Microsoft Edge DevTools are now supported in 10 additional languages

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft localized Edge DevTools into 10 more languages.
  • Edge DevTools now works in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and several other languages.
  • Microsoft worked with Google to localize web development tools.

Microsoft localized Edge DevTools into 10 additional languages recently. The update allows more developers to work in their preferred language. Edge DevTools now supports Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. To enable localized developer tools, developers need to go to edge://flags.

Microsoft worked with the DevTools, Lighthouse, and Chrome teams at Google to localize Edge DevTools. The collaboration took several months, and Microsoft explained in a blog post that it plans to continue to share its localizability features so "other browsers can benefit from this work."

Microsoft explained in the blog post that having the ability to work in a preferred language allows developers to be more productive, "We know inclusivity makes us work better and we love when we find ways to put that knowledge into practice. On the Edge team, we believe—and usage and research show—that developer experiences are more productive when they fit our language and location preferences."

To enable localized developers tools, you need to go to edge://flags and opt to "Enable localized Developer Tools." The setting is on by default in Edge Canary and will soon be on by default in Dev, Beta, and Stable channels. Once you've enabled the flag, DevTools will match the language of your browser.

Microsoft Edge DevTools joins VS Code, Azure Portal, and several other technologies from Microsoft that have been localized to allow developers to work in their preferred language.

Microsoft is evaluating popular right-to-left languages, including Hebrew and Arabic, as potential languages to support in the future.

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