Microsoft Edge will add tab previews to Windows 10 Insider builds 'really soon'

Microsoft will add some new features to its Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 10 in the near future. One of them will be tab previews, which Microsoft exec Joe Belfiore recently said would be added to the browser in a forthcoming build to Windows Insiders "really soon".

Belfiore accidentally showed off this feature during Microsoft's New Zealand Ignite conference. According to WinBeta:

"You might have noticed there's one other thing in the Edge browser that I mistakenly revealed as I was doing this [showcasing Cortana on Edge] is a small feature we have not shown anyone yet but is coming to our Insider builds really soon and that is this tab preview feature," said Joe during his Ignite keynote."

In fact, Microsoft did show off the tab preview feature briefly in a Microsoft Edge preview video back in April. Microsoft is also expected to add extension support to Edge in an update planned for release sometime this fall.

Source: WinBeta; Via: Neowin

John Callaham
  • And the question now is when will they add tab muting, seems like a basic feature these days. Especially when chrome has it.
  • Edge is taking shape.. We have to wait till the Redstone/Threshold2 update..
  • Yeah, hopefully it comes!
  • Oh god, "really soon"
  • Everything in Windows 10 is taking shape...
  • "Especially when chrome has it."  You act like Edge isn't brand new and Chrome hasn't been around for a long time.  Give Edge time, it's already really awesome for a brand new browser. Just make sure you vote for everything you want in the Windows Feedback app.
  • Chrome has been around ages yet you still cant draw on pages as you can in Edge.....shame on Chrome!
  • No that's isn't what I'm acting like, but those are features that as a programmer I realize how simple it would be to add, and should be in there since it has always been voted up in uservoice.
  • As a programmer, you should understand priorities then too. With a brand new browser, obviously the development team has to work on features based on priorities, etc. Also, some of these features may already be done, but might be on different branches that aren't in the public master yet. You're comment certainly doesn't come off as coming from an experienced programmer because you seem so out of touch with basic process of development.
  • Actually I understand everything you are saying. But it's such a sinole thing that could easily be added and so many have requested it. So as a consumer I also get to voice my sadness over the fact that it isn't there yet. No need to keep commenting about how young edge is stuff like that because I understand that, but that isn't the point. The point is I'm asking for them to add muting of tabs. Simple as that.
  • Just give it time. They no doubt have countless objectives to fulfil on a list ten miles long. Good gosh, instant gratification isn't reasonable.
  • We don't live in the future.
  • Can we go one day without mentioning something about Google in here? If you like chrome so much, just continue using it; no one is being forced to use edge.
  • There we go simple solution lol... Use chrome till the feature comes... What's hard about that hehe.. Lot of people seem to think Microsoft = "I dream of Jeannie" blink and it's there.
  • You are kidding right? We mention google because google is ahead not because we want to use it. I hate Chrome, it's a resource hog, and sucks. I love edge, what I don't love is that Microsoft is ALWAYS behind. You will see people stop complaining when Microsoft finally releases things complete like Apple and google do. Microsoft is always full of promises but doesn't follow through well. And people here are sick and tired of it. Go back a few posts and look at Daniel's article it explains that very well.
  • Yeah! Microsoft is more prone to future while Apple/Google are leaving in Present. Though I'm a fan of Microsoft products/services(well cooked). Msft bores people announcing products way before they release and mainly well matured. I'm waiting for new Win10 powered phone, I want to change my current Lumia this Diwali with New Win10 phone out of the box if new phones wouldn't come out in market, then I must have to choose Non-Lumia. :(
  • +1
  • Really SOON!
  • The new coming soon lol
  • yeah, reeeaaaally soon ! Each time I see Microsoft using the word SOON I can only think of George Carlin's soon..
  • Edge is slow compare to chrome and Safari browser in Mobile
  • Get a faster computer. It's faster for me. Or does it merely seam faster ?
  • They need to optimize Microsoft Edge on slow computer then. I'm using Windows 10 on netbook and browsing experience is awful because I can see the lagging and slow down in Microsoft Edge but when I use Chrome it's much smoother experience.
  • Pretty sure Edge has been benchmarked as faster than all of the above already. So maybe its just your computer or the websites you are visiting.
  • No, EDGE has some serious issues with run-away memory and CPU issues, and pages slow down dramatically and constantly.  I really hope they find and fix these issues soon, because it's infuriating.  
  • Are you on preview edge or official.. That could be the problem..
