Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 build 10147 unveils new password manager and subtle improvements

Windows 10 build 10147 recently leaked onto the web unveiling a hand-full of changes, including improvements to the Start menu, taskbar, Action Center, and on the desktop.

However, the surprise was to see some new changes and improvements in Microsoft's newest web browser.

For starters, the company finally updated the "Project Spartan" codename to the official "Microsoft Edge" one and the version number has been bumped to 19.10147.00.

Users will also see new changes in the address bar, as Microsoft has changed the "Hub" (Favorites, reading list, downloads, and history) icon. The feedback button is now gone, and it's been replaced with a new share button, which interesting enough it brings up the Windows 8 fly-out. Also, all the icons are now dark instead of dark-gray.

You can now open multiple tabs and drag out a tab to create a new window. But this only works for one tab as you cannot select and drag multiple tabs like you can in Chrome, and you cannot drag the new window back to the previous window.

Next, let's move to settings, in build 10147. Clicking the three dotted ellipsis icon will open the Edge settings menu with a new scroll animation.

In Windows 10 build 10147, Microsoft is adding an option to let users decide between a "Light" or "Dark" theme. (Note that in the image below, you can see that currently the dark theme works per open window. You have to relaunch the browser to see the dark theme globally.)

Additionally, there is a new option to open Edge with a "Start page" or "a specific page or pages". This feature technically will work as pinned tabs, as the browser will launch with this pages every time you open Microsoft Edge.

As we have seen previously, Microsoft Edge now also includes an Advanced section for settings. In this new area, the software maker has relocated the options for: "Show the home button" and "Block pop-ups".

Scrolling down, you can also see that the browser now allows users to enable or disable "Offer to save passwords." This is a new interesting feature as it also incorporates a password manager, which we haven't seen before. Users can access the new feature by clicking the "Manage my saved passwords" link.

If you have signed in with your Microsoft account, you'll see all your credentials synced to the web browser.

You can then click the pen icon to edit the credentials. In this section, you can change the URL, username, and password for a particular site. Also, you can choose whether to share these credentials with other devices, but the functionality is not yet enabled.

If you want to add new credentials to a particular account manually, simply hit the plus sign icon from the top-right, fill out the require fields, and click Save.

In Windows 10 build 10147, we can also see that users have access to change the search engine (currently Bing is the default). However, it seems that you can't actually add a new search provider.

Also, this version of Edge enables users to disable "Show search suggestions as I type".

Finally, when closing the web browser users will get a warning that they are about to close a session with multiple tabs, just like on Internet Explorer.

Although these are subtle changes, they are welcome ones that let users take more control over the experience with the web browser. You can be sure that many of the alterations we're seeing today are likely to appear in the final version when Windows 10 ships later in July.

How do you like the new changes in Microsoft Edge? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Looks cool!
  • Quick questions, will my settings (favorites, passwords etc) automatically migrate from my current W8.1 internet explorer to W10 edge if logged in with the same account?. Is that function enabled?
  • Hope they enable tracking protection lists...
  • Curious how Edge looks in tablet mode vs. IE now. I'm guessing there is no more "true" full screen? (Top 2 bars of Edge always in view and of course the task bar at the bottom?)
  • This is what I'm dying to find out. Does Edge have an immersive mode like IE does yet or is it still locked into a wimp oriented style? And why do the WC articles always miss out this key bit of info every time Edge changes are reported? Please, in future articles just mention 'No immersive functionality yet' or 'Yay, we have an immersive browser to rival W8's IE' somewhere so we know. Please?
  • In full agreement here. I'm sure W10 looks just dandy on my 27" monitor (most everything does). But when I undock my lowly 10" tablet I'm going to miss those W8.1 tablet specific features.
  • I agree! Immersive mode from Modern IE is still big missing on Edge, especially for Tablets and small laptops.
    I even want Immersive/Chromeless browsing on window mode too, making the website looks like an app.
    I've requested this on Feedback several times but no sign of development of it.
  • I really wish too that they keep all the good 8.1 has on tablets, such as chromeless UX.
  • I just want Speed Dials! They were one thing I missed from Opera, but luckily you can add then in with an extension in FF.
    Hopefully when they do get around to adding extensions I'll be using Edge.
  • Speed dial is basically the new tab page in Edge. Except Edge also has news content too
  • Well almost but New Tab page on Edge doesn't allow you to manually pin sites just like the Speed Dial. In Edge its just basically a most visited web site. I hope they will allow us to pin sites in update, even better make it look like 2x2 Live Tile.
  • I really like it.
  • I find it worrying that edge is updated with newer builds, wasn't it a universal app that would get updates through the store?
  • Edge is a System App, so I think the underlying core is whats still being worked on and why we only see changes with new builds. Edge is still not in the new App Store either so it may be cause of that. We'll find out soon but I think its due to the OS still not finished and Edge is a deep integrated System App, maybe they prefer to develop it like this instead of going through the app store right now.
  • Still no "home" button in Edge?
  • There is a home button now, not on by default but you can enable it in settings.
  • There is, look carefully in the screencaps you can see the options there, not in current insider build tho.
  • Password Manager (oh yeah!!!)...
    Now add a master password to it and it'll be like the best web browser on the planet....
  • Assume Edge uses Windows Credential Manager just as IE does. This interface to passwords looks rather like the one in Modern IE, but everything is securely stored by Windows underneath.
  • I hope so. This has what's stopped me using Edge/Spartan so far.
  • Off topic sorry, but I can't access windows feedback app on win10 PC
    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Password Manager!!!! Now I can really try out Microsoft Edge =)
  • I can't tell if your smiley means you won't try Edge now that it has a password manager. Anyway, I just started using Windows 10's password manager. Most of the time it does add the password of a site to the list of saved passwords and sometimes not. Supposedly, if you want to add a password manually, there is a + sign at the top of the flyout. Selecting this + is supposed to let you add the password manually. My flyout only shows the pin icon but no + sign. Right clicking on the pin icon or the top bar doesn't help either. If you are using this feature do you have the same issue? Thanks for any help. Regards, BillI    
  • Share worked like this before. They just changed the position of the feature from the menu to the app bar. The new browser starts to look very nice! If they just improve the tablet mode (address bar at the bottom, all the bars hidden) then Edge is ready!
  • The question is will edge be ready in a month. I'm still waiting on extensions and head to head features with the other browsers
  • @MSEdgeDev