Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's new book, 'Hit Refresh,' now up for pre-order

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Ahead of its release later this fall, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's new book is now up for pre-order on Amazon (opens in new tab). Called "Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone," the book touches on not only Microsoft's corporate journey of change, but Nadella's as well.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's new book, 'Hit Refresh,' now up for pre-order

Here's a brief overview of what to expect, from the book's listing:

As told by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Hit Refresh is the story of corporate change and reinvention as well as the story of Nadella's personal journey, one that is taking place today inside a storied technology company, and one that is coming in all of our lives as intelligent machines become more ambient and more ubiquitous. It's about how people, organizations and societies can and must hit refresh—transform—in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, relevance and renewal.

If you're at all interested in learning more about the change seen at Microsoft since Nadella took the helm and more, it sounds like Hit Refresh will be worth a read. The book is up for pre-order now at Amazon for $20 in hardcover or $16 on Kindle, and it's due for release on September 26.

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  • I would definitely not buy that book.
  • Think I'll pass on it too.
  • He should focus on Windows Mobile instead of writing books. Oh wait, he's focused on killing it.
  • More updates to the book promised! It's all that matters.Lol!
  • Lol..
  • He actually focus on mobiles from Microsoft. But understand, his focus is not on old technology like Samsung Edge 8 or iPhone 8.
    The future will, like always, end up with new technology, Microsoft will therefore be in front with the new technology and way for mobile devices, devices who also can make phone calls.
    It means all Lumias and Microsoft phones backwards can't work on this platform, therefore they stop to spread out millions of old 950 phones, to avoid selling new / old phones who doesn't work on the new platform. Therefore we have this brake, It's the end of old Windows phone and devices, actually very honest way to treat there customers, thank you Microsoft.
  • Who says? They can keep mobile Windows going for longer. Why would my L650 get so many updates today? Microsoft after becoming more popular would do well to sell cheap phones too.
  • I don't know why such hate about a book.... I think that he is trying to head towards the direction where and when the windows was strongest.. By having one windows core... People are frustrated I understand, but unlike before I think our communities are talking more these days because Microsoft is sharing and trying to be in touch with we the hard core group of msft fans.. Unlike before where they used to do whatever they like is correct, they are trying to involve us and when msft do the right thing people are trying to hate it more
  • Who says he's unfocused?
  • Be a small note scribbled on the back of a business card if the book was called, "How I developed, promoted & grew Windows Phones"
  • Is there a chapter dedicated to the destruction of Windows Mobile?
  • How about a chapter on how to abandon OEMs, developers, users, Microsoft fans, etc.?
  • I think they should call it "Hit Refresh Over and Over" in honor of Microsoft's mobile history.
  • Hit Retrench.
  • Should have been 'Coming Soon'
  • With the trademark
  • If you read the appendix in the book, it says that Coming Soon is a Trademark of Microsoft Corp Ltd.
  • But it was trademarked by Blizzard Ltd. long time ago.
  • Chapter one: Mobile First.
    Chapter two: You didn't think Mobile meant phones, right?
  • Mobile First means taking your Surface Pro 4 and a briefcase with you everywhere. It also means that you are required to buy those new BMW vehicles with Cortana and forget about Windows phones
  • Pepper, good one, omg
  • LOL
  • Wait. He has time to write a book?
  • Yes, since as ceo is doing anything all the day... :|
  • I need an upgrade on my toilet paper!
  • Not a bad idea for using his c r a p book but I wouldn't pay for it. They'd have to give it away for free.
  • Download using the Kindle App....(not available for windows mobile).
  • If you had already installed the Kindle app on your Windows phone then it should still work.
  • LOL
  • Or purchase using the amazon or ebay apps....oh wait!!!
  • Why would i buy a book written by an idiot that can't get anything right. Nadella, you are the biggest illness Microsoft ever supported. Since you became CEO, Microsoft products are full of bugs and they are becoming less and less qualitative. Go back to India!
  • He's a f**k*n' muppet for sure. He's book is going to be a real s h i t fest
  • Well said!
  • Ah but the stock price is up-that's all that matters.
