Microsoft made an estimated $736 Million from Windows Phone in FY 2012

According to Seeking Alpha who have managed to calculate an estimation as to just how much Microsoft has made from Windows Phone in the last fiscal year, the software giant is estimated to be looking at $736 million from the mobile division. While we're still on the steady growth path Microsoft will continue to shield revenue performance of the platform until there's something to frame on the office wall.

Seeking Alpha worked out that by removing each non-Windows Phone layer from Microsoft's EDD (Entertainment and Devices Division), they found Windows Phone revenues has been fairly steady over the past few years, since its launch in 2010.

Taking a look at the above chart, we can see the results of subtracting the other layers to reveal Windows Phone's performance, and -depending on how accurate this method is- it's not looking too bad. Windows Phone is sat at 8% of the EDD total, with Xbox pumping in 84% and Skype on an identical 8%. With the platform picking up steam and OEM partners announcing new Apollo hardware, we're surely to see a clearer picture in 2013.

Source: Seeking Alpha

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is a good thing.
  • Nice!!!!
  • Hopefully they haven't too much more making them...
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  • Look at that Xbox revenue :)
  • Hate to be Debbie Downer but doesn't Android license revenue also go to EDD? Where is that accounted for?
  • These are terrific numbers for WP. Hopefully this gets some press.
  • Would be great if you credit the source who actually found the article,
    <insert lame site here>
  • Seeking Alpha is a major news service that pops up when you do news searches for "Windows Phone" and "Microsoft".  We don't credit janky sites for finding what is in the public domain and we find on our own. That's like asking "credit" for finding a news story on ABC.
  • His post did not deserve a response
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  • Really? Because SA article is few days old but hey, after WMPowerUser published it, magically, it also appears in your site without the source.
    Whatever floats your boat. 
  • Yes sir
  • thats awesome
  • I read that Android revenues for Ms are 1 billion.
  • Market analyst says something mean about WP: OMG WTF why does anyone listen to these clowns? All they do is make sh*t up and hate WP and love iOS. 
    Market analyst says something good about WP: OMG what good news, surely this is trustworthy. 
    This place is hilarious. 
  • These two things...aren't the same. I mean, someone did actual math here that can be verified.
  • So can the other analyst's position. 45% of smartphone buyers don't even know WP7 exists. 4% marketshare after almost two years on the market. Kinda not hard to come to the conclusion using empirical information easily at hand that smartphone buyers don't care about WP. 
  • "Kinda not hard to come to the conclusion..."
    But that's just it...that's the opinion part as is the explanation as to why it is like that...that is what people are challenging, not the low market share, which everyone agrees is accurate. Do people just not care about Windows Phone? Is it due to Microsoft's name? Carriers not pushing it? Unimpressive hardware? No "killer app"? Will WP8 change any of that? The issue is that people who end up using Windows Phone give it extremely high satisfaction ratings. So it's not the OS.  All of that is what is debatable. But saying "consumers don't care AND WON'T EVER CARE" is very different from what is being alleged here. Especially since not a single WP8 has even hit the market.
  • You're gonna have to parse the difference between opinion and analysis then. Because that sounds an awful lot like analysis to me, which is, last I checked, what analysts do. They parse data and arrive at conclusions. 
  • There is very little difference between the two, if any. One may imply being more "informed", but that's quite vague. Point is, the conclusion reached by that analyst yesterday does appear to be silly and premature, not to mention over-stepping what can possibly be known about consumers. In other words, it was a poor analysis. We leave that to our readers though. This too can be a poor analysis and to be honest, I don't see a lot of gushing and high-fives in these comments, which belies your claim that people here are embracing these numbers. There is certainly less opinion from Seeking Alpha though than the post from yesterday, less grandstanding for headlines.
  • Dan, First off I own a WP but I can tell you why people don't buy as many as Microsoft would have hoped. The simple explanation is the phone interface is not sexy. Yes, you heard me the phone interface is UGLY. I told Microsoft but they don't listen. Male or female we are all sexual creatures and people shaped like blocks are not on our list of sexy objects. Cars - all sexy one's have curves Girls - are boobs square? I think not Siri - guy's relate and girls get a friend who does not compete Marketing 101 - sex sells =) The basic human part is what makes things attractive.
  • Explain minecraft then? Can't get more blocky than that and it sure sold and became extremely popular. :P
  • Have several seats tekhna. Reaching a**.
  • Internet guy: because being a windows phone website, it makes much sense to be down when there is good news and we should celebrate everything negative about WP...internet guys are hilarious.
  • We are also questioning the information here.
  • Seriously? An analyst claims "Windows Phone is not gonna get anywhere, like, ever" and then there is an actual income report, and you compare these two?
    How hard is it to see that the guy who comes up with "people just don't want Windows Phone," without any actual survey data, without stating whether people even know Windows Phone, is just an unprofessional douche? And you SERIOUSLY compare it to ACTUAL figures?!
  • The world s full of douche bags. It eventually catches up to them. Just ignore them til they understand nobody is buying what they be selling.
  • Wow! I had no idea that such a small market share can generate so much revenue! This is why no nobody is going to just "give up and pack it up" if they aren't "winning".
  • I have news for anyone who thinks quad cores mean better performance. 3 Sony XPERIA dual core phones are wiping the floor with the quad core Galaxy S III performance-wise. Take a look:
  • There's no way a 4% market share generated this amount of revenue. This number has been debunked everywhere on the internet. Wait for WP8, if it's successful then real profits will come.
  • Even if it were true, it's 736 million, with the 1 billion dollar payment to Nokia subtracted from it. That's not such a pretty picture. 
  • "This number has been debunked everywhere on the internet."
    I wouldn't say it has been debunked, just questioned. Most rebuttals can be boiled down to "No way can that be accurate!", which is not exactly a home run retort either. No one has the real numbers and this does tell us something about their mobile revenues. The question is what exactly counts for their revenue?
  • Agreed. I'm hoping that WP8, being strongly linked to W8, will provide more transparency about #'s sold & earnings. If MS' partners & fans don't know how the platform is doing, they won't know how to help improve it.
  • Whatever negativity people are giving MS Windows Phone and everything MS ... I'm pretty sure they like the underdog tag. One thing good that MS does is not showing off.
  • I wonder why people come to a windows centric site just to be cynical is quite immature.
  • It's*
  • Wait ... getting to the truth is cynical? Let's see what we're really facing & how to deal with it rather than pretend it's all ok.