Microsoft is bringing an e-book store to Windows 10 with the Creators Update

Screenshots of an upcoming build of the Windows Store have revealed that Microsoft is workong on a new e-book store for the Windows 10 Creators Update that will allow users to buy and download books directly on their PC's and phones.

According to a report from MSPU, these books will open with Microsoft Edge by default, with the buying experience being identical to that of buying an app or game on the Windows Store currently.

The new e-book store will be integrated into the Windows Store as a dedicated section where users will be able to buy books from a range of different publishers and authors. Buying a book from the Windows Store works just like how you would buy an app, game or a music album — simply find a book you want to buy, and hit the Buy button to purchase it.

Windows Central can confirm that an e-book store has been in the plans for Windows 10 for sometime now. I first heard about an e-book store back before the Anniversary Update had been completed, so it's good to see these plans finally making their way out the door.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for more news regarding the Windows 10 Creators Update!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I wish they'd bring a good e-reader first.
  • What are you talking about? They added e-book reading to Edge a few insider builds back.
  • I'm talking about not being forced to use a beta web browser to enjoy a feature.
    I think Edge may be a good modern web browser in time -- so I don't want to come to hate it by using it pre- that time.
  • Agreed, I have a older tablet (2-3 years old) and I even saw this on newer ones, reading a book is not conforable on it. Even on a desktop with a really nice monitor is not the best.  I wanted to read a few ebooks, so I got the ebooks, went on ebay, found a 2011 Android based er-eaderfor $5 (yes, $5) and guess what ? A perfect reader that gets 5+ hour battery life and seems to better than my tablet did with longer life.
  • My e-book reader is a Kobo. It got two weeks of readingtime on the battery (not full-time reading for two weeks obviously). So yeah, for reading books, an e-reader is better. Also e-Ink is better for reading.
  • I agree. Edge is a great browser, but a dedicated e-reader from MS would be much more convenient. Sometimes, even on non-insider, edge randomly will freeze and decide to reload the page, and this issue has been present even around the start of Edge, along with a few other builds. A dedicated app for e-books would mean they can update, add features and fix bugs on Edge separately without causing extra issues on the e-reader. Then maybe give the option in settings to either open ebooks on edge or the app, so people have the choice. Even on my laptop, I run Opera instead of Edge because edge seems just to slow for my liking. Maybe that will change in the future, and will reconsider my browser if that happens, but for now I don't feel Edge is the 100% best option for a ebook reader. Maybe in the future, but a dedicated app would have its benefits.
  • They may have an application that can run it, but the form factors are limited right now. The Surface Pro's are just a hair too large and unwieldy to be a good ereader device. I used to have an ipad mini size teclast x89 (7.9", 3x2 aspect ratio) that was perfect for the kindle app. Other than some knockoff devices though, there's really not a whole lot of hardware that would lend itself to be a real replacement of a kindle. If a boy can be allowed to dream for a minute, what I would love to see is a high refresh rate color e-ink display with headphone port and running windows 10 at 7" and 3x2 aspect ratio. Personally, that would be great for books, magazines, as well as some audio/podcast listening.
  • So far I have been using my Lumia 1520 reading ebooks from Kobo.
    Tiny print but with that PPI, no problem. If blue light reduction comes to mobile, then even better.
  • Asus 8in tablet works great, under 200, and well is great
  • They have bad battery life, no ambient light sensor, and are badly supported. I had to install Aniversary update from scratch and scout the internet for device drivers on my Asia 8" tablet. Do not recommend. Replaced mine with a Kindle Fire 8" over Black Friday. Do recommend those. They're cheap as all hell and you can just pop a 64GB cheap SD card in and go on with your life. Almost iPad level battery life, too.  
  • I read on my sp3 daily--sitting down, laying in bed, etc. It's all about the kick stand
  • Have you used Edge to read even a PDF before? It's useless for eReading. I will continue to buy from iBooks and Kindle and completely ignore this. They are completely clueless with how people actually use computers. It's hilarious how out of touch these people seem. It's like the OS is being developed in the Marketing and PR department. Who launches an eBook store with no usable erader software to consume the content? This is a big reason why small windows tablets are useless ereaders.
  • Actually, there _are_ several good readers for windows as well. Reader is one, I use Calibre though as I use the laptop to sync to my dedicated e-reader, but it has a reader function built in. I guess there are several others as well. No need for Microsoft to develop a new one....
  • Yeah I want a dedicated E-book reader app. The browser feature is good for versatility but we still need a dedicated app.
  • Have you test Edge ePub reader? It's a nice start, but Bookviser (at Store) its better
  • Microsoft has a partnership with Barnes-Noble since 2005 and the Nook e-reader is for people that want it. I'm sure it will support purchases from the Windows Store in the future.