  • Ok I I'm running a Asus notebook i3 processor 4gb of ram.. Edge is pretty sporty on this configuration for me to be this new a browser... Maybe a clean install would help you.. That is what I did after I upgraded.. The only problem i really have is movies crashing during play back using plex in edge.. I've bugged it and waiting for a fix till then using a alternative browser to play movies...
  • I think the bench marks don't actually give real world performance, I find Edge slower on a lot of sites. Edge still needs tweaking to get the real world performance to get close to bench mark tests.
  • Also internet connections affect load times aswell :P
  • edit: sorry i did not read the "mobile" ... anyway i will leave this here for anyone who is annoyed about ads on edge ... you need to enable adblocking - e.g. via the hosts file - system wide so it also covers edge. the reason edge in a real life scenario seems slow is that no sane person uses a browser without some sort of ad-blocking if they can help it. most sites (including this one) are damn near unreadable without an adblocker. so firefox and chrome happily load the page in half a second blocking all the ads while edge loads all the crap and takes 2-3 seconds for the same page.  try this solution it works great for me and with it edge is at least as fast as firefox and chrome ... also you actually can find the content on a page again ;)  
  • None of us did your the first to say something lol.. Thsts why i didnt say buy a new phone.. How can one compare a browser on a finished os safari ios to unfinished pre release edge wm10???
  • I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to stop it from reopening all the tabs I had open last time I closed it.
  • Check your settings inside Edge. There's an option to set what happens when you launch the browser (open tabs from last session, start on a blank tab, start on homepage, etc.).
  • I thought mostly Tech people came to these sites. I guess I was wrong since you have tell them this setting is in edge. I knew this and set mine up day one when edge became available.
  • God yes. If you find out please let me know.
  • How about add ad blocking. It's unusable now.
  • Wait for plug-in support.. Redstone update will hopefully bring it..
  • IE11 didn't need plug-ins to block ads.  In IE11, if you set the pop-up blocker to "High", it literally blocked everything for me.  In Edge, new spam tabs/windows open even with that setting on, which is exactly what Chrome and Firefox does as well.  That's why I liked IE11 the best.  I'm really liking Edge, but they need the same security ad blocking that IE11 had.
  • Hostman and hostfiles, haven't seen an ad in any browser for years. Faster than adblock too
  • +1
  • Doesn't thoroughly block though. Just replaces all ads with a cloud. Looks ugly.
  • No no no, it's like: there is one ad, there are two ads, there are no ads.
  • What do you think it is doing?  The reason there is a 'cloud' there, is becase the link cannot be displayed.  The actual connection between the request and the page has been BLOCKED.  This includes if you are infected with spyware or malware that reports to a hostfile block will NEVER leave or ENTER the pc, leaving you protected from those known sites better than a 'adblock' extension.  Even adblock doesnt actually block the ad.  It scans the page, finds the ads, then loads a second css file and displays an overlay.  This leads to slightly slower browsing on older pcs, they still LOAD ads you just dont see it because of a css overlay (this is for pages that detect adblock extensions and dont allow the page to display as a result).  Hostfile denys any communication to the webserver entirely, never even leaving the pc.  This my friend is king, works on the ENTIRE internet connection of your PC.  No matter the browser, app, etc.  Entire PC coverage, unlike silly adblock extension.
  • Adblock extensions are not silly and work in the total opposite of what you just described. It makes absolutely no sense to load something just to not display it (especially shady ads that could infect your PC). The extension blocks what's considered ad traffic itself. They also free up resources by saving bandwidth, cpu, and ram with pages loading quicker even on slower PCs.
  • It is silly when i find it only works with one yea silly to me when imo there is a better option, imo a better option.  And works across the entire PC at the connection level. And yes at times when adblock visits a page that doesnt allow adblock extensions, it will actually load the webpage, ads and all, then overlay the webpage with another css file that you the user sees.  It can also take a hit on slower pcs because it is actually checking all html elements which on less speedy machines can cause un-needed overhead. The huge advantage of adblock is the UI, and very active community to new rules.
  • Yay, been waiting for this feature since they originally showed it off. 
  • I'm waiting for extensions. And how about address bar history for typed URLs? Until then, nope!
  • Mine does...i think will have to open it up again later at home, but it remembers what I type
