Microsoft Edge picks up new Adguard Ad Blocker extension

Microsoft Edge users have a new ad blocker to check out thanks to the latest extension for the browser, Adguard AdBlocker.

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If, like most internet users nowadays, you're already familiar ad blockers, there shouldn't be much of surprise here. Adguard will effectively block all ads, whether they be banners, interstitial, or video, or anything in between. You can also use Adguard's spyware and tracking filter to curb all forms of tracking you might encounter while browsing the web. The result should be faster page loading and a more privacy-focused browsing experience in Edge.

Edge's selection of extensions is somewhat limited compared to other browsers, so it's always good to see another arrive. If you're interested, you can grab Adguard and give it a shot from the Windows Store now.

Download Adguard AdBlocker from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • God how many ad blocker are there? Which one is good which one isn't. Please can you make a video comparing
  • Thought the same thing
  • Still good to see more extensions
  • Totally
  • i agree a comparison would be nice. There are a lot of the same extensions.
  • It is by far imho the best Ad blocking extention out there. Very low CPU usage than ublock or Ghostery, community sourced algorithm for ad blocking, you might also able to help on that by the click and select elements to manually block if your algorithm doesn't yet support blocking that element, and it will feed that to the community algorithm. You can also use the element blocker to make a website more leaner looking and remove bad CSS designs. I did that on Windows Central's Buying guide section on their homepage to load their slow webiste much faster. go try that out
  • @Ian Mancera; Thank you, that is very helpful.
  • Damn, that's a really nice feature with the community-built list. Would give it a try if I wasn't already perfectly sattisfied with uBlock Origins. Good to know for future reference...
  • I've been pretty happy with a combo of uBlock Origin and Ghostery. Stopped using Adblock and Adblock Plus because they seemed to really slow things down after a while.
  • For me adblock doesn't work that well. When I open edge and starts from a previews YouTube tab, it doesn't block any ad!
  • Same here, on top of that, AdBlock kept resetting to default settings after being updated from the Windows Store. Just way too much headache to deal with, couldn't be bothered to use Edge on a daily basis until uBlock Origins arrived. Now, Edge is my default browser for every day, IE 11 and portablet Opera are there for backup in those cases where a website doesn't work in Edge, or I'm filling out a lengthy online form (in which case, I need the Lazarus Form Recovery Extension that's only available with portable Opera)...
  • Also ad block and ad block plus allow companies to pay them to add ads to their exclusion list.
  • Edge integrated AdBlock would help. I wonder what's stopping them from doing it...
  • Revenue.
  • This one is actually very good.
  • Ghostery has been working well for me but I will give this a try.
  • Just tried it out. It works well, it really does. However, when comparing it to Ghostery, it seemed like Ghostery was just a little faster on my Yoga Book.
  • I didn't even know that there was such a thing as adblockers. O.O Now I'm wondering how Microsoft can promote an ad blocker while at the same time selling ads. I'll just sit over here and mumble to myself.
  • Upping usage of Edge is more important. 
  • Microsoft don't promote it. Google makes most of their money from ads and yet still allow ad blockers in the Chrome Extensions Store.
  • There are many types of non-intrusive ads the adblockers won't catch like Bing suggested pages and such. Adblockers clear the web from the intrusive ad junks, and that improves Edge experience as a whole
  • What we need now is an ad block detector blocker. :-) YouTube has found a way just recently to by pass ad blockers. What happens is that you get a black video where the ad used to be. Only way around it is the use of the adblocker followed by a cookie deleter. Or give in and put up with ads (not). Too many on websites now.
  • This^
    That's the next step in the war against annoying ads lol! We need a detector blocker asap!
  • "YouTube has found a way just recently to by pass ad blockers. What happens is that you get a black video where the ad used to be." Really? I haven't noticed any of that on my Surface Pro 2 with uBlock Origins. Then again, I also have the Tampermonkey Extension with the YouTube Center script (​ ), and blocking YouTube ads is one of the slew of features it offers in YouTube.
  • Or just use Mozilla instead
  • I tried Ublock and hated it. Caused Edge to freeze up randomly, and got worse and worse. Eventually uninstalled it and noticed an immediate difference. I still occasionally get small hangs but it's hard to know if this is Edge itself or the other adblocker I'm using, because Edge has never quite been smooth for me. I'll have to test when I get home later.
  • uBlock for Edge is not finished yet.
  • And it's still working great on Edge!
  • Sounds like you enabled an extremely strict blocking list. I have all of the following blocking lists enabled on my Surface Pro 2, and everything is working perfectly fine, heck, it has really been a time-saver, including on streaming sites (no not that dirty sh*t) where it automatically closes some pop-up tabs: - My filters‎ : 179 used out of 179
    - uBlock filters‎ : 994 used out of 1,002
    - uBlock filters – Badware risks‎ \f05a ( 7 used out of 7
    - uBlock filters – Privacy‎ : 45 used out of 53
    - uBlock filters – Unbreak‎ : 121 used out of 123 Ads (3)
    - Adblock Warning Removal List‎ ( 309 used out of 32
    - Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek‎ \f05a ( 2,170 used out of 2,179
    - EasyList‎ ( 71,206 used out of 71,316 Privacy (1)
    - EasyPrivacy‎ ( 12,578 used out of 12,619 Malware domains (3)
    - Malware Domain List‎ ( 1,159 used out of 1,159
    - Malware domains‎ ( 17,269 used out of 18,078
    - Malware domains (long-lived)‎ ( 3,192 used out of 3,205 Social (1)
    - Fanboy’s Annoyance List‎ ( 25,364 used out of 25,380 Multipurpose (1)
    - Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list‎ ( 2,361 used out of 2,361purge cache
  • How do we know that the ad blocker software is not spying on our surfing, grabing bank accounts, and passwords from the web pages we visit???   How does one ever trust a browser add-in?
  • Ads have long been known to contain malicious links and code. I'll take my chances with the ad blocker.
  • If they're open-source then people can check for themselves.
  • I've been using Adguard for a while on Chrome, it's really good. It'll also protect you from malicious websites, loads fast and haven't had any issues, worth checking out.
  • Yet edge doesn't have a proper pop up blocker.
  • I wish they would bring this extrension over or build it into edge.
  • Adguard is what I use on other browsers, so this is great news!
  • I actually think AdGuard does a better job than the rest. But I guess it is personal preference.
  • Seriously what is the hold up with extensions? I thought the goal was to make it easy to bring them over from Chrome. Yet here we are with hardly any as we approach another big W10 update.
  • Yeah, as good as Edge has gotten, it is still lacking loads and loads of extensions. But Frankly, the only extension I'm currently seriously missing from Chrome, even though I had loads of them installed with it, is Lazarus form recovery. I can't count how many times I've almost lost a whole bunch of text entry due to whatever nonsense navigation error or browser crash, just to be saved by Lazarus form recovery. Really need that extension, and for that reason, only use portable Opera (with that extension) for those situations where I'm filling out big online forms. Wish someone would port it over ASAP.
  • This is great, but we are still waiting for ad blocker extensions for mobile. I hope it comes soon.
  • Yep, I fockin hate it when Edge for mobile is being left out
  • You can just create a tiny Debian VM and install the open source Pi-Hole on it and block ads at the network level. Alternatively, you can install Pi-Hole on raspberry pi or pi-zero. Cherry on the cake: once set up, you can also install a VPN server on the pi or vm and from your phone connect to your vpn and block ads on the go. No need to depend on every device to install ad block plugin. Plus it's so much efficient and faster and the rpi uses maybe $5 /year in electricity. The best part is the Pi-Hole blocks over 100k ads server by default and you can add your own or whitelist.
  • This ad-blocker is particularly more effective for those who is online frequently. If you don't, no need to activate this extension, use back your original one and whatever it is.
  • Also nice for those doing private things online.
  • Nice app, but in Russia "it's f*cking **** 💩 on yandex browser"
  • still cant believe that microsoft isn't allowing developers to directly submit extensions to store
  • Microsoft, please allow extensions at Edge's In-private mode, thank you.
  • AdGuard or AdBlock? I have AdBlock but if this one is better then i'd definitely make the move