  • Why don't they just bring Nook to the Windows Store?
  • Idk some things should just be left to other companies Amazon has such a good thing going and a lot of people are invested in it I think it would take a lot to get people to switch. Especially when u can get a kindle fire for $50. Now if u could use any epub file with this then it might be worth it.
  • fictionbook reader and bookvisor are solid e-readers
  • Brilliant
  • Very cool.
  • Hmm, interesting when viewed in conjunction with the new patent that Microsoft just filed for a foldable phone/tablet that has two screens on it that just happens to open up and look like a book.
  • !! Totally agree, didn't think of it myself.
  • This ^
  • Why do you need to see two pages at once?
  • I know right, because books are just the worst design ever, they should be single sided.
  • Right, it's just going to waste the battery by constantly showing a page you haven't gotten to yet or already read.
  • I was being sarcastic but yeah, I guess you could say that. Although I'd it were OLED then it could be white text on black background for minimal battery usage.
  • Seeing two pages at once is hugely important for learning--second screen to look up definitions, jot down notes, etc.
  • I wish they would sort out the serious bugs on win phone.. We can all wish ;)
  • Especially the one causing apps to leave.
  • Yup...
  • Well the books are the solution to that, in true Microsoft style. Let's get that Store filled quickly with simple content that already exists and does not require extra development effort. Developer's can't use the excuse that the low market share is not worth their efforts and consumers can no longer complain about the barren wasteland of a Store. It's genius! /sarcasm.
  • No need.  It's a dead platform.
  • Well then, there's the door, see ya!
  • The door to what?  This is now a Windows blog, not a Windows Phone one.  Windows phone is dead.  MS took a seven billion dollar writedown on the project, which was basically the entire expected value of the product, so they are clearly not expecting any future returns.  Sure, I use an L950 now, but when my contract is up this summer, that'll be that.  I am not expecting to see any new Windows Phone devices released.  I think the Elite X3 and Idol 4S are the end.  So it's not like it matters if I want to move on.  There are no more phones to buy.  
  • It seems rather ironic that you've given up yet take the time to comment on a Windows Phone forum.... smh.
  • How is this a Windows Phone forum?  When MS killed off Windows Phone, this site changed it's name to "Windows Central" and, indeed, this is a post about the Windows store, not Windows Phone.  While there is still occasionally Windows Phone news on here, most of it is bad news, being that Windows Phone is dead and all.  Now, this site mostly covers Xbone and PC.
  • ya lets try and take on kindle without a proper kindle epaper reader.
  • I agree.  They better come up with something better then Edge for ebook reading.  Even the old (and I believe no longer supported) Kindle windows mobile app is better than Edge.
  • I agree. The story here is: Microsoft taking on Amazon, if, in fact, it is. But not a word about it in the article.
  • Can't Kindles read the epub format already?
  • I'd be more excited if edge was actually a full fledged ereader but it seems weird to have a full ereader integrated with a browser. I use bookviser currently and love the sync capabilities with other devices, but I doubt with drm that a book you buy through the store can be opened on any random ereader app
  • Is this why Amazon refuses to update to their buggy Windows 8-era Kindle app for Windows or are they just being petty and/or lazy? I would happily buy ebooks from Amazon but I'm not about to spend money if they won't develop a decent app for Windows 10.
  • Is this why Amazon refuses to update to their buggy Windows 8-era Kindle app for Windows
    Er, they killed that app altogether a while back:
  • Yes, but no! Kindle app is back! At least on my 1520.3 running Fast Ring Windows 10 Creators Update. Yes, Kindle app stopped working and was announced as dead, but viola! It works again. Anyone else?
  • Thank you for this info, I didn't know. Amazon chooses x32 desktop program rather than a UWP that could work across any Windows device. Makes total sense. *facepalm*
    The app still works for me since, I suppose, I had it installed before they killed it but as you could imagine, it's buggy as hell.
  • This makes me sad because music and movies pages are not yet available worldwide.
  • Music and Movies are more complicated to bring to every country because Microsoft has to negotiate with each owning company for distribution rights as they are effectively distributing music and movies directly.
    ​This new feature on the other hand could be open to individual publishers just like for apps, letting people distribute their own content directely.
  • Finally! I once suggested this in the feedback hub. And was eagerly waiting for this kind of thing.
  • Yeah, I'm happy about this, even if it's in the edge browser.
