Microsoft to end support for several Lumia Windows Phone apps on October 30

Microsoft is making some cuts in its library of Windows Phone apps. It has removed a number of them immediately from the Windows Phone Store, including Lumia Storyteller, Lumia Beamer, Photobeamer, Lumia Refocus, Lumia Panorama and Video Uploader. Updates for all those apps will end after October 30 and online services for Lumia Storyteller, Lumia Beamer, Photobeamer, and Lumia Refocus will also end on that date.

In a post on its Lumia Conversations blog, Microsoft offered their reasons for making these decisions:

Our goal is to provide experiences that work really well on all Windows devices. In order to do that, we need to focus on making our Windows 10 core Photos and Camera apps great.Many of the Lumia features are already included in the Windows 10 Photos and Camera apps. While we can't promise that any particular feature is coming back, we're committed to providing a great photo and camera experience in Windows across devices, and we're listening to your feedback as we continue improving our apps.

While the apps will no longer be available in the Windows Phone Store, people who have already downloaded and installed the apps on their Windows Phone device can continue to use them, even if they upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. However, since the online services for Lumia Storyteller, Lumia Beamer, Photobeamer, and Lumia Refocus will be ending on Oct. 30, those apps won't actually work anymore after that date.

For users of the Lumia Storyteller app who have uploaded their content online, Microsoft says they should download them before October 30:

"The stories you see in the Lumia Storyteller app on your phone won't be affected and will continue to work within the app, but stories you've published on the "online stories" site will no longer be available from the web service after October 30, 2015. To keep the images and videos in your online stories, open the Storyteller app, select online stories, and view each published story on the web. Then from the website, download all the images and videos that you want to keep. Be sure to do this before October 30, 2015, when the website will no longer be available."

