Microsoft To-Do now lets you divide tasks into steps

Microsoft To-Do Steps

Microsoft today is knocking another new feature off of its to-do list for Microsoft To-Do. The latest update to the app on Windows 10 and iOS includes the ability to break your tasks down into individual steps (via OnMSFT).

Now, when creating tasks, To-Do includes an "Add step" button below the name of the task. Clicking the button will let you add the first step, at which point you can continue clicking the "Next step" button to add as many as you need.

Each step checked off as completed on its own. On your overview of all of your tasks, those with multiple steps with show you how many have been completed below the task title.

It's a relatively small feature, but it should help with keeping things much more organized, particularly if you were previously using new tasks for individual steps. Moreover, it's one of several features Microsoft has in the works for To-Do, including share lists, Outlook integration, and more.

If you're using To-Do for Windows 10 or iOS, you should be able to grab the latest update now to start adding steps to your tasks. The feature will presumably make its way to Android users soon as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • That's really nice but how can I share them?
  • As the article says, they're working to add that feature along with a few others that we know of.
  • I had installed the application earlier. I went to PlayStore today and it shows installed. When will updates be rolling out so that these nice features can be used?
  • The article reads "Windows 10 and iOS"
  • I have it on android but I'm also a beta tester so I might have it early
  • If you auto-update, then you could have it already. Android apps do gradual roll-outs just in case users find an issue that the developer didn't. Who knows when it'll come, but we will get it when it's available.
  • Great! Let them hurry up with the Android and update!
  • Microsoft To-Do Beta has had it for a month. Wasn't aware there was a non-beta version too since I've used the beta sice the start . Hopefully it'll be available for all Android users soon.
  • I love To-Do. I've gotten so used to its limitations, I will have to figure out how to take advantage of this enhancement. I'm sure I will -- this is a great addition. Next up (I hope): shared To-Do's and assignments complete with Outlook integration for sharing from your Outlook address book.
  • What about integration with Cortana? Is that no longer being considered?
  • It is of course, jest haven't gotten there yet
  • I'm not so sure anymore. It seemed a lot more certain earlier until they replaced the Cortana icon with a lightbulb icon.
  • Strange it hasn't come to Android yet since it came to the beta version of To-Do first (a month ago). I got it in the Windows 10 app (not beta) about a week or two later. And now also on the web. Love this app and use it daily.
  • I would like to see the capability to attach pictures to a task added... soon!
  • I try to be a power-user in all the apps I use regularly. I use To-Do regularly. Only yesterday did I find that I could access To-Do tasks via -- groovy.
  • The only thing is that subtasks aren't linked to yet, hopefully it'll come soon
  • Cool, now let's add the features Wunderlist has but To-Do still doesn't. SharePoint integration would be awesome too. The stock tasks app is garbage for the sole reason that it doesn't remind you to do a task. You have to actively keep on top of your list. Wunderlist was a god-send at my old job. I'd be working intensely on a project and it would remind me of a project that has to be worked on to meet the deadline.
  • that *is* what they're doing (adding features from Wunderlist... that was a stated goal since the beginning). granted, they're going fairly slowly (but it sounds like a really small team, so i'm not surprised), but they are moving forward. just keep using wunderlist in the mean time if you need those features.
  • I'll have to try this... I used Tasks in Outlook(2016 on a exchange server) but, it seems syncing them is a pain in the a$$ on Android unless I spend $5 on a app and under testing it didn't work well.
  • As a note, this seems tied to Tasks in (and I'm guessing Outlook 365 if you use a work account? don't have a work account so i dunno if you can use one), not on an Exchange Server.
  • Adding these and other MTD features to Outlook 2016 and OWA would be outstanding.