  • Unfortunately you are correct. That is not Microsoft's fault though. Our country and society absolutely needs to reevaluate what actually matters. I am not sure we will see that in our lifetime, but I hope so. People like Elon Musk and Bill Gates will be how we get there though. I just hope they get to see their visons come to fruition.
  • Agree to this! Ever since he came, MS = mediocre quality, cheap testing and layoffs
  • It so ridiculous how people like you talk. It clearly shows your social relation is poor.
  • It so ridiculous how people like you talk. It clearly shows your social relation is poor.
  • lol these comments. He is running a very solid business. Possibly the most cohesive Microsoft we have ever seen. Mobile cannot be fixed this generation. It is what it is. The way he is running a very successful business gives me hope that they will be ready for the next paradigm shift. But hey, hate who you want, that is your right. Even if silly....
  • Which isn't even saying much.
  • not sure what you mean.
  • Yup completely agree....its sad that Mobile suffered but he's done quite well with everything else at Microsoft... I trust his reasons for retrenching and his long term vision for mobile. Am getting his book for some insights on what's happening at MS...
  • Agreed, Android and iOS may dominate the consumer modern computing industry (PC and laptop is slowly dying too) , but the server side is what matters and 99% Fortune 500 companies (except Google) use Microsoft Azure services, and the future of middle and small sized companies is Microsoft Azure Cloud, tha's why Microsoft is investing efforts on new Windows 10 Cloud OS.
  • At least some of can see past our nose. Obviously not many of us though. :)
  • Yes you are very correct sir!
  • He hit refresh on the windows phone platform, that's for sure.
  • He kind of had to.... If he didn't, Shareholders for sure would have. And that would have limited any work they did in the future for mobile computing. By "retrenching" he bought time to allow for a future, whatever it may be.
  • I'll buy it as a download when Microsoft release a new phone (or hybrid device with telephony - whatever you want to call it)
  • Thats my kind of ceo. He has time to - make all ms usp products and services available on competing platforms, so that they are no longer usp's
    - write a book.
    - increase share value
    - destroy windows mobile Way to go!
  • You are living in LaLa Land if you think he destroyed mobile.
  • I am living on Los Angeles aka La La Land, so it is appropriate that I think he is purposefully tanking mobile? ☺
  • I think you meant Moonlight
  • And the company is doing MUCH better for it. Their entire mobile strategy was tanking. Usage share doesn't count for much when you have to be haemorrhaging money out of every orifice to get it. 
  • Except in your "analysis", you're forgetting that they are still doing the OS development work. They are tanking the parts that generate revenue and activity. They update the OS to put on no new devices. They create negative attention by developing apps for competing platforms, but not being very successful. The "go where the users are" dream goal was a desperate nerd trying to get a date for prom with a popular cheerleader. Saying it and making it happen are two very different things.
  • This is the time the mob shows anger and help demote his book.
  • A good reminder why I stopped coming here. If I wanted to hear ******** and complaining I'd ask my girl how her day was.. .
  • This. 100% This. Though, I don't have to ask my wife, I hear it regardless. haha
  • Yep
  • Go away, you make comments boring and also you might need a new girl if all she does is complain
  • Ah, take my wife, please!
  • Who cares... He's a muppet.
  • I'll read it. Be interesting to see how he supports his image of the future for Microsoft.
  • Lol the 51 people upset about Windows Phone.
  • Not all 51 of us.... :) Do I like where mobile is today? Heck no. Do I understand why? Absolutely. Regardless I am happy with my 950 and XL. So.... I am rare in our community.
  • While I love my device there is no understanding. If they did to Xbox after their billion dollar Plus fiasco like they did with mobile we wouldn't have Xbox one or Scorpio. He was handed a complete phone manufacturer and literally wrote it off. That is like a teen needing a car and sells the first car that is given to him, all the while telling his coming in later....when he had the means to do it. In some markets it was higher than iOS. It was near 10%, even I'm its heyday it was never above 30% of phones. So even 10% is better than one phone choice on one carrier at somewhat of a good price, with no ads, no care. I can see past my nose, doesn't mean I ignore my broken ankles...