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

  • Congrats Microsoft.... You've done it yet again.... Take something that works well, and spoil it, or discontinue it.... Well done....!!!
  • Not all of these apps worked well.
    Their features will be integrated into Windows camera apps for everyone to use. So, yes. Well done Microsoft.
  • Storyteller worked well for me. I feel like MS saying that they'll add these features to the Photos App is an empty promise.
  • They've already added Photo Story.
  • Where? I cant not find this.
  • Photo Story replaces the Photo Hub and Storyteller all in one go....and has great transitions too :/s
  • Except that Photo Story doesn't support Live Images.
  • I like Storyteller a lot and Photosynth was an app that I liked a lot too :| Lumia beamer was usefull pretty often, specially when friends that were in Android and moved to WP didn't know how workaround some of the OS limitations. Food and Drink is another loss I mourn. Now, I hope their promises become true prerty soon.
  • i'll beliieve it when i'll see it. photos app on windows 10 is really bad. i dunno this was supposed to change after windows 10. but all i'm seeing is services being dropped without and compensated app for it and also rival platforms gaining better support than windows( no skype touch but android and IOS got a nice design overhaul) point in blathering anymore too, as if they are reading this. edit: oh and i forgot.....shove the f**ing feedback up your arse MS       
  • Yes, bloat the OS more. It's not like there aren't a dozen apps on my phone that I can't get rid of, not is the OS twice the size it used to be.
  • They said not all. so many will be unhappy includnig me.  They making their own death bed. 
  • Windows 10 is still far from being realeased, and then it will take time for people to upgrade or get a new phone...meanwhile they rush to close wp8 apps...yes, very well done...
  • I'm all for disparate apps getting killed to consolidate into one app. But we all know this is not happening here and these features will not make it into Photos and Camera. There is not even a hint of any work begun on that front.  All Microsoft knows how to do is throw away code, start over, and never make it back to original glory      
  • @Craig Smikle, Hi-Tek, Keith Wallace: they already started merging these app features in the new Lumia Camera Beta.  
  • So does Microsoft expect everyone with a Lumia to be upgraded to WinMo 10 by October?
    This is a foolish strategy. Knowing that most people will not be on WinMo 10, many will be driven to look for a new device - with a bitter taste in their mouth and a real question of whether Microsoft will stand behind their new devices any better than they did their last ones. Will make upgrading from an obsolete Lumia to an iPhone more attractive. Bad call Microsoft! Should wait until next year when drive will have had time to upgrade their handsets OS or get a new one all together.
  • @MadSci2: You are so right. But... I had to change to iStone 6+ because I get my phone from my company, who no longer support WP, and my Lumia 920 buttons (apart from volume up?) stopped working and I must say what a leap backwards it was! Yes, the apps are mostly better but the iOS is leaps behind WP 8.1. So, stick with it while you can! :-)
  • Lumia Beamer works perfectly for me on my 1520 in Windows 10 Phone. Saves me going to a customer site and trying to get my laptop on their newtwork to show presentations. With Lumia Beamer all I need is the file on my 1520 and the customers PC set for external internet access. No brainer and M-Soft has just screwed that up for many people.
  • The Photos app has albums, which was the job Storyteller.
    The Lumia Creative Studio app has not been discontinued, meaning that it will continue to be the staple editing app on Windows.
    Beamer and Photobeamer were apps that no one used.
    Lumia Camera features are already integrated into the stock Camera app.
    I don't know why you are complaining when you are getting the same features, just under different names.
  • Windows Camera is miles behind Lumia Camera. And apparently will always be.
  • It will catch up. There was this same kind of skepticism around Windows 10's "releasable completion", but all that skepticism went in vain. Believe, brother, believe in MS.
  • Soon... soon... soon... when we already have it ¬¬
    MS should learn that, you need new thing that works to discontinue the old thing that already works!
  • "you need new thing that works to discontinue the old thing that ALREADY works"... Best comment for this post. Since the very early days of windows phone that's the story of all this nonsense strategy microsoft love to do whit it's own stuffs.
  • @Malay Agarwal Skepticism went in vain?! Win 10 is STILL lagging behind in some features and functionality with the OS and apps compared to Win 8.x. Almost every article posted on this site about a Win10 product gets railed on by commenters because of the LACK of completion.
  • But... Windows 10 isn't complete. And most definitely it doesn't feel like it is. I hope the October/November update brings that completeness feeling back.
  • "will catch up"? But why should we accept to get less features? Why should we stay with something that turns less good from day to day? I won’t stay with MS and I just can't see why anyone else should.
  • They two are merging on Windows 10. But I haven't seen a Panorama alternative yet.
  • Agree with you windows camera suck. Lumia camera beta is a lots better for everything!!
  • How could you say that.... Lumia camera is far more better than Microsoft camera app.... Story teller app was awesome whereas photos app is no match to it.... And how could you judge that nobody used beamer app?
  • All of the Windows 10 apps are UNDER development. They will improve and are improving. You can't compare a finished product and an incomplete product, can you?
  • You can't discontinue a complete product and replace with an incomplete one.
  • Yes, you can't and they didn't. The last time checked, Windows 10 Mobile was not publically available, was it? Or have I missed something?
    You really shouldn't be on the Preview program, I think.
  • So not done but already done. Clear.
  • Implementation and improvement. Look up these two words, will you?
  • But that doesn't help us NOW, on Windows phone 8. So why get rid of them before replacements are ready? It's completely idiotic and irrational.
  • I can only think that W10M is about to be complete by that time (RTM status).
  • Exactly what I wanted to say Johnny. Mr. Malay has gone crazy. Why remove apps when you don't have a substitute ready!? And Malay, you yourselves said that windows 10 is incomplete, and so are its apps, you still support the removing of some of the best apps like Lumia storyteller? Wow! Awesome thinking. I have always been a biased windows supporter. But now I am beginning to lose faith. This was a messed up move. Microsoft wants to end the phones business for itself. Hats off.
