Microsoft made an estimated $736 Million from Windows Phone in FY 2012

According to Seeking Alpha who have managed to calculate an estimation as to just how much Microsoft has made from Windows Phone in the last fiscal year, the software giant is estimated to be looking at $736 million from the mobile division. While we're still on the steady growth path Microsoft will continue to shield revenue performance of the platform until there's something to frame on the office wall.

Seeking Alpha worked out that by removing each non-Windows Phone layer from Microsoft's EDD (Entertainment and Devices Division), they found Windows Phone revenues has been fairly steady over the past few years, since its launch in 2010.

Taking a look at the above chart, we can see the results of subtracting the other layers to reveal Windows Phone's performance, and -depending on how accurate this method is- it's not looking too bad. Windows Phone is sat at 8% of the EDD total, with Xbox pumping in 84% and Skype on an identical 8%. With the platform picking up steam and OEM partners announcing new Apollo hardware, we're surely to see a clearer picture in 2013.

Source: Seeking Alpha

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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