  • He was handed a failing/failed phone manufacturer. If your car is going to cost more than you can spend to be able to drive it, then there isn't much you can do. Blood from a stone, or something.
    Even if Microsoft continued with any of the previous mobile strategies, the store does not have what people want. As silly as it is, an app like SnapChat can and has held an entire platform back. Sure, you can argue that if they stayed the course, built an amazing phone with great software, it may have gained some traction. But, how much money do they dump in before it just doesn't make sense? To gain a few points of market share. Especially since the current mobile generation is potentially coming to an end within the next few years. What we think of as a mobile computing and communications device today, will not be remotely the same in 5 years.
    As I said in my original comment. Do I like where mobile is today? Absolutely not. Do I understand why? Absolutely.
    They failed. They know they failed, we know they failed, no point in beating a dead horse. At this point we should all be rooting them on in support of them being on the forefront of the next technology shift, not complaining about the same thing every single day. Satya has done pretty well for Microsoft since he took the reigns and we should be happy about that. I for one am excited to see what is to come.
  • You are not, we are together
  • I'm perfectly happy with my L650.
  • I love the super original quips like this. How did you come up with the "twist" of choosing such a precise low number to communicate your brilliant and dismissive point. Amazing AND hilarious. /s
  • Thanks for proving my point. Lol
  • God how sad the first dozen or so comments are, business is business, one has to bite the bullet at times despite some lashback, he took a wise decision to retrench... In my opinion of course 😊
  • Retrench? LOL
  • Said as if all business decisions are formulaic. Said as if businesses always make the right choice, evidenced only by tge fact that it was a business who made the decision.
  • Obviously time he could have spent on mobile strategy
  • The book store in creators update probably won't have it
  • Which will most likely be the case unfortunately. I am still wondering why they didn't add their entire Microsoft Press catalogue to the book store. A lot of them are free on Microsoft Virtual Academy... It's the simple things missed that matters.
  • Oh come on! At least apple's book has pictures in it.
  • The only thing I want to read from him is his Exit Plan from Microsoft.
  • Toilet paper
  • So sad to see all these comments, he has made a great job for Android users, giving all the software we liked and loved on Windows Phone is now on Android, and as a former Windows Phone user, all I can say is that Microsoft is earning much money from me now that I'm a Office 365 subscriber and all my mobile searches default to Bing and Cortana than when I'm using my Windows 10 PC.  Google is the company which can't control their monster called Android, since all their services can be disabled and you can configure all your user and data to use Microsoft services. If someone srewed up was Google, not Microsoft. Just my 2 cents.
  • Your comment is very true, but what people are unhappy about is how MS haven't done the exact same for their own OS. Maybe in time that'll change, but til then people are going to be angry about it. That's sadly how the world goes round, everyone's mad at something.
  • I'll buy the hardcover because I need a monitor riser badly. I hope it'll do the job. In fact I will publish a review about. Watch out. Lol!
  • Am I the only one who would totally buy this book? I had no idea this many people here hated Nadella.
  • I absolutely will. I am very intrigued.
  • What a waste of space that man is. Off swanning about writing a book instead of delivering on his promised strategy of "cloud first, mobile first", perhaps he actually meant; "book first!?".
  • A book, when opened, is like a bird that ascends to the sky. A carrier to the clouds. 
  • I wonder if he will end support for the book after less than a year
  • When in India?
  • I guess Windows Central is still "Windows Phone Central" in sheeps clothing judging from the salty comments... How can you call yourselves Microsoft fans if you're going to ***** and moan about Satya Nadella? Microsoft has never been in a better position than now thanks to him.
  • We avid fans here expect hardware, not paperware. You get it, mate?
  • Over the past few years under Nadella we've gotten Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Hololens and Xbox One S. This year we're expecting Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Xbox Scorpio. Windows Phone is not the focus right now. It's been iterated again and again but you Windows Phone diehards just won't get a clue.
  • Over the past few years under Nadella we've gotten Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Hololens and Xbox One S
    All that is Ballmer!!! 
  • I think part of the problem was that he talked about supporting windows mobile with 2 handsets each in the three categories, Casual, Business, and High End.....then poof......"When in America?"