  • There is no address bar history in Edge, which is something that has been around for decades. The browser is too primitive and sometimes gets in the way of what you want to do.    
  • Ummm just did it now.  I visit other pages a ton, and all i had to do was type in ph and it went to a site right away didnt even have to finish typing.  So what are you referring to?  All web pages i visit, are auto filled before i type more than the first 3 letters...
  • "all i had to do was type..." I'm speaking of a drop down for the address bar that shows the history of URLs you have already typed. Edge does not have that. I can go for hours on the internet without using the keyboard on that feature alone.
  • Ah ok, now i see what you are talking about...never used that feature in my browsers before edge.
  • What about swipe left/right to get get back/forward?
  • This ^^^[
  • Damn I miss that
  • Soon (tm)
  • This really soon seems like within the next two builds.
  • No that would be really really soon.
  • But, it does seem faster than "coming soon"
  • I'm curious why this has obviously been in internal preview builds for a while but hasn't been released to insider builds yet. But it's great to see it finally coming.
  • Is it me or the rendering on Edge seem a bit blurry?
    Couldn't careless about preview tabs to be honest, all I want is extensions, cant live without netvideo and best video downloader
  • Now we're talking
  • Why doesn't edge update via store? Why is it updating via OS updates only ???
  • That's my question. It should be an app not integrated with the OS, they have been saying it was going to be different than internet explorer, that doesn't seem true at this point just a new UI.
  • I'm wondering the same as well. Does this mean that even the mobile version of Edge will have to wait for an OS update even for small features?
  • Where is TPL?!
  • They also need to add the ability to vhoos what websites are on the new tab page instead of mandatory making it be the most used sites. To be able to go in and choose my own sites just like I can in chrome, Firefox, or safari would be great. Internet explorer also lacked this ability so my assumption is Microsoft is just out of the loop on this even though it's been voted up in uservoice.
  • Still waiting for the "Most Recently Used" Tab Switching Order option with Ctrl-Tab.  I have no idea how anyone works with multiple tabs when ctrl-tab has to cycle through all of them... with IE, I can just tap Ctrl-Tab to get back to whatever Tab I was most recently using.  VERY useful, fast, efficient.  It's maddening right now, and nearly unusable.  (Even worse, when you close a tab, you don't see the tab you were using most recently, you see some random tab that is meaningless to whatever context you're working in). Also waiting to be able to deal with the favorites bar effectively (I imported favorites, and there were too many, the extra spilling out into a drop-down menu... which you can't drag-and-drop to or from, so they're basically "locked" there).  And a "compact" view for the favorites bar, and basically all the controls, to make them more mouse friendly on desktops (and give you back some vertical screen real-estate ...which has dropped a lot compared to IE11).
  • Also keyboard navigation for favorites; why they got rid of that is beyond belief..
  • Neat, but there's no point in using it over Chrome on my Desktop.
  • I got one... Gogle is stealing your data.. Use firefox!
  • Hey, at least it's 'really soon' rather than 'coming soon'.
  • I think the better question is, why are feature additions like this for Edge reliant on the Preview program?
  • Yuck! Low priority. Windows 10 broken apps need to be fixed first. Stabilize the OS, then add new features please. .
  • I would like to see this new feature in action using a tablet.
  • I find edge slower than internet explorer sometimes.
  • Edge has started freezing since my second last update... And IE os soooo painfully slow that i lost it once and the notebook became an ufo for a few seconds... The worst part is that online banking only works with IE now...which is double painful on transaction days... (help me...:(
  • I still cant move favorites from Chrome to Edge.
    Edge can only see that i have installed IE, but not chrome
  • Move it to IE, then from IE to Edge.
  • That's gonna be awesome.
  • This was promised from the release of windows 10 for all platform.... #sigh
  • Great feature.......bit I need feature parity with IE/chrome/ff as a priority.
  • Am I the only one who feels like edge is still beta?
  • When comes the feature that i choose where to download a file. Why the hell is that not going?
  • Thats all? They got their priorities mixed up. While Edge is unsable on tablet, they add tab preview? lol... How does tab previews work with touch btw?
  • Good coming along nicely honestly with extensions and speed these small features could give this browser the controlling market allowing ppl to get rid of the resource hungry chrome
  • It needs extensions and apps...
  • Great!! This feature is supposed to be come with RTM as this has been repeatedly shown in a video. Now the Drag-and-Drop, Proper Tab dragging, Sync, Tab Muting, Download Confirmation, Progress bar, and Reopen Closed Tabs/Sessions needs to be implemented!