Microsoft doesn't think Windows Phone suffers from an app gap in India

Microsoft is keen on dispelling notions of an app gap on Windows Phone, with an executive mentioning that that the company is not far behind in the apps development space. Joseph Landes, General Manager (Developer and Platform Evangelism) at Microsoft India, has stated in an interview with The Hindu that there is a "zero app gap versus competition."

We are not behind. Of course there are certain apps like Candy Crush which is not available on Windows Phone Store. But if you look at apps created by Indian companies or top brands, we have a zero app gap versus competition.

Landes touched upon security, saying that even though the Windows Phone store does not feature as many apps as Android or iOS, the main differentiator is that its apps are malware-free. He also mentioned that another misconception with Windows Phone has to do with the number of apps, and has said that Microsoft currently has 300,000 apps available for download.

There is no question about it there are more apps in Google Play Store and iOS. The question is how many apps do you really need? How many calculators do you need?

Talking about the state of the app ecosystem in India, Landes mentioned that Microsoft has invested heavily in the startup ecosystem in the country, including a recent partnership with Reliance Industries' GenNext Ventures that will see the introduction of innovation hubs.

We would like to see tons of great innovation come out of these initiatives in terms of building a great apps in the times to come.

As we've showcased several times in the past, several Indian companies and retailers have embraced the Windows Phone platform by launching native apps. As the platform gains momentum in the country, more and more organizations will start offering dedicated clients for Windows Phone.

Do you think Windows Phone suffers from an app gap in India? What crucial apps do you think are still missing from the platform? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Update: Changed headline to better reflect the fact that the statements are in reference to the Indian ecosystem.

Source: The Hindu

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  • They should think again!!
  • We don't even have proper instagram app, Twitter integration on Wp8.1 is hell, no, not talking to google enough to create apps (Google+ & proper youtube apps) for us, all these beta apps are projects works and should not be considered apps. Theres nothing like zero app gap on WP. What is MS thinking? More than 30% of our apps are phurking Betas...and they talk about zero gap...Whisky Tango Foxtrot...smh :'(
  • Well said - I wonder... Does this guy even use wp? Lol
  • Lol
  • Lol. Makes me wonder also haha
  • Lol Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • It lacks functionality not the app gap ex
    1. Files sharing is worst can't share files between apps
    2. App lack basic features as compare to iOS and Android
    3. Can't attach songs in WhatsApp
    4. Can't share files from music player
    5. Native Music/Video app is slow and buggy
    6. Some app never update from the date of release(kik messanger, Times of India)
    7. Stability issue since cyan(8.1) update
    8. Good hardware phone which is value for money(moto g, xiomi redmi s1)
    9. Microsoft charging bucks for their apps(skull of shogun, I dig it and many more)
    10. Got lots of trouble due to the thumbnail issue in videos(thumbnail automatically change of every video that I have which is very annoying for me to find the video now
    11. Not to forget wpcentral app is also buggy need to write 10 time to publish my post
    12. And most of all I hate this resuming in windows phone all the phones have it
  • I think 1 st one is an advantage for security. 3 rd one also not available for ios, for anti piracy? 4th one dosent exists..U can send . 8 th one xiomi??  Moto G .yup.. But nokia's hardwares are outstading 12 depends on your device. doing better after 8.1
  • Instagram = 6tag (works better than Instagram itself) Twitter App = I use it with no problems at all, what are your issues? YouTube = myTube really the coolest possible app you will find. Try them first and let me know what you think.. :)
  • Twitter app suffer from slow loading, and way outdated from features present in iOS / Android.
  • Not to me,its fast as on my iPhone.
  • how about a video player(free)? & Facebook app(functionality).
  • VLC soon to land. Moliplayer works fine, as does the inbuilt Video Player (free) Facebook beta? Please troll harder. No one is missing anything about Facebook or video playing on Windows Phone.
