Microsoft To-Do for Windows 10 gets handful of new settings and fixes

Microsoft's To-Do app for Windows 10 has picked up some new tweaks and settings in its latest update. Now rolling out to everyone, the latest version of To-Do includes some fresh ways to customize your "My Day" page, along with a fix for recurring to-dos that weren't showing up there.

The biggest change you'll notice is that you can now choose from several different options for backgrounds on My Day. Further, Microsoft says it has improved its bulk editing feature so you can now edit due dates for multiple groups that have different due dates.

The release notes also highlight list sharing, which began rolling out to everyone earlier in June. Here's a full look at what's new:

  • Have you tried out List Sharing yet? Just tap the sharing icon, create a list share link and send it to collaborators using the app of your choice.
  • We've added list options to My Day, so you can now select your background, sort your to-dos and choose to hide your completed to-dos there.
  • Speaking of My Day, you may have noticed that we weren't always showing the recurring to-dos you'd added there. We've fixed that glitch, so we'll no longer remove to-dos you add to My Day.
  • Our bulk editing has been improved, making it easier to update due dates for multiple to-dos. With this update, you can now bulk edit the due dates of groups of to-dos that currently have different due dates.

This update is currently headed out to everyone on Windows 10 as version 1.33.11631.0 and should be available to download from the Microsoft Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Cortana? Or any ai integration, for that matter?
  • Pfft. Who needs Cortana or AI integration if now you can change the background of My Day! <3
  • If you check their Feedback site, Cortana Integration has a status of "Working On it" Statuses:
    On The Backlog = 5 items
    Working On It = 18 items
    Completed = 56 items
    Under Review = 19 items
  • One improvement I'd like to see is a calendar option for that big wide-open space up there. A calendar on a to-do list sounds like a no-brainer to me!
  • Isn't that the point of integrating it with outlook? Can't you show tasks/to-dos on your calendar? I'm pretty sure there's a way to toggle toggle that on and off.
  • My Day is still an utterly useless concept for me. Tasks arranged by date like so many other to-do apps. "Start fresh" is not a feature for me!
  • You can sort you tasks however you like. The "start fresh" concept is just a view that helps you prioritize today. If you ever used the Franklin Covey system, it's similar to the Prioritized Daily Task List. Think of this feature as a process, not an "app". The process is every day you sit down and determine what you will get done today. This app helps drive that behavior. If you have a job that is very routine or they have tools that prioritize your work for you (think, Service Desk or Call Center), then this isn't too useful. But if you are, say, a project manager that juggles multiple projects, implementing this process ensures the important things don't fall through the cracks.
  • Kros -- exactly right. It's a must for anyone who is responsible for setting priorities and looking for help effectively using time, by ensuring each day you can pull at least some of the most important items over the less important, but possibly more urgent items. If you just need a list of items, then the value of setting the "big rocks" for that day is minimal. I'd actually love to see them take this further (along the Covey lines), by setting priority weekly or monthly tasks too. Now that tasks can have subtasks, that approach start to makes sense.
  • What I can't seem to understand, is why on a single Android phone, running Ms Launcher, I have ToDo installed, and my list doesn't sync between the Launcher page, and the ToDo widget....... Also, neither of which will sync with my PC's ToDo......... WHY TF do they all have the ability to pull from Wunderlist though? Weird...... Fix this MS
  • OMG thank you for saying this!
  • Yeah todo is not integrated into the launcher yet, it's still only integrated with wunderlist. It'll be there one day... Lol
  • I hope they create a export/import for wunderlist when this is ready.
  • That's already available in the settings.
  • Still can't pin to-do lists to Start. Still can't change the default to-do list. Still can't hide or disable the My Day list. I cannot comprehend why it's taking them so long to add basic features. Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015. It's 2018 now. Rudy Huyn could've been done with this in a week.
  • Rudy Huyn. I haven't by heard that name in a long time. a long time. You're right btw.
  • Has any of you noticed that they seem to be adding ink support to To-Do?
    In My Day page you can ink already since at least a few builds, although all strokes immediately disappear. I think we can expect this feature to arrive in a future build. EDIT: Just noticed that it's possible to mark tasks as complete by striking through them. And works inside any list, not just My Day.
  • Has anyone ever gotten the to do live time to work? Is that even a thing? Both on my
    Desktop and Surface there seems to be no integration of live tile support.
  • Why does this exist? Cortana Reminders/Lists
    Outlook/Exchange Tasks/Notes
    To Do Tasks/ListsNotes
    Wanderlust They need to delete and integrate things. I'm not even sure which service people should be using long term. There are too many options which work badly together. Can't they just copy Apple and have one all that everything dumps this stuff into, probably using as a repository? This is getting ridiculous.
  • It's a great update. Now I can change background, and for an exchange, I get random Notifications with the title: "New notification", and notifications can only be dalyed by a minute, and when dismissed from a locked device, they get cummulated, so when unlocking the device, you have to dismiss them as many times as many times you dismissed them when the device was locked. Thumbs up on this!