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Microsoft now lets Edge extension developers reply to reviews

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What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Partner Center now has a Reviews dashboard.
  • Extension developers can reply to feedback and reviews from users using the tool.
  • Competitors, such as the Chrome Web Store and Safari, have supported responding to reviews for several years.

Microsoft Edge extension developers have a new way to interact with their users. The Microsoft Partner Center recently gained a Reviews dashboard that lets devs respond to feedback and reviews. The new tool became available (opens in new tab) late last week but was recently flagged by Neowin.

"This update enables you to view and engage with the user reviews. You can thank your extension’s users for positive feedback or respond appropriately to any comments," said Microsoft in a Tech Community post from last week.

"Your response to a review appears under the respective review on the product detail page of your Microsoft Edge add-on."

Microsoft called this a "crucial change" and explained that the option will allow developers to manage their Microsoft Edge extension product pages.

Microsoft Partner Center Reviews

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Competing stores have supported replying to feedback for years. The Chrome Web Store has had the option since 2015 and Safari gained it in 2017, so Microsoft is behind on shipping the feature.

Now that the ability has been added to the Microsoft Partner Center, developers can take part in a dialogue with users. In addition to adding clarity about issues with extensions, developers could thank people for sharing reviews and useful feedback. Unfortunately, not all reviews are constructive, so the feature also provides a platform for developers to clear up misinformation.

To respond to reviews, developers can navigate to the Microsoft Partner Center (opens in new tab).

Microsoft Edge

As the default browser for Windows 11 and Windows 10, Microsoft Edge allows you to access the web. The app supports extensions, which can greatly expand functionality. Now, developers can respond to reviews of extensions.

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