Microsoft Edge beta for iOS picks up support for 1Password, LastPass, and 3D Touch

Microsoft Edge for iOS officially launched out of preview for everyone at the end of November, but Microsoft has continued to test new features with a beta version of the app through Apple's TestFlight program. The latest batch of features to hit the beta app include newly added support for LastPass and 1Password, as well as support for the iPhone's 3D Touch feature (via OnMSFT).

The biggest boon here is the added password manager support, which allows users to quickly fill in their login details stored with either LastPass or 1Password. When you find yourself at an account login page, you should now be able to access whichever password manager you use through the share sheet to fill in details. Presumably, this is just the start and we'll see support for more password managers added over time.

As for 3D Touch support, you can now force press the Edge icon on your home screen to see a list of new options. These include initiating a voice search, creating a new tab, creating a new InPrivate tab, or using the QR scanner. Using one of the 3D Touch options will let you jump into whichever you choose to jump directly into that portion of the app.

This update follows the additions of iPhone X support in the last major update to Edge on iOS. The TestFlight program is fairly limited in scope, so these latest feature additions will roll out to a relatively small audience at first. However, they should make their way to the releasee version for everyone soon.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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