Microsoft celebrates Windows Phone with NYC mash-up video

Besides that New York City party vid, Microsoft also had the big Monday-Herald Square celebration summarized in a neat "mash up" video. And although we were there for the whole thing, we have to admit, Micrososft hired some awesome videographers and editors and they made it look waaay exciting and cool.

Anyways, it's a great video to get you excited about using Windows Phone and being part of one of that fastet growing communities around. Oh and the "We are not robots"? Nice Android zing there, Microsoft. (Golf clap)

Source: Windows Phone YouTube

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nice video. Must say that American "expressiveness" seems a bit odd to Europeans ( me included ;-) ), but hey - it was/is a nice thing anyway. Seems like MS has finally understood that they need to bring WP to the people, and not wait for them to come first.
  • I found the video to be kind of weird myself (and I'm American), but if they're getting it out there I can't really complain.
  • Very well made vid!
  • Microsoft really knows how to do marketing in a very unique way. And that was a great day at NYC indeed.
  • I thought It was a great video. There doing something unique and fun to get Windows Phone recognized and get the experience in peoples hands. I feel once someone actually uses a Windows Phone, its hard not to like it.
  • I loved it, this is the kind of warmth and expressiveness (as someone above said) we latinamericans are so fond of. So I really, really liked it! I wished I could have been there :D
  • Fantastic video!!