  • No ones trolling but vlc - that's been looking to land since wp7 landed. I'm sure they'll get here. I'm sure all the apps will arrive. Eventually.
  • hearing soon since 1.5 years dude. Moli player isn't free. Facebook beta lacks features   Please troll harder. Everyone is missing apps. Just read the below comments.
  • Download Moli Player free by changing your region to China.. In China this app is free.. And it's logo is black.....
  • first you use it yourself & then comment. It ain't free.  
  • ask mom for 1 dollar
  • Ooooh! Di*k like you still exist.
    If I can spend $300 on phone then I don't mind paying few more bucks.
    Money isn't Problem.
    Problem is method for paying apps.
  • D M C, I'm curious... can't you just add a credit card as a payment method? I've heard this before about not being able to pay for apps, and I don't understand it. Thanks
  • I would like to see Microsoft have pre-paid cards like Apple and Google have. I never like putting my credit csrd details in a phone. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Seriously? Most pathetic excuse to bag for free stuff...u paid for phone or got it on contract because there is no other way....but for apps, pls give respect/credibility to developers who r doing this for living....i don't know what's ur occupation but for sure u r not doing charity.
  • LOLz.
  • Read my comment.. Then comment here.. I said Moli player is free in China not Moli Player Pro..
  • I am saying again,use it yourself. If you able to use is it then comment. Don't troll here.
  • You're not missing apps you just dont have every feature you can imagine on every app. Get an iphone or complain more.
  • You cannot update feeling/travelling/eating status with cirrent Windows phone facebook app. It is also not possible to see these types of status from friends too!
  • All the wp apps lack of features the apps on android and ios are better than the wp apps even ms apps this is so frustrating
  • Totally agree, as much as I love the OS, and how everything is set out, the apps that are created that match the top 50 apps on IOS and Android are poor imitations most of the time. I keep waiting for things to turn around and after nearly 4 years and being there from day one with WP7, I am nearly at my wits end. :'(
  • No, all apps works better thn lagdroid apps. Dnt know about ios.
  • WTF? If you want to update "feeling", "traveling", or "eating" status, you've got bigger issues than missing features no one uses.
  • He is not trolling mate. What he said is true. Facebook app is lacking many features and MoliPlayer is the only decent video player and that too is not so great if you had used MX Player. Windows Phone lacks many apps and some basic features. This is the fact. And you should accept the truth instead of defending with lame excuses.
  • Android has MX Player which is free but WP users have to pay for it. Plus there are less number of games for WP. Thank god they launched Subway Surfer and Temple Run 2. Many apps and games are charged in WP but free on Android and iOS. There is no quizup for WP. Music and video players got even worse after 8.1 update. Can't share music on WhatsApp (even Nokia Asha phones can do that).
  • Share music files? So you're basically wanting to engage in piracy? And your pissed that you can't do this on WP?
  • What is wrong with you? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Please troll harder. No one is missing anything about Facebook or video playing on Windows Phone.
    Are you kidding? I can’t even see Instagram-Posts or Foursquare-Checkins in the Facebook app. Also I can’t post or see images in comments. Often I don’t see Videos in my timeline, but the comment from the poster to it. The facebook-App is just a really huge mess…
  • I play videos well with its native app,and as for FBK,got it off the phone,I don't need it,can live well with out it.
  • Look... Great player MoliPlayer costs 1-3 dollars? Even in Lithuania it's not big deal... I've bought it and happy like elephant. Why not to pay for developers for thing, which you'll use everyday some bucks? And why people are so greedy? Don't want to pay at all price of one cup of tea? Wait VLC. 
  • Man u have just seen twitter and instagram feeds... Use it and you will know the gap is big and getting bigger as well. I don't understand why MS need so much bug fixing in simple apps like music and videos (still they lags)!!!