  • My Wishlist... [STORES]
    1) ebook store - check
    2) audio book store
    3) podcast (audio/video) store (that actually works)
    4) Direct public library access [APPLICATIONS] 1) Full featured ebook reader for (epub, mobi, pdf, txt, drm, syncing),
    2) Full featured audio book player (speed control & bookmarking, syncing) - just integrate into Groove,
    3) Full featured podcast/video cast (speed control & bookmarking, syncing) - just integrate into Movies. [BONUS] 1) Have Cortana read the ebook back to me (let me choose voice, speed, etc.),
    2) Cortana to offer to continue playing ebook, audiobook, podcast during downtime.
  • The OverDrive app works fine for Public Library eBooks. (Your #4). OverDrive redid their backoffice, so it had some hiccups for a while there. But it works fine now (on my 1520.3 running Fast Ring Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update).
  • I'll also add the Audible app from Amazon works just fine for audio books (from Amazon/Audible, but they're the big guys).
  • That would be awesome...Cortana will get a real work out with my 3k + ebooks...
  • This is fantastic news! I've been waiting a long time for Microsoft to get in the game with e-books. I like the idea of one platform for all of my media.
  • Does Edge work with PDFs that contain DRM? If the ebooks from the Windows Store are DRM free PDFs, that might be my new way of buying books.
  • If it's from the Windows Store I can guarantee it won't be DRM-free.
  • Another money maker for Microsoft!
  • they should push extensions more. i really think that extensions should get a store page on their own. i mean....they claimed that every app dev can allow 3rd party extensions on their app. i would love to see that. just imagine how an app can be the host of pseudo apps, hubs all back again. imagine a future where w10 apps pick up more steam, and devs could have to choose their right option, suiting their need: a full app or just an extension for well trusted app. similar to how some companies will ditch entire apps and get a chatbot. PS: i believe microsoft should push extensions even more than a dedicated store page. how about a dedicated management page in the setting, not a per app system? how about switching people app(and other system apps) integration to an extension model(u could have a checkbox on store app page which has such an extension so that you download it too, when you download that app, or maybe even downloading only the extension if the dev allows it). just think how convenient is for small businesses. eg: truecaller to have an extension for phone/people app if you want only the dialer functionality without anything else. or even a photo app build only as an extension to camera(eventually photos too) without an entire app on its own, more complex to build and maintain. 
  • Nice! Took too long for this but glad they're being consumed friendly.
  • I'm down with this. Amazon pissed me off with their app cancellation. Since then i've been clamouring for a new service. I'd rather give my money to Microsoft since I'm already in their ecosystem. But yeah, a good e-book reader would be really nice. Windows Ink support for notes, highlighing, etc.
  • Have you tried Kobo Reader? It's basic, but pretty good. And runs on both the PC and Windows Phone. But I'm with you...eager to see MS's offer and the possibility of ink, etc!
  • Use their Win32 app. It works. No point in them wasting time on a UWP app. Needless duplication and UWP is still beta software at this point. With Windows Phone basically dead, it simply makes no sense to target UWP. What Microsoft needs to do is update WPF so that we can get exciting desktop app development. I am seeing more new exciting developments on macOS than Windows desktop these days, non-game consumer apps I mean.
  • I noticed that the kindle Windows app is back (not mobile)... but it is still not a new one.
  • Best news today
  • Yep!
  • Please have comics, please have comics, please have comics....
  • As a writer this is good news. Amazon is awful, too big, too many books, and I just don't like it.
  • Good for you
  • So basically you like it cause it's going to be a worse book store, but you want to be easier to be found? Except people will avoid going there cause... "too few books?"
  • Ummm, they did this once before.  I have a load of MS ebooks that I can't read because they pulled out of the market after a few years.  is this the re-emergence of .lit or another format?
  • ePub is the standard format of eBooks. The reason Amazon gets away with using MOBI is because of there size. You can use the standard free app Calibri (sp?) to convert your DRM free LIT books to ePub and to MOBI (Kindle) and Amazon's mobile (Android) format which different from MOBI.
  • MOBI basically is an extended ePub format. Apple uses their own format too. All the big guns use a proprietary format. EPub is nice for sharing with others, though.
  • You can't read them? Yes you can, there are tools out there that strip out DRM. I buy ebooks from Amazon (usually cheaper) then strip out the DRM to use on my platform of choice. Any company that tries to lock me in, will only get the same treatment.
  • Sounds to me like they're getting ready to announce a new surface device. I suppose this service is best fit for, say, a Surface "phone". Especially a device that has two screens as the recent patent related. This will certainly make reading an ebook feel like reading a book. Here's to wishful thinking.
  • Wish they could get texture to update their app so it actually works on windows 10.
  • Any support with my kindle is welcomed
  • Why did they take so long to do this and why not a standalone reader. What's with opening it up in edge!!!!. No wonder everyone leaving the platform
  • Nice idea, i like it :)
  • Hail! It's about time!
