Microsoft announces redesigned experience

Microsoft announces redesigned experience

Following up on planned redesign of the Office 365 app launcher, Microsoft has now announced (opens in new tab) a redesigned experience as well. The changes to the website, which provides access to Office apps, documents, and more, should make the experience a little easier and faster to use, Microsoft says.

One of the biggest changes coming is a tweak to the search experience. Now, you'll be able to search all of your documents, apps, people, and sites from Also new is the Office 365 gallery, which will surface suggestions on the right app to use for whatever you're trying to do. The gallery includes descriptions, resources, and quick links to download the desktop and mobile version of the apps on display. Revamp

Also included in the redesigned experience is the new app launcher that Microsoft first detailed last week. To recap, the new launches eschews its previous tiled interface for one that surfaces all of your most used apps in a dedicated section at the top. The lower half also provides quick access to recent documents.

Microsoft says that these changes will be rolling out to for Office 365 customers soon. You can check out an overview of all of the new stuff in the video embed below.

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  • Just wish they'd pick a design, implement it and then stick with it for more than a week! Like W10, the experience have had so many different designs all at once and never across all the apps.
  • actully they redesignit after a long time / and apps are not same thing one base is on web ui and other base on phones ui
  • I like it.  I hope the redesign launches soon.
  • Can they redesign  their sites to auto detect that you already subscribe Office 365 so clicking on links brings you to the ownership page rather than the purchase page?