  • Tweetium and My Tube are great and constantly being updated. Again we are shooting MS for the deliberate snubbing by Google, so I say who needs them. The app gap is created by bloggers using sometimes specified apps for their particular work. Most consumers would never needed or want those apps. As well most of this is created by reviewers who are Android or IOS users. They laud the hardware and begrudgingly recognize the OS is quality. Then pronounce that due to this trumped up app gap that no one should buy the phones. Criminal.
  • MyTube is great.. But Use Tubecast ... It runs smoothly.. Subtitle supported... Try it.. You won't regret it,..
  • Real YouTube app up to 4k video playback, mytube is ok but not the best and playback up to 720p the only YouTube app that had 1080p playback was onetube. Twitter app is slow, 6tag might be better but its not official and people who pick up a WP for the first time do not know what the hell is 6tag. And WhatsApp is crap.
  • Use Tubecast... It's far better option I think.. Try it..
  • Tubecast is good but not onetube good.
  • How many people who go to YouTube think about 4k video.. I certainly don't and neither do anyone I know. And I'm talking about the average Joe.
  • But they have the option for supported screens, I have a 1080p screen and my only option is 720p or lower that's why we need official apps. I know one needs 4k on a 6 inch screen but at least if you have a phone that supports it you have the option.
  • i like 6tag .. but pay for upload a video? when everyone else do it free? no thanks.. facebook is fast beautiful .. but doesnt show any publications from instagram, fitness apps etc.. we have the apps but they dont work like on other plataforms  .. 
  • 6tag can't upload videos we edit in other apps. IOS doesn't have that problem.
  • Stick Cricket = what (its a super hit game in India as we are cricket crazy here)  Real Cricket 2014= what (read above) 8 ball pool = what  3d deer hunter = what Yes Bank (Local bank here in India) = what Angel Broking (Local stock broker)= what  WhatsApp = Shitty experience until some months back (WApp is lifeline here) M-Indicator = Shitty experience until some weeks back Mendicoat (a local card game) = its bad even on android but at least its there... One of my iPhone crazy friend always says i wanna try WP, then he says no candy crush no wp... i cant blame him if that game is so imp to him...its his decision. Its not about how many calculators you want... its about choice.... I had hard time selecting a Sudoku App to my liking... I must have seen atleast 10... I dont blame MS for it... defo the developers... as MS in India has generally done a good job. most of the LOCAL well known brand are covered here... App Gap is certainly there in both Local and Global Apps/Games. Denying it is not a right attitude.
  • One less reason for you to complain.. Yes Bank has confirmed they are working on a WP app...    
  • He is talking about apps in India not in rest of the world
  • Candy crush is an Indian app!!!! News.. Hahaha
  • Agreed! This is about India and not the rest of the world! Guys please read the article first... Harish, this is bad press for nothing man...they are clearly talking about India alone w.r.t top brands and stuff. Please update the article either with a note or an updated heading.
  • So, india do not use or like free Video player & Facebook(fully funtional) and games etc
  • They use Moliplayer for free. Even in my country,Bangladesh people use it for free. But i don't know the way how they do that. (not side loading) but I've seen ppl to use moliplayer pro without any costing.[ Sry for my bad English...]
  • Yeah, he is talking about the Indian ecosystem, and the article does mention that (well, if one reads that far). Anyway, I altered the headline to make it less confusing.
  • this is like fooling ppl with useles wrthless criteria to prove something which is not tehre, app gap exists, no denying
  • The app gap is as big in india as in any other part of the world. PERIOD. unless all the iOS/Android apps are banned there or something
  • Agree
  • In my region windows phone doesn't have a app problem, it might be another story in yours.
  • Even skype sucks on wp. Constant RESUMING on my 925. What the hell microsoft? Galaxy s3 mini with the same hardware as holds skype much better!!!
  • This is crap. There are buggy apps on WP and there are buggy apps on Android out ios. Yesterday my friend can't open swarm on LG g2 while I'm using it like a boss. It's just an app don't cry.
