Microsoft demos new Bing Search, now with more social

Microsoft is getting ready to overhaul Bing again and we like where it's going. The new Bing Search will integrate heavily with Facebook (leaving us non-users on the side) allowing you to quickly ping your friends, family and colleagues for tips, advice or to share your finds on the web with them directly.

In a way, it's sort of the logical next-step in search. Merging of social services with web inquiries makes sense and is the reason why sites like Quora (opens in new tab) have taken off .

The service just doesn't integrate with Facebook though as "social networks" is tossed around like the pop catch phrase it is implying that Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever Live can connect to today will also be on board. The system works by having a side panel that shows your friends' live stream, enabling you to quickly interact with them via the Bing Search page.

Clearly Facebook is front and center here for a few reasons, most notably the fact that's it the most popular of the bunch but also because Microsoft and Facebook love each sooo much it may almost may Nokia jealous.

Watching the demo video above, we can't help but wonder what Bing Search on Windows Phone 8 will be like. We have to imagine that this tight integration will carry over to mobile as well this Fall, giving Microsoft a new edge for search.

No word on when we can expect the new Bing to launch but you can sign up to be notified by clicking the source link. Question for you folks: Good idea or bad ? And do you think this will help them in their battle against Google?

Source: Bing (For US only for some odd reason)

Daniel Rubino

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  • here's hoping that "new bing" will also have HTML5 improvements!!
  • And transit directions on the phone.
  • Hope it has voice guided turn by turn like google map.
  • It already does, you just have to touch he screen for the next direction. I kind of like that...
  • I would like to ALSO have the option for Bing to just Fu@$%&g read the next step! Lol
  • Yeah, they just need a one tap, continuous read aloud option and BAM, turn by turn navigation for everyone not rocking a Lumia device.
  • Sick. Can't wait.
  • Some raw html got posted at the beginning of the article (visible via the app).
  • Yeah I see it to.
  • Raw HTML here, too.
  • We need flashvideooosssssss !!!!!!! Aaahhhhhh..........
  • The HTML is the embedded video.  I'm guessing the app doesn't support the type correctly like it would a YouTube video?
  • I don't care about new Bing features... I just wish they'd finish giving non-US peeps all of the wp7 bing features like bing vision. It's been like 8 months and we only have QR & MS tag scanning in Australia. Why is it so difficult to get this in English speaking countries?
  • I got hit with a survey the other day regarding Bing and Bing Rewards. I only use Bing on my NL900. This update to Bing reminds me of Rockmelt.