Microsoft Defender on the way for iOS and Android

Windows Defender Security Center
Windows Defender Security Center (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Defender will come to iOS and Android devices later this year.
  • Microsoft Defender on mobile will focus on stopping malware and phishing attacks.
  • Microsoft also announced the public preview for Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux today.

Microsoft Defender is on its way to iOS and Android devices. The protection software should be on the mobile platforms by the end of year, according to CNBC. The software will focus on preventing malware and phishing attacks.

CNBC highlights several quotes from Microsoft said in an interview last Thursday. Rob Lefferts, a Microsoft corporate vice president, said that iOS and Android are "pretty safe," stating, "They're pretty safe, but pretty safe is not the same as safe." He also added that "Malware does happen on those platforms."

Lefferts pointed out that Malware can get onto mobile phones when people install applications from insecure sources. He also said that people are subject to phishing attacks. Hackers can provide interfaces that appear to be genuine but instead trick people into exposing their usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. According to Lefferts, Microsoft Defender could make devices less vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Microsoft mentioned its efforts to bring Microsoft Defender to iOS and Android briefly in a security blog post (opens in new tab) today. The post doesn't share many details about the efforts, but states that Microsoft will preview their efforts at RSA Conference next week.

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  • This will be to improve which is the merging of SCCM and inTune
  • What a joke.
  • Yeah imagine having all of your device malware protection in one console. Dreadful inconvenience.
  • Putting defender on android is like buying four brand new tyres for a car damaged in an accident. You have a lot to do before it can actually work.
  • Not really, it all depends on the implementation. You sound a bit clueless, or presumptuous at the very least. Do you have much of an understanding of the linux/*nix userland?
  • So this is a thing while the Movies&TV app is still a no go? ....why?
  • I feel you. The Movies Anywhere app is a good stop gap for that and I have about 75% of my content. It could likely be a licensing issue or they just see Movies Anywhere as the go to for their video content content that most smart devices already have access to. There would still be too many hurdles to jump to get their standalone app to be added to every device and their respective app stores. Some of my older content isn't viewable in Movies Anywhere, but everything I've purchased within the last couple of years is. On a sidebar, I would like to see them make a dedicated Photos app and Movies & TV app for the Duo.
  • Personally, I wouldn't buy any content from Microsoft's storefront. When they took years to create an eBook store, I pretty much moved away form them, because I don't like splitting purchases across 2-3 different storefronts. Buy Movies and Music from Apple (yes, even on Windows) or Amazon, just connect your accounts to Movies Anywhere for the stuff that Syncs over. Use the Prime Video or Google Movies & TV App for playback on Android, and iTunes/Apple's apps on Windows/iOS.
  • Or a Photos App. Microsoft are dumb. This is why I just bought an iPhone 11 Pro. I'd rather just go back to Apple's services ecosystem, which works better than just about anything else, than spend years of my life hoping they'd do the obvious things. The fact that they still think OneDrive is a suitable app for Photo Library Management is hillarious, especially since the mobile apps will show all photos from any folder in your OneDrive. Hope you didn't back up the album art with that large music library you uploaded to there!
  • Because this has lots of hooks into enterprise with links to Azure and Office365 security. If you looking for music, movies and picture solution services try third party tools/companies that focus on those things. There are many many choices out there. Microsoft these days is mainly about productivity and gaming. All other things are low priority. This strategy seems to work out great for them as well too.
  • Can it defend against unwanted robot callers?