  • No,Skype works fine.
  • If I remember rightly WP used to have a youtube app made by Microsoft but google demanded they pull I but refused to make one for the system. So Microsoft have tried to get google apps. to be honest I don't need to use other apps much so don't see much of an app gap on my usage but it would be good to see more companies support wp apps.
  • Same here. And most of the people complaining about other apps not working like ios and Android that is true but for what I use it for it's fine me and probably the casual user. Like Facebook if I really want to get all deep into Facebook I usually do it on my surface tablet and that app works great or the website.
  • I still have that Microsoft YouTube App and it works very well and you can also sideload it
  • What do you mean by sideload.. Pls explain..
    I want to install that app, but how?
  • ahahah Google on Windows Phone lol plz right now google will be happy if windows phone dies ... google is doing everything in it's power to keep youtube and its apps off Windows Phone ... fact is we dont have the market share for any one to take WP serious enough to build solid apps there are some solid ones but few inbetween. Market share and the fact that windows phone is limited (software features) makes developers not care. ... MS need to step up and update windows faster and get more apps heck pay developers and get shit out of beta plz also fix the resume thing or give us true or semi multitasking.
  • Inb4, people who use google+ don't deserve to be on windows phone
  • Lame u leave under a fuckin rock bro? Or u just a kid...smh
  • Lol and are you a girl? You seem offended, Google + is absolute crap, thats a fact, period.
    Google maps? Okay but Google+? Please dont come onto windows phone. 
  • Well said
  • Ok. Try to create sth from scratch and get every major developer on board, and then lets talk about it. MS's partners need commitment in order to spend the resources and time to develop. And that in itself takes TIME. Ms is late to the party as always and need to prove their platform is worthy. And a money maker (don't forget those in-app purchases). So stop bitchin about it. And don't let me hear those"4 years" arguments. You seem to forget that they are under a major restructuring.
  • Stop thinking there is anything Microsoft can do to make Google apps for WP, they can't.  They have asked, begged, proposed to pay the cost, and even tried writing one themselves.  Which Google quickly made them kill.   Google is using their monopoly position (in places like YouTube) to force people off of Windows Phone.  Sure, it's an antitrust violation, but only a government can stop them, and they pay big to politicians (one of Obama's biggest supporters).  Google apps will never come to WP, and they will also stop updating them on iOS once there market share is low enough.  Google is a closed ecosystem that still supports iOS and x86 Windows until they can kill those off.  Google is pure evil. We normally call "free" software that captures all your personal data and sells it to others "Spyware", "Adware", "Malware", or just a plain virus.  Why would we want that on WP anyway?   There are non-invasive options, just use those instead of the Google viruses.         
  • One thing is sure. Your a wp hater. Get over man. WP isn't lacking anything.
  • Why would you want Google +
  • that's our reality... if you talk with the developers on twitter, they only will say things like "we working on it" or "we have to priorize other processes" it's frustrating that an awesome plataform lack of apps... even the microsoft apps are better in other plataforms than in WP
  • There are most of them not official but for YouTube you have metro tube and mytube which I believe are way better than official YouTube apps.And Google+ app substitute is coming too. Everything is there but very few people have the time to look for them.I am using wp since a year and even in such short time I am surprised that I have all those apps I missed a year ago.So stop complaining and instead thank the developers because they are working for less money than they would have got for developing Ios and Droid apps and thank MS for the hard work they have put in to make wp8.1 and all these apps.It is because they have and are listening to our complains and improving wp.
  • Exactly what I was going to say!
  • I completely agree with him about number of apps...I try to explain the same thing to my many apps do they really need for some purpose..but some NOOBS would never understand :/
  • You may have managed to find everything FOR YOU but a great majority are under serviced, by wp apps, and that is why they spend their money elsewhere. They're not NOOBS. Enterprise customers are not NOOBS. I've been with the windows mobile platform since '95 - wm6.5 actually had a greater feature set, hence it's mass adoption in Enterprise. As far as apps are concerned - wp lags. The awesome chap Rudy H can't do everything for the platform. Even the apps we get are not on a feature parity with their android and Apple versions. And the betas. Good grief. At least things are moving forward. Slowly.