  • Not to mention "all windows 8 phones running denim will get the windows 10 update" LIE.   Head up his ass when it comes to mobile...
  • Just a few days ago Windows Central was reviewing office chairs and worse yet recommending a non-Windows OS for a custom build NAS. LOL. I mean ROFLMAO.
  • The book is still a beta version. You can pre-order it, but the final version will be released... soon
  • Is it released yet to the fast ring? Let's us Dona.
  • To many bugs and blue screens, It's now 'coming soon'
  • Oh yeah, also don't forget to submit your feedbacks to the hub if you encounter any bugs, glitches, and errors!
  • $20 hardcover $16 kindle... Free on iOS next to your U2 album
  • Everyone's complaining but maybe this book will explain his reasonings for stuff.
  • Results, not reasons matter when you are paid as much as he is!
  • Yeah, and as a result of the decisions he made, they are raking in the cash. So...
  • It's easy to point fun when it comes to mobile (hell, I'm writing this on my Lumia 950 right now) but today, Microsoft is actually considered more innovative and dare I say "cooler" than Apple. HoloLens, Project Scorpio, Creator's Update, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Studio... Never thought I'd see MS in such command of the consumer market yet here we are. Give credit where credit is due
  • Want to put both in trash bin
  • A bit early. He just started. So far so good, except for phones. Let's see if he can deliver "the ultimate mobile device" within a year.
  • Seems a little premature and egotistical to begin touting your successes when you haven't had the helm long enough to really change the trajectory of the company by going through a complete product development cycle. Most of the product changes at Microsoft have been reactionary in nature to the shifting marketplace and not true vision. There have also been a lot of missteps. Say what you will about the old Microsoft, but they tended to get it right. The current Microsoft seems intent upon rehashing the mistakes of the past. The latest fiasco with OneDrive storage is proof of that.
  • Will this book get the monthly updates from Satya Nadella??
  • Pass
  • :)) No thanks. I've seen enough from them on how to fail your customers, how to treat your customers like guinea pigs and how to launch a broken mobile OS
  • No wonder the resuming screens on our phones.
  • It doesn't really matter because when Microsoft comes out with a *******' new phone y'all be back.
  • Microsoft needed to rediscover it's soul yesterday and it needs to be a better future for Windows users specifically. Nadella should have slimmed down the Lumia line to 3 phones, should have shipped the Lumia McLaren as one of the 3, should have built a Band 3 or new smartwatch, should not have published office on Android and iOS, should not have published iOS and Android Apps before Windows Apps, ever. Microsoft should be a Windows first company, employees should have pride in Windows and the devices that run on it. Microsoft Garage Apps have brought a lot of interesting apps to iOS and Android, but there is a problem with that. Why the hell would an employee with the freedom to develop any app for any platform choose to develop for a competing platform and not at the very least publish one for their own? It hasn't just happened once it has happened a lot, it shows that there is a sickness at Microsoft that should be cured. Do you think employees at Apple use Android or Windows phones? Probably not, but why is that ok at Microsoft. Phones are very personal devices, a lot of the population sees Windows as just something you have to use at work and not something you are excited to use for your enjoyment. If Nadella keeps walking away from mobile then I fear that Google will win the war. Android apps are on Chromebooks now, if the productivity apps get good enough you could start to see companies move to them. Especially as the kids who used them in school grow up and enter the work force. More people will be attracted to Chromebooks because it will have the experience they have on their phone and they will find it to be more familiar. Make no mistake, this will happen, just to what degree depends on the choices Nadella has already made and will make in the future.
  • It so amazing that people get a lot of thing wrong. Then they've not been really following Windows Central, they just want a place to write crap when they feel lonely. About decision making, being CEO doesn't mean he's got the final say headstrong, he doesn't make them alone. Get acquainted.
  • Just as he hit refresh button on Windows Phone platform. And it was kaboom after that.
  • Really liking the realistic comments here, good to have less and less mindless, tint licking fanboys. As much as I love my Surface Pro 2, I wouldn't hesistate to criticize microsoft where they're lacking.