Microsoft deep-sixes Deepfish; IE 6 pics surface

Back before Opera Mobile became an everyday alternative to Internet Explorer, and long before we'd ever heard of Skyfire (go get it now!), there lived a little beta named Deepfish.

This little guy was going to swim the deepest, darkest Internet oceans as no mobile browser had before - rendering full Web pages on your Windows Mobile device. That's pretty standard stuff these days with the Opera 9.5 and Skyfire betas, but we were pretty excited at the time.

But the number of Deepfish beta testers was pretty limited, and it largely fell off everyone's radar. Witness: Microsoft put the gaff to Deepfish more than a month ago, and we're all just now noticing. [via]

Meanwhile, The Unwired earlier this week took IE 6 for a spin. (See a pic above.) Again, chances are you'll be completely comfortable with Opera or Skyfire by the time this is released, but it's release is important nonetheless, given that it's supposed to tide us over until the delayed Windows Mobile 7 is launched in the second half of next year.

WC Staff