Microsoft announces Windows Platform bug tracker and UWP roadmap

During its Creators Update Developer Day live stream, Microsoft has announced it's making an effort to be more transparent about what it's working on with the Windows 10 UWP platform. To that end, the company has announced a public-facing Windows Platform bug tracker that also includes a UWP roadmap for a look at upcoming features it's working on.

According to the brief slide that Microsoft showed off on stage, it looks like you'll be able to easily report bugs and view progress towards fixes. Platform features can be tracked as well, making it much easier to keep track of whether something you care about it being worked on.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the Windows Platform roadmap, which will give a broad overview of what's in the pipeline for UWP capabilities. Even cooler is that developers can use the roadmap to vote on the features that they'd most like to see.

The website isn't live just yet, but once it is, developers will be able to find it on the Windows developer site{.nofollow}. Also announced today is a new, unified site for all of Microsoft's developer documentation, which now lives at (opens in new tab).

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  • Update: is already live 3-4 hours ago for me. I got redirected to there from msdn
  • Awesome... I hope UWA changes are welcome for developers and consumers.
  • "The website isn't live just yet, but once it is, developers will be able to find it on the Windows developer site."
  • I got a "page does not exist" for the docs site link.
  • "Help 'prioritiza' existing bugs"... A bug right in the intro pic. :P
  • Thank god. About time.
  • Perfect! This is what I added in the recent windows insiders survey.
  • Best news today so far. Hopefully Microsoft will remain committed to maintaining these roadmaps in the long run.
  • Looks like some effort is being put into getting developers on board.
  • This is great. I love the feedback function of Windows, but it doesn't work too well for bug reporting.