  • It's nice that they are FINALLY adding an ebook store AFTER everyone has already an investment in Kindle, Kobo, or iBooks. I mean this is the company that pioneered eBook. .lit format waaaaay back in early 00's. I remember reading Microsoft ebooks on my Compaq iPaq.
  • I used Microsoft Reader and .lit files also. Also had several Pocket PCs. I hope the service is "bring your own reader" so you can used any reader, app, etc.
  • Agree. This is dead on arrival for me. I've been complaining about the lack of an eBook store for years. I have hundreds invested in iBooks now. Mac and iOS are the future for me, because Microsoft wasn't an option.
  • I don't get peoples complaints with edge as a reader, I often use it as its the fastest pdf reader for me, yes there are apps that allow editing and drawing (that I do use), but I can't imagine them not updating edge to ink on ebooks, as its already kinda of a feature. It also never crashes for me. Note im not an insider, just normal build.
  • No one likes navigating a 800page user guide in a browser that can't even show you the table of contents. Edge is a horrible reader. People read PDFs longer than 10 pages in the real world. Everyone I know has Acrobat Reader installed, despite Edge, because it's a horrible reader. If they don't, they use that crappy Windows 8.x Microsoft Reader app (that they never update). This company can't even be trusted to support their own products properly. I'm definitely not going to tie money into DRMd content from than (no UWP app/games, eBook, movies, etc.).
  • I would hope this is cross platform.
  • I prefer physical books, have tried to use Kindle and Google Books and the experience is not as good as having a real book.
  • I agree paper books are better. But, and it's a big but, eBooks are so darn convenient. Get em anywhere, read em anywhere. So, I'm all eBooks now, including using OverDrive eBooks from my local public library. Still, I'm glad Amazon will get some competition. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will take them on or not.
  • I agree paper books are better. But, and it's a big but, eBooks are so darn convenient. Get em anywhere, read em anywhere. So, I'm all eBooks now, including using OverDrive eBooks from my local public library. Still, I'm glad Amazon will get some competition. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will take them on or not.
  • I hope you're not locked in to a single reader app. If they can pull off "bring your own reader" then this will be a winner.
  • Finally!! I've been waiting for this for ages
  • they should make an ebook manager similar like alfa ebooks
  • I love edge, hope it works. I also hope they work with amazon as I already have many books though them.
  • Cool cool cool!
  • I hope they allow a family library. Their whole ecosystem (movies, games, books, music) should be thought of in terms of households and not individuals. That's the deal breaker for me, if they had family sharing I would switch to Groove and Films and TV in a second.
  • No. Amazon has the market cornered. Better to just partner with Amazon instead of trying to break into a market that can't be broken into.
  • Overdrive in Windows Mobile phone is awesome. Reading and AUDIO books too.
  • well looks like im gonna expand my books with them from now on.  amazon...  i will miss you like i miss iTunes.
  • I am a Nook because of the interface, never tried apple in that regard, amazon interface I dont like it. Hope they will bring in a nice reader.
  • maybe now Kindle will take Their Windows apps seriously and give us an update. I will be inclined to stick with Amazon if they do because of their great Audible service. If not, my ebooks will be coming from the windows store from now on.
  • Great!!! But the Microsoft is the company that doesn't offer access to XBOX Live in various countries that belong to the European Union. Any user that buys the 360, One or One S in Romania have to set up an UK or US account, mostly with fake adresses, just to have full access to a console bought at full price. No music store, no movies store available either, which the other guys starting with G have too. So, they offer "Book Store" you say? Wow, great!
  • I am based in Thailand and I doubt this store will be available to me. I think it is a good idea though and I have been waiting for this for a long time.
  • That will be great!!!
  • Yippee, that would make a small tablet running W10M plausible (for me).
  • Will this include audio books?
  • I remember rumours years ago of an Xbox Reader or something like that to go along with Xbox video and music.
    I suppose this is what it turned into.
  • Has anyone tried upload there own books and seeing if they are shown on the bookshelf?
  • So Zak the follow up question to Microsoft would be, what devices would this new app work on? To get all enthusiastic and find out it would only work on the 2017 something, or just the high end devices, would just about end it for me. I'm content using my Overdrive app going to the library and with all the suggestions these guys are giving me; I'm just sayin' don't poke the dragon.
  • And further more, (sleeping dog lie), Edge is not the most effective browser. It fails to do what it was initially designed to do. For me it doesn't render several sites properly, it makes them down right impossible to read and navigate. So to asked that it take on another task before it has accomplished it initial one, is self defeating.
  • Kindle app sucks on WM. You cam zoom in to any photos or figures. The interface is clunky. If MS version is better, I will use it instead.