Microsoft announces new cloud services, enterprise mobility features and tools at TechEd 2014

At the TechEd Europe 2014 conference, Microsoft announced new features and technologies to help developers as it focuses on a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Announcements were made for Microsoft Azure, Intune mobile device management, cross-platform developer tools support, and new cloud partners.

Here's a beak down of some of the highlights that were announced:

  • Microsoft Azure: Today, Microsoft announced several cloud services to help intelligently automate and streamline IT operations as well as a number of security enhancements. This included Microsoft Azure Operational Insights, Azure Batch, Azure Automation and support for multiple NICs, new network security groups, and Microsoft anti-malware for Virtual Machines and Cloud Services.
  • Hyper-Connected Enterprise: Rolling out over the next two months, Intune will be updated to deliver policy management for Office mobile apps, app wrapping capabilities, and new mobile apps that allow workers to securely view content on their mobile devices. Coming in the first quarter of 2015, Office 365 will roll out built-in mobile device management (MDM) capabilities powered by Microsoft Intune. Additionally, updates to Azure Active Directory Premium will be available by the end of the calendar year and DLP capabilities will be extending across Office 365 over the next few months.
  • Cross-Platform Developer Tools: Furthering its commitment to simplify cross-platform cloud and mobile app development, Microsoft announced new tools, and expanded access to services for Office 365 and Visual Studio. The tools are aimed at simplifying cross-platform development. This included new open O365 REST APIs, new Android and iOS SDKs to integrate with O365, the Office 365 App Launcher. In addition, Visual Studio Online customers in Europe can elect to use the Azure Amsterdam Region to store their data closer to home.
  • Expanded Ecosystem of Cloud Partners: Microsoft expanded its Cloud OS Network with partner support now available in over 100 countries. It also announced a new Azure Certified for Application Services program.

If you're a developer and want more information from TechEd, be sure to visit Microsoft for more details on the announcements made. And if you want to see the opening keynote from the conference, you can visit the TechEd portal (opens in new tab)

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  • Plz let me upload folders to OneDrive!
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  • Well when was the last time you logged in? Folder upload is already available for some time. Exactly since when I don't know just discovered a week ago or so... check it out and enjoy  
  • I needed to do it on my Windows Phone and that's were it won't work.
  • As a mobility engineer.. This could potentially be huge.   Microsoft has paid lip service to mobile security for many years now.  What they have offered has been OK, and for some companies, has been enough.    However companies in the financial area that deal with a lot of government regulations about personal data had had to go with more secure options originally with something like Blackberry or in the BYOD world Good Mobile Messaging.   Reading this link below, it looks like they are finally stepping up and will compete with those other MDM customers.   I'm personally pretty excited.    
  • Funny, I was in a meeting about this with a MS rep and they were laying it out to deploy for us. I didn't know it was just being announced today.
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