Microsoft Edge branding now featured in internal Windows 10 builds

If you are wondering when the new web browser included with Windows 10 will get its Microsoft Edge branding, it looks like it will be coming fairly soon. That change is currently being used in internal builds at Microsoft.

In a message on Twitter, Windows Insider lead Gabriel Aul confirmed:

"Microsoft Edge branding is now in internal builds, will make it to you after next build."

Based on his statement, it sounds like Microsoft's very next Windows 10 release to Insider members won't have the Edge branding, but the build after that will include it. The company first announced Edge as the official name for the new browser in late April during the Build 2015 conference. However, it has continued to use the old code name "Project Spartan" in the public Windows 10 builds.

Once the branding change happens, Microsoft Edge will get a new logo, which looks similar to the one that's already in use by the old Internet Explorer.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

John Callaham