Microsoft has announced a new companion site for Windows Phone users, Windows Phone Live.  The new service sounds a lot like the KIN Studio but with more gusto. The "Find My Phone" resembles the security features "MyPhone" has but are slated to be free. MyPhone currently charges if these services are used.

In describing the new website at Microsoft's Windows Phone blog,

"..the new Windows Phone Live companion site that gives people a central place to see pictures they’ve published, view their Windows Live calendar and contacts, exchange OneNote files and access other information shared between the phone and the Web. The site will offer 25GB of SkyDrive and host the Find My Phone service, which allows people to find and manage a missing phone with map, ring, lock and erase capabilities right from your PC – and all for free."

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There is a question of when Windows Phone Live will become available. is already an active URL. However, when you sign into the site with your Windows Live ID you recieve a notice that "No Windows Phone 7 Detected", then redirected to  This is a good sign that the services should be available when Windows Phone 7 launches later this year.

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