    I wonder what my 4 friends whom I persuaded and made them buy Lumia for these apps gonna say to me. This is so screwed. 'S'ick move by Microsoft. (S/D... Replaceable.)
  • People who have the apps installed can still use them without any problem. They will be updated up to October. See? I am not crazy.
  • So was the Music app and Video app in windows 8.1. Under developement for 3 years. And the end result was nowhere near the fetures of  Zune or Windows media player. The Windows 8.1 Desktop Mail and calendar app where "under development" since the launch of windows 8. They never reached the funtionality of WIndows Live Mail or Live Calendar in windows 7, nor the funtionality on      
  • keep in mind though, microsoft knew about universal apps, they had a roadmap, in the end every one of those 8.1 apps were basically a temporary placeholder, just like xbox muisic in wp 8.1, if you know the apps will be scrapped eventually, would you really put much more effort then what was neccesary in it?
  • probably not, but given your particular example, I wouldn't have bothered making them at all and just leave the integrated app.
  • Do you work for MS? Otherwise let people vent out their concerns.
    Microsoft is going ti water down those apps to create new opportunities for developers. I'm afraid that no one really is going to step up to the lumia's app level.
  • So why the fuck release an underdeveloped app? Shall we release underdeveloped safety nets for fuck sake....oh, wait apples and ass, phones, and their fucking apps save lives: Example --- People hub happens to be underdeveloped (fucked): Ye can't call for help...
  • They haven't RELEASED any underdeveloped app. Man, is Preview so hard to understand?
  • you're assuming that everyone gets the (win10mo) update before they remove said apps. Which will never happen. So, assume I have an existing Lumia device and for whatever reason I have to reset it. I won't be able to install said apps and I won't be able to install the supposed replacement app because it will be targeted to Win10. so i will be left out with no replacement 
  • No Microsoft camera is much faster than lumia camera and also click nice pic
  • Can I have some of the weed that you are smoking?
  • You forgot panorama!  
  • Why not they make available all the Lumia apps for all windows devices by rebranding them ???? Is it so tough?? Or integrate all the features in to the Camera and Photos app
  • well, some like story teller you could do thatr, but most of lumias photo apps were built speciufically around nokia's hardware, their would likely be a pretty good amount of re development to make them work well on othe rphones with differnet types of hardware, and if they are gonna re develop them anyway, why not just build them into defualt windows apps?
  • Seriously Lumia beamer,photobeamer was something really great to show off and amaze lagdroid users...
  • True. Or to play around and have two phones render each other.
  • I used Photobeamer often at my workplace and it worked well. This constant change and deletion of apps is making me ready to go back to ios. I think MS just wants us all to give up and so they have the perfect excuse to exit the Mobil market. The only thing that would save them is a Surface phone running w10.
  • I keep reading this and I fail to see why a Surface branded phone would save them. It would still face the same issues.
  • Good news is that Microsoft may be porting them to iOS and Android.
  • Seriously. What about Lumia Panorama? There's no replacement for that.
  • Photosynth... Oh wait...
  • Yet. But there would be one. I made some great shots with that particular app... But it's been unreliable recently.
  • Lumia panorama has always gotten comments from iPhone users as to how well it works. And what about Living Images/Lumia Moments? Another thing that people ooh and ahh over. AFIK the only way to view those right now is through the Storyteller app. Lumia Refocus is also a feature that, while being obscure to most smartphone users, when they see it happen, they're like "I so gotta have that". So Microsoft better make sure they have adequate replacements before they kill off these great apps.
  • They wouldn't, as far as I understand Microsoft, kill apps without planning replacements.
  • Seriously, no panorama in camera app and with the horrible photos app ms really listens to our feedbacks!
  • Feedback: We want all those amazing features of storyteller and stuffs in one app! It'd be great.
    Microsoft: Sure, we'll delete all those amazing apps. :) That's how they read the feedbacks.
  • But seriously, tell me, who on earth gave such a feedback that they had to remove those apps? You messed up this time Microsoft. I think, I spent 7 years on windows phones, but for no use. Everything wasted.
  • Basically.   Food & Drink and Health & Fitness were daily apps for me while Travel was that app I enjoy having the live tile on my start screen.   This sucks.
  • Tried them all, use none of them.  Obviously not enough people are using them to make it worth continue development and support.  It is unfortunate, but a reality.
  • The same logic applies to Windows Phones. Did you forget its market share before commenting?
  • True, but there are probably less than 5% of Windows Phone users that are using these apps. When we are talking about a 3% total market share, that is really small number of users. These apps are not going to save Windows "phones", it is the Windows 10 features that hopefully will. That is what they need to focus on.
  • "And we'll be bringing all these apps that you so dearly loved to iOS.",
    Satya Nadella concluded, his face turning into a viscious grin, while he rubbed his hands, like a sinister mastermind... ^.^
  • Couldn't agree more. This for me is the final nail in thw Windows Phone coffin, my next phone will be iPhone or Android, with Microsoft porting all key services to these platforms and supporting them better then on WP plus killing all unique apps and features WP has, there is no reason to stick with WP anymore. The only way I would even remotely consider a future WP device is if it was a true successor of the 1020 with at least 41mp camera or better, but the way Microsoft is going killing everything Nokia built up I don't see that ever happening. What a sad end to it after being with Windows Mobile since 2003 and then with WP since the first WP7 devices came out. Well done Microsoft you effectively killed another promising platform.  
  • Exactly, they forgot all the people who came from Nokia to WP thanks to the camera capabilities that now they are killing!!!
  • Pretty much my thoughts. More so