Microsoft Defender ATP now in public preview for Linux

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Defender ATP is now available in public preview on Linux.
  • Microsoft Defender can automatically block attacks and prevent them from starting again.
  • Microsoft Defender will also be on Android and iOS by the end of the year.

Microsoft Defender ATP is now available for Linux in public preview. With the preview rollout of Microsoft Defender to Linux, Microsoft Defender is now available on Windows, macOS, and Linux in some form. Microsoft Defender will also be available on iOS and Android by the end of the year.

Microsoft discussed the rollout of Microsoft Defender in preview on Linux as well as the capabilities of Microsoft Defender MTP accross platforms in a recent blog post (opens in new tab). The blog post states,

Today, we're announcing another step in our journey to offer security from Microsoft with the public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux. Extending endpoint threat protection to Linux has been a long-time ask from our customers and we're excited to be able to deliver on that.

Microsoft summarizes the role of Microsoft Defender ATP in Microsoft doc (opens in new tab):

Microsoft Defender ATP is a unified endpoint platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.

Microsoft aims to provide a "single solution and streamlined view" to people across several platforms. The public preview rollout on Linux extends that streamlined view to yet another operating system.

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  • Microsoft Defender on Linux has been a long-time ask? I have a hard time believing that Linux users have been breaking down Microsoft's doors asking for them to put their spyware on our systems. But then again, many Linux users use Google, so maybe I'm way off base here. Just strange to me.
  • System Admins (SysOps) on Linux are users too. And the entire world is in denial that Linux is not vulnerable to the same exploits as any other operating system. Kudos to Microsoft for bringing Defender to Linux!
  • Microsoft = Spyware.
    We can't trust them anymore
    - remember the EEE ? (Embrace, Extend and Extinguish),_extend,_and_extinguish Good luck.
  • You are on the internet, stop acting like this, everyone is basically exposed.
    And what about Google's BS, aren't they collecting EVERYTHING via their Android OS, which based on Linux kernel?
    What about Alexa?
    What about cars?
    They are all using tech to get you better experience or simply put sell your information to ads agencies, it's inevitable to get your info on the internet.
    You agreed to share your info when you got access to the internet, grow up.
  • Defender on Linux, Ios, Android is a good deal for Microsoft.