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Microsoft demos Kinectimals 360/WP7 integration [Video]

Microsoft demoed some exciting integration between the mighty Xbox 360 console and Windows Phone at their GameFest conference in Seattle. We’ve previously covered Microsoft’s three screens and Metro (opens in new tab) future of gaming, computing and entertainment and this is another step in the right direction with Kinect thrown into the mix. We previously covered Kinectimals coming to Windows Phone with its interactive ability with the console version, now we get to see it in action.

What's interesting to note is that QR codes are used, not Microsoft's Tag (opens in new tab) service, to transfer data between the console and the handset. Microsoft's competing code service was reportedly shown in a separate demo so one could assume it's up to developers with a choice available. 

This connected companion experiences approach demoed in the above video by David Treadwell, Microsoft vice president, is what the software giant is aiming to provide the gaming community. It's interesting to see in a technical preview of how Microsoft views the future of their combined platforms. What do you make of the presentation?

Source: GeekWire (opens in new tab), via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm sorry I love WP7 but this is not the intergration I'm looking for, I think this is stupid ... the games should be saved in the cloud like I thought Microsoft said, so why do you need to take a picture of the screen? when you should be pulling and pushing to the cloud.Not likeing this..
  • Xbox 360 doesn't have cloud support yet, but it's coming.
  • to be fair - you probably don't WANT too much data shared over the could anyway. These files could get BIG and if you're not on an unlimited data plan it's going to hurt.You would (most likely) only need to scan the code every now and then - it should IMHO only need to contain the IP address and a simple auth algorithm to tell the phone where the xbox is on the network. PRESUMABLY with mango you wouldn't need to actually take a picture either - you should just nee to show the code to the phone.
  • Umm, It's my understanding that this feature does pull down from the cloud and this feature is only used if you don't have a connection or you haven't linked up your Windows Live ID to both devices. I can see the code being useful if you have a friend who wants thier animal.
  • Yeah why does it need the QR code or any other tag. This should be transfering over the cloud!
  • The actual transfer is done via the <strikeout>cloud</strikeout> Internet. The QR Code is only there to effect a quick transfer between platforms without the user having to go through yet another registration/linking process.Personally, I'd like the option of having to go through registration/linking process, so I didn't have to deal with the QR Codes.I would have thought they would have used MS Tag instead of QR Code, but perhaps they found greater success with QR Codes. I have a heck of a time getting my phone to read MS Tags off my LCD monitor. Ultra-high resolution doesn't look so ultra-high on camera!
  • I think this is a decent solution because it wouldn't require a network connection at all times. There likely some people who don't have their xboxes connected to XBL still.
  • it's nice and all - but STILL it's not proper connectivity and integration.We want realtime integration between the phone and the xbox - as a controller, media centre extender, whatever, just SOMETHING that counts as proper integration and makes it feel like there's a cohesive system in place. This is little more than the XBL Avatar editor - kinectimals edition.i'm sure all the 5 year olds out there will love this - but 5 year olds aren't buying the phones. This isn't a nintendoDS - it's a smartphone.Give us some 'cool' factor - kinectimals will get us laughed out of the pub.i've got no problem with the QR code thing - i'd thought about building something similar myself (but IMHO better - where the kinect camera would detect a QR/Tag on the phone screen and setup a host/client relationship over wi-fi) but once you've got that connection there needs to be something GREAT happening. Look at the Apple adverts on TV at the, the iPad can be a control surface for photoshop, all iOS devices sharing photo and video data between devices wirelessly's BASIC stuff guys, come ONWe've GOT a media and gaming device plugged into our TV, we've GOT a PC , we've GOT an awesome touchscreen device in our pocket with many MANY sensors and telephony and they all spend time on the same networks - surely they can do something amazing together other than changing the appearence of in-game characters.
  • Games aren't just for buff and burly dudes who hang out in pubs. Women, kids, and people who play what they want to play without worrying about people judging them play mobile games too.
  • Agreed , and this is great for them ... if you're willing to give your phone to your kids for an hour or two then great - good for you.I - on the other hand - use mine for work and am NOT willing to hand it over for that long ... last time i did that i couldn't find it for a week.I'm not saying these things shouldn't be allowed - of course they have their market etc, i'm saying 'why is this all we've got?' After this much time - why is "slightly playing with a character" (a-la the xbox live avatar editor and this new one) the best integration we've got.I don't expect halo on my phone - i dont expect forza - i just expect the devices to be able to do more together than changing a hat or poking a catMS is at great risk of having an image problem again so soon and it makes me sad. People will ask me about the phone and ask to look at the XBOX stuff (becuase MS make such a big thing about it) and apart from Ilomilo the rest of it's pretty embarrasing. Everyone I talk to ASSUMES that you can make the phone and XBOX talk to each other and they all ask what you can do....and i have to say "i can change my avatars hat" ... hey now i can say "i can rotate a cat" too.
  • 5 year olds don't buy $60 games either yet they managed to shift quite a lot of Kinectimals games. Lets just keep our eye on what comes later, this is just the beginning.
  • no, parents buy it for them. How many people do you think have bought windows phones for their 5 year olds?
  • This is nice but noone is going to go out a buy a WP7 because of Kinectamal intergration. It would be more promissing if this where a Gears of War, Forza 4, or MW3 intergration.
  • maybe not gears of war , but its basicly where its heading . Kinectamal is just a Demo of what the system can do. not bad for a 8month old tech doh no??
  • so when am i gona be able to play HALO on my phone ^ with my buds on 360!! lol
  • DAMN whiny mofos need to stop being so impatient the really good stuff is coming soon. doesn't make sense to write "oh this is so stupid" on an article that someone decided to go out of their way to share with the community.
  • I'm not sure if it's only me, but did you see that naughty accidental Search button hit in the middle of the demo? At least this should open their eyes that something must be done with the search button, it is kinda tragic now.IMHO this is not a bad start by the way, only problem for me is that you actually have to take a photo. In Mango apps will have access to the raw camera feed, we could simply point the camera at the QR code. As you see, it works the other way round, Kinect recognises the code easily, so the question is: why did the developers choose not to use it? :-/