Microsoft dishes out duo of business-centric Surface ads

Microsoft just keeps pumping out the Surface promos. After releasing a re-cut ad for the Surface Pro 3 last week, the folks at Microsoft served up a duo of promotional videos on the Surface Youtube channel today.

Whereas last week's ad focused on the productivity features of the Surface Pro 3, these new ads highlight real-world scenarios in which the Surface has benefited real businesses through improvements in efficiency, as well as providing a "premium sales experience."

What do you think of these new Surface ads and their business-centered approach?

Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!

Source: Surface Youtube Channel

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • They barely play on TV during popular shows.
  • They play Surface ads on The Walking Dead premiers, that's pretty big
  • They should try to convince companies like WalMart, McDonald's and target to make the surface their go to device for their corporate business employees
  • As a McDonald's employee, I know there would be that one person that messes it up for everyone and fries it somehow... Our tills run Windows XP too haha
    Maybe if it was in a shell like the NFL Surfaces?
  • Lol I agree
  • If they only gave WP this level of attention with marketing....
  • It would still fail, it is my daily phone I own Lumia 900, 920 and 1020 well I bricked my 920, but anyway the point is. Is that it is an unrefined phone and MS just has it as a place holder and I don't think they really care at this point. Like fact that I can't turn off my !@#$ing lock screen timeout on my 1020 drives me crazy when I am driving long distances and want to choose a track from my playlist. Syncing playlist on the windows phone 8 sync app is broken and ironically seems to only syncs when you use itunes with it. I can't set a static IP on my wifi setting and copy and paste has amnesia along with core apps like calculator etc when you back or lock your phone. It's annoying and another thing I noticed were the tiles while I thought they were a good idea to move around and resize seeing what other people do with it, makes their phones look like checker boards gaps all over the place and no coherent layout what so ever. I don't think think MS care with their agnostic developement stance they have adobted and I am about ready to crack and try another device soon since they chucked their flagship handset this year...
  • keep them coming, it's alway good to show your product in real world situations.
  • Not too shaby... keep them coming
  • These are very good for an enterprise customer but they need more of an emphasis on the cloud, security, and social features of the Surface for enterprise.
  • I'd buy one but the small ssd does not help with my replacement for my aging PC. Unless it supports external hard drives.
  • Anything with a USB port supports it.
  • You can get them with a 512GB SSD. It has a USB 3.0 port so you can connect all kinds of external storage. It has a micro SD slot.  128GB is the current max size available for Micro SD.
  • Thanks for adding my Name
  • Thanks for the tip! We definitely appreciate a heads up on things we may have otherwise missed.
  • Yes Of Course !
  • These are the ads Microsoft should be championing. These are way better than those dub step ads they previously churned out..
  • Yes, this is how its done! This would definitely intrigue me.
  • You really can't compare the two kinds of ads. The dubstep, etc. ads are more for consumers, while these ads are for use in business tradeshows. There is no way you will ever see these on TV.
  • Feems Saster...
  • Hahahahaha, so funny.....
  • This is exactly how these surface 3's excel in the corporate world. Glad to see some real world usage. The surface 3 is truly a great all around device for work and play.
  • Shouldn't they stop being tight wads and put the ads for free on youtube and start spending money and advertising on tv?????
  • Mind you.... In England they advertise really great.. Always on tv.... Just seems its in America they dont
  • Terrible ads. These cannot even be described as ads. This are just small documentary videos.
  • These ads are not for consumers. These are the types of ads businesses expect to see at trade events and other kinds of corporate promotions.
  • MS should definitely stop using YouTube. It can use Vimeo or make its own video sharing website.
  • Yeah, about that, good point, but, no argument here. Above is a gramatically correct sentence.
  • The first comercial is pretty good. It shows that the Surface 3 is not your standard tablet and can do much more than an expensive iPad or cheap Andoid tablet can do. The MasterCraft comercial not so much.
  • Any US centric ad ?
    Oh! I remembered..... Cortana ads
  • Windows Central, I KNEW IT! :D
  • If Surface Pro had an LTE modem I'd buy it long time ago. Without mobile internet capability it is NOT truly mobile. I will buy Surface Pro when it has this last piece of hardware integrated.
  • I've been using my phone's Wi-Fi to connect to my other mobile devices including the original Surface RT for a couple of years now. With all of the new data plans that there are now,I'd say this way is better,it's more affordable in many cases as well.
  • Tether. Far more cost-effective, for cost of the device, and especially for the data plan.
  • Like the others have stated, you can share your SmartPhone's data plan with the Surface Pro. You just enable the "WiFi Hotspot" setting on your phone, connect your Surface Pro to the WiFi network and wherever your LTE phone has data connection, your Surface Pro will have internet. That's what I've been doing with my ancient 3G iPhone 4s and Surface Pro 2. Will soon be getting a OnePlus One then I'll have LTE internet on my Surface Pro withouth any internal hardware changes
  • These are terrific ads and exactly what they needed!  Given their length I'm curious exactly where they air.
  • Surface Pro line seems to be targetting a niche market of people who are in the market for a tablet AND a laptop. That's the only way I could ever justify a Surface Pro but if you have a laptop and only in the market for a tablet then Surface Pro is not it. Nobody wants to drop $1000 for tablet but $1000 is probably what most would budget for both devices. Great Device. Worth every penny but just in a weird market. No amount of NFL advertisement or boat commercials is going to change that.
  • Does any one know what Credit card reader they are using in the second add?
  • I call complete BS on the first ad. The rear camera on the SP3 is fixed focus and the focal point is much further back than what was being photographed by the woman in the packing plant. Those photos would have come out blurry and useless for any detail. Sorry but if you want a Windows 8.1 tablet in the field then the Surface Pro 3 is not the camera for you and any IT dep. worth their salt will see that. Much better to get a cheaper $200-$300 Win 8.1 tablet. It will do exactly the same thing, have a camera that is useable for things like barcodes (central to any warehouse system as shown in the first ad) and a lot, lot cheaper to replace if damaged.