Microsoft Build 2021: All the sessions to watch out for

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Build 2021 is almost here, and Microsoft has published its catalog for sessions that will be ongoing throughout the event. We've rounded up some of the most interesting ones that we think you won't want to miss. Let's dive in!

What's new in Windows 10 for ALL developers

If you're looking for the latest and greatest in regard to Windows app development, this is the session for you. Find out what's new with Windows Terminal, Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, PowerToys, and the Windows Package Manager.

  • Speakers: Kayla Cinnamon, Deondre Davis, Craig Loewen
  • Description: Learn all that's new to support developers. We appreciate that you create many different solutions on Windows — and not all of them are targeted to the Windows platform. Hear about innovations with Terminal and WSL2, performance improvements and delighters like PowerToys and the Windows Package Manager. If you develop for web, cloud, or other platforms including Windows, this is for you.

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Ask the Experts: Microsoft Edge

This session breaks down all the latest announcements around Microsoft Edge, including new features, questions and answers around Edge for enterprise and IT pros, and more.

  • Speakers: Kyle Pflug
  • Description: Meet experts from the Microsoft Edge Developer Experience, Web Platform, and Enterprise teams to ask your questions about the latest platform features, developer tools, and what's new for admins and IT Pros in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge brings a compelling and consistent platform and tools for developers. As our legacy browsers phase out of support, Edge will soon be the only supported browser from Microsoft on Windows 10.

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What's new for Windows desktop application development

Wondering about which app platform you should use to build your next Windows 10 app? Microsoft has a session breaking down Win32, UWP, .NET, and WinUI to give you a better idea of where Microsoft is headed with app platforms and how many modern application components are being decoupled from the OS so that legacy applications can take advantage of UWP advances without a total rewrite.

  • Speakers: Andrew Clinick, Thomas Fennel
  • Description: Tap into the full power of a Windows PC with your desktop applications! See how we're unifying the developer platform through Project Reunion, enabling you to modernize without rewriting. You'll also learn about our work on WinUI (the native UI stack in Windows), Win32 and .NET apps and more. For enterprise developers and ISVs targeting Windows, this is the tech you need to know.

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Application design and development for Android dual screen and foldable devices

Interested in the Surface Duo? Microsoft has a session all about ways you can adapt your Android apps to take advantage of the Surface Duo's unique dual-screen setup, including how postures can enhance the UX of your app.

  • Speakers: Andy Himberger, Guy Merin
  • Description: Foldable devices are an emerging mobile form factor. Here we introduce you to the features and functionality of the Surface Duo foldable device, explore the device emulator and talk about how to adapt your existing apps to leverage the power of these form factors. We explore best development practices and design challenges creating additional application value for your users on these devices, including code samples and a review of other developer and design resources available.

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Double-click with Microsoft engineering leaders

This session is a deeper dive into some of the announcements coming out of Build from the engineering leads that work on them.

  • Speakers: Brendan Burns, Pierce Boggan, Pablo Castro, Karuana Gatimu, Satish Thomas
  • Description: Join Karuana Gatimu and senior Microsoft engineering leaders Brendan Burns, Satish Thomas, Pablo Castro, and Pierce Boggan as they dive deeper into a few select topics introduced in the technical sessions at Microsoft Build. You won't want to miss this unique engineer-to-engineer, whiteboarding-style session.

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Build the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid work

Check out how Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, and Windows are working together to build collaborative apps in a world driven by hybrid work.

  • Speakers: Jeff Teper, Yina Arenas, Mary Anne Noskowski, Archana Saseetharan
  • Description: Hybrid work is here to stay and driving better collaboration is top of mind for everyone. The needs of the hybrid worker are centered around collaborating with colleagues and reimaging business processes and require a new class of collaborative apps to help get work done. Join us to hear the latest on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, and Windows and how you can use these new tools and surfaces to build the next generation of productivity and collaboration experiences for hybrid work.

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