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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Beta on Android now allows you to sync open tabs with Microsoft Edge on PCs.
  • You can now also sync your history across Microsoft Edge Beta for Android and Microsoft Edge on PCs.
  • Microsoft Edge already supports syncing other types of content, including favorites, form fill, and passwords.

Microsoft Edge Beta for Android now allows you to sync tabs across to Microsoft Edge on PC. The same update also brings the option to sync history across the different versions of Edge. The feature is likely in A/B testing, or at minimum, is rolling out gradually to Edge Beta users.

The new syncing options come in Edge version An Edge user named Thomas sent us a tip with screenshots of the new version on December 11, but we didn't see the options until December 14.

Edge already supports syncing several types of content, including favorites, form fill, and passwords. The browser also has a feature that allows you to send open websites from your mobile device to your PC, but syncing tabs is a quicker way to sync multiple pages across devices.

Edge Android Opentabs Sync ScreensSource: Windows Central

The same page that shows options for syncing tabs, favorites, and other content also has a checkbox for syncing payments, but you cannot turn on the option to sync payments at this time.

Syncing history is also a nice addition, as you can find content you viewed on one device and quickly open it on another device, even if you've closed the content on the original device. With the addition of syncing support for tabs and history, Edge is significantly closer to a completely in-sync setup across platforms.

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