  • No. Just no. I agree there are some lower key apps missing, like Sonos. But this nonsense about feature parity is a nonsense. Rightmove, Nat West are all better on Windows Phone. Its like anything, its not black and white. The main thrust of this article is correct, most apps people actually need to use a phone _are_ present. Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Skype, Evernote, Onenote, Spoitify, ESPN, Flixster, IMDB, Shazam, TuneIn Radio, Wahtaspp etc
  • WhatsApp is ok? It's far behind then Android and iOS
  • I don't need WhatsApp anymore, there is hike for me
  • No. Just no. Santander, hsbc, courts. Open VPN support. That's all I need. Oh, steam and shredder chess, as I do play candy whatever. Lucky you've got your apps - I don't have mine.
  • That's should say Coutts
  • rhrh stop clutching, Coutts is tiny. HSBC and Santander. Banking is one of the few areas I would agree with. 
    You know what I did? I changed my bank. Nat West is superb, and the App is better on WP that all other platforms. First DIrect, Lloyds etc all await you. Its a myth apps are better on other platrforms. The app gap is so tiny it doesn't matter. I'd like there to be no gap and every year that passes that will be true. Certainly not enough of gap to stop me buying and loving WP.
  • The apps you're mentioning don't sound like apps that the majority of Android and iPhone users need. Just saying
  • Not sure what you're saying. We're talking about apps that are on ios and android being missing on WP. They are missing, fallen into the gap this msft manager doesn't think exists. And the banks I've mentioned are not only three of the biggest banks in the UK, they are three of the biggest banks IN THE WORLD! no wp apps though. Oh that's a lie - Santander has a Spanish one. In the UK store. Irony or mockery, or a little bit of both there - either way wp slighted one again. And they're banks. Actually financial institutions. Don't know where you're writing from but if you don't actually recognise Santander, hsbc and coutts, well fair enough. But to day most Android and ios users wouldn't need these apps - they are three of the biggest banks in the world. I think they need them. That's why they already have them.
  • Is that a Microsoft problem? Ask your bank for those apps as I do with mine!
    People need to stop yelling in the wrong direction, if you need an app, yelling to the owner of the service to provide to you! That's what we should be doing!
  • It's a Microsoft perception problem. I, and I'm sure others, do ask. How many voices? So Microsoft should approach them and make a deal. That's fairly straight forward. Bottom line, app gap exists and it's not just because people don't want to develop. A multitude of sins. Those banks can afford it - but they don't see a market for it. Simple.
  • While I agree that not many apps are missing (I found everything I need and even more on the store) I have to say that the quality of some apps is far behind the competition... WhatsApp for example, lacks features and it's not optimized for 8.1 yet. Don't know about you but I don't like getting delayed messages or not getting them at all unless I open the app and wait for it to resume. My 920 have 1gb of ram, why does WhatsApp need to be resumed that often?? It works better on old android devices with 512mb of ram and that's quite a statement!
  • Yes...I agree with u. There is a significant lag between notification & msg arrival. Poor performance.
  • IMDB app sucks so badly..
  • -630
  • +1
  • Obviously it's users think that WP still needs work in the app store... And, the rest of the world does as well.. But, MS doesn't❓
    That's kind of scary if you think about it because it kinda implies that they don't think that its necessary to work as hard as possible to get the apps that users need on WP... It's simple.. If MS DOESN'T think that WP has an app issue then they AREN'T going to invest resources to do anything about it.... Wow❗ ... That sux to know..
  • I refuse to believe msft as a whole believe that clap trap. Some chap in India is not the rest of the management staff. Hopefully they'll step in and day something like "yeah, we know we have a lot of work to do and we're trying our best". Or what? They don't invest resources in closing the app gap they will end up relegating wp to the bin.
  • Well said.
  • MS is not much interested in device business. They want to sell software i.e. Office 365 etc
  • That's the worry. Where is wp headed.
  • In the right direction if they DON'T badge Lumia devices with Microsoft on the front of them..
  • Well Microsoft can't cover the app gap on its own and alone(except the Xbox Music,,Video and Skype apps)!! The don't own the right to make other's apps!! The problem is of the low marketshare and the article states only the Indian Local apps not the whole of the WP store!! Stop venting at Microsoft people!!
  • True, but we've seen where than can make a difference.. The point here is that if MS doesn't think there is an issue then will they continue to try to help bring important apps to WP..
    Now, we know these are just the words of on man, and most likely don't represent the opinion of the entire company.
  • There have been a few articles on this very site that have quoted MS execs saying that they are working hard to close the app and feature gaps by working with developers. The problem lies with the developers who don't see WP as a viable platform and are worried they won't see a good ROI. If we bug the shit out of the developers of the apps we want and/or love they will see the demand and change will come.
  • I wouldn't care if we had a million more apps in windows store compared to the others, but if the 50 apps that I want are only available on IOS or Android then that really starts to sway my opinion on my next phone purchase.
    I'm a gamer, a lot of companion apps aren't on Windows but Microsoft have put their apps on others so it would be easier just to switch phone.
    Plus can't someone PLEASE make a web browsing flash app.
  • Even i wouldnt care if we had million apps...but how do million apps come into existence? Just counting 20,000 people x 50 apps make 1 million apps... like you have your 50, others have theirs ...out of which 40 apps will be same like yours but those 10 apps make up the other guys 50 and like wise... thats the advantage Droids and iOs has... thats where the MS India manager's argument of "how many calculators you want" is wrong...i may be needing a regular calculator to make my app list complete but the other guy may need a scientific calculator...some other guy may need some other calculator feature.. that needs to be understood before saying how many of "whatever" you want...
  • It's so typical of Microsoft to deny a very specific statement so you can't accuse them of lying.
    I mean like with the "Update 2" thing that everybody in the know knew they were calling it that internally, but the made a fuss out of saying 'we won't be delivering an "Update 2" and people saying so are involved in lies and deception.'
    They knew there's an app gap, and where there isn't, they know that Windows Phone is treated inferiorly in regards to features and updates.
  • You're right they do. They know it when they look at their platform sales and adoption rate. This is just one guy talking guff.
  • This is a guy speaking in a country where WP has a!ready hit 10% market share and numerous organizations have come out with official apps. The app gap for India is less significant then in other areas. Instead of the incessant carping I would like to congratulate the people of India for their excellent support of WP.
  • Thank You! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • They should go and see other os store their top list always changing, but in WP store, the top list remains the same for months, only once in a while, a new apps come into the top list... ==
  • I'm part of a project team in my bank that is driving mobile money. One of the engineers in the team (happens to be a team lead) blatantly refused to make the mobile money app for windows phone. It's available for android, ios and blackberry. And his reason was that windowsphone is not yet that popular. He took me round the office and asked me to count the number of Wp owners. I argued that it made more business sense to make apps for a growing platform than a dying one (blackberry). I don't use that mobile money app today, even though I am in the project team, just because its not on WP... and that's just bcos of one man's opinion.
  • Let me guess... Your team lead is rocking an iPhone, correct?
  • This unfortunately is a very common feeling from both Android and iPhone team leads. This wont change until they get product and knowledgeable staff out in front of this problem, at least here in the US. Oh and I'll add the DJI config app to the list.
  • Just give me -Watchespn- and I'm good. So pissed about not having it for WP.
  • What about app's qualities? Twitter is outdated, facebook is still crap, instagram without update after one year, YouTube official is very shit, line is shit, BBM is shit too, many2 of them is shit !
  • Ever heard of flash transfer,superbeam,share it,mcent,earntalktime,paypal,adm,YOUTUBE,major sports apps!!miccrosoft should think again
  • First give us proper fully-working apps with all the same features as android, and at the same time, and then I'll consider the app gap to be smaller.
  • Just update the apps more frequently. What is the use of complaining all the time for apps that are not there. Just the updates and keep the present apps to an optimum level quality.
  • Infact I am amazed to see how ignorant this manager really is. For example I was frustrated to learn that despite so many ip camera and dvr apps in the store none was working as expected, forget about the official app. Also I couldn't find any decent dynamic DNS app in the store. These are few examples but the list goes on.
  • Are they actually serious? Lol
  • For me I miss official Steam app, my local bank app (they are already working on it) and maybe some others that wont come to my mind now. ALSO BIG DISSAPOINTMENT IS THAT I CANT FU*KING HAVE CELLULAR DATA IN ACTION CENTRE.
  • Miss steam also. Considering I have a windows pc, and game on windows (very infrequently but still) you'd think MSFT would try get the blinking biggest pc games portal onto its other windows services. Spend more money on pc? No? No. They're asleep at the wheel.
  • The steam app will probably never come.. Or at least not until wp will have a real market share.. Gabe does not like windows 8 in general since the integrated store is now a direct threat to steam (or could be since now steam has not real opponent). And they like Linux more nowadays..
  • Bingo. I think Gabe has a mighty case of butthurt with MS.
  • Buddy we really need that features untill then u can use status tile and create a live tile of ur cellular data to one touch access.. wp rocks..
  • Also we miss 3G only mode :'(
  • settings>mobile+sim>sim settings>highest connection speed. i m not sure if 3g only mode means 3g or low or just 3g. this setting is for 3g or low.
  • Yeah 3G connectivity is weak in India except metro cities. i.e. If you are in your house it will jump to 2G(in towns 2G=0 speed) however in a Android device with a "only wcdma" mode you can enjoy a hi speed internet.
  • Hey agree you am not getting 3 g at all but my android is getting 3 g indoors nd in any place.wp is waste in catching 3 g signal I mean .
  • Hey prasath
    Actually after cyan update i m getting 3G signals in house (rarely loosing like 1 time in 2-3 days than i get back via outdoor trip)..
    However you should vote for "3G only" mode in user voice forum for windowsphone...
  • Well, it's there now.
  • I really need Google services like hangouts, drive and so on...
    About existing apps the gap is still there. The Store is growing day after day but still many apps are not at the same level as Android or iOS.
  • I thought i read google was shutting down hangouts because nobody used them? Perhaps I'm wrong there. What was the name of their facebook rival service? (the one they tried to artificially boost the user base by forcing everyone on youtube and gmail to have an account) Perhaps I'm thinking of that part of the service instead?
  • Plus.
  • Facebook's rival was Orkut. However I'm guilty of using it way before Facebook. ;D Then they came up with Google+ which is still there. And oh, it sucks. Donno about hangouts being shut down, Orkut has been shut down now.
  • Google+ is what I was thinking of, it may have just been speculation that they were closing it, I cant see anything about it from a quick search, but I did find out the average user spends less than 3 minutes a month on google+ and 30% never comment more than once. It says they have 100 million users, ive no idea how many users youtube has, but since it has 800 million unique visitors a month I imagine many of them are members, and since youtube members are forced to have a google+ account. I estimate the number of people who actively chose to have an account at around 17, maybe 18 people. :)
  • Lack of rhythm game...
  • I'd like more Xbox games also at the store... They could really stand out against the competition. Use Xbox, microsoft!
  • Try my games Hyper Cell and Super Polygon. both music rhythm games.
  • Just Pebble :(
  • I wonder how many BETA's WP store has? :D
  • Haha