    Please answer!
  • i have the 735, its hard to tell, this one has bigger screem, camera and battery, has glance but is IPS no amoled, the 735 has qi charging (very useful) and in my opinion better disegn, price tag is similar... the better one depends on personal perference on some fuctions...
  • But no green or yellow cover! That was one of my favorite parts of the 635!
  • I read this the first time and missed the part where it showed "flash". That's what I get for reading without my glasses
  • Might just get one of these.
  • RIP green you will be missed. 
  • don't worry is a mather of time some chinise store has them on ebay... (proud owner of a green 735)
  • I'm wondering why I bought Nokia Lumia 630 DS!
  • The BLU WIN HD has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor. Hope it will get Windows 10 also.
  • with that price....fuck it...i shouldnt buy the 535
  • Bang on MS! They got the specs, design as well as the price spot on for this phone.
  • So does that mean that the x30 line of phones, like the 830, 735, 630, etc. is over?
  •     Those are some pretty good specs for a budget phone. This just makes me more excited for a new Flagship because if the low-end devices are getting this much love, the high-end phones (940/1040/1540 or whatever they decide to name them) should be monsters.