Microsoft Edge Underside pane feature incoming, 'view site information' popup updated

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary's "view site information" tool in the search bar is receiving an update that'll showcase more site information by way of Bing.
  • Microsoft Edge Canary also has an "Underside pane" feature on the way, though it's not operational yet.
  • There aren't dates for when the aforementioned enhancement and new feature will reach standard Edge.

Another day, another Microsoft Edge update. This time around, there's a treat for the Edge Dev folks and two for the Edge Canary users, though one of that aforementioned pair is just a placeholder for something on the way.

First off, the "view site information" button in the search bar, which you can find it right next to where you'd type in a web address, has received a new utility courtesy of Bing search (via /u/Leopeva64-2). Now when you go to the site info button, you'll not only get the standard connection security status, site permissions, and tracking prevention details, but also key historical information about the site itself. This can range from when the site was founded and who its founders were to a general synopsis of what the site's all about (function, focus, etc.).

Edge Site Information

Source: /u/Leopeva64-2 (Image credit: Source: /u/Leopeva64-2)

This function can be enabled via Edge's privacy page. It's being tested in Edge Canary and Dev right now and has yet to roll out to all Edge users.

There's also an Edge Underside pane feature that's been spotted in Canary. It has this descriptor: "Show an Underside button in the toolbar to open a pane which shows relevant information on current page — Mac, Windows, Linux."


Source: /u/Leopeva64-2 (Image credit: Source: /u/Leopeva64-2)

Though there's an icon for the feature, it's not yet useable.

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