Microsoft breaks down every Xbox One controller in retrospective video

Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new video from Xbox shows off every Xbox One controller ever made.
  • The video shows off the developer controller sent out before the console launched.
  • Two industrial designers from Xbox break down details of each special edition and variation of the controller.

There are dozens of versions of the Xbox One controller, ranging from the Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief (opens in new tab) to the Xbox Elite Series 2 (opens in new tab). Now, a new video from the Xbox team has Xbox Industrial Designers Monique Chatterjee and Carl Ledbetter go through every Xbox One controller ever made, including the developer design that was never available for purchase.

In the video, Chatterjee and Ledbetter go through every edition of the Xbox One controller in great detail, adding stories and backgrounds to many designs. For example, they show the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare controller (opens in new tab) and how it has a kill count on the outside of one grip and a smiley face on the other grip, simulating things that people might carve into actual guns. Chatterjee also adds that the gold color on that controller was designed to match a candy bar wrapper.

The video is a great insight into the design process of each controller and showcases each of the unique designs that the Xbox team released over the years. If you're on the hunt for a new controller, we have a collection of every Xbox One controller available.

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  • 26 minutes on controllers! It's sad for gaming when a console maker made a WHOLE lot more controllers for it's console than exclusive games.
    It's weird because there are loads of MS/XB fans that will keep buying these various controllers. Many just because of the design. ofc MS will keep making controllers and have these 26 minute videos about controller designs. Because so many of it's fans kept buying them while saying "exclusives don't matter" throughout the generation.
  • > fans kept buying them
    Statistics? Or are you imagining things? No one buys that many controllers. It's for newcomers and when you break the old one (old design will be discontinued and you have new options but still, they are all the same controller).
    MS will keep making controllers, just like why Apple keeps making iPhones... or like Sony keeps making new PS4s (same design or different design, they are all the same ps4), till ps5's out.
  • You're kinda proving my point. Why do they keep making different designs? Because XB gamers keep buying them. It's amazing how MS fanboys will still defend the crazy amount of different controller designs and ignore the lack of games made by MS this generation. Fanboys will usually stick to what their master sells.
    So for them BC became important in 2015, Power became important in 2016-2017, cross console play became important in 2016-2017....
  • Designers play with designs, so they make 200 gamepads (and DesignLab, because they have the budgets to support the practice). Months before next 200, they work on new designs, and so months later, they release another 200 gamepads. Repeat the process a few times, you have 2k gamepads in total.
    * note: HW design budget has nothing to do with game development and those game studios. Another company choose to make 1k gamepads in a batch, a few special editions along the line, then another 1k to cut costs. Ending up 2k gamepads in total. Both end up with 2k gamepads. hnnnnn, if I'm not mistaken, I seem to recall a wall of DualShocks at TGS few years back... > Because XB gamers keep buying them.
    In your imagination?
    btw, game studios and PC gamers buy Xbox gamepads too tho.
  • Does anyone have the bandwidth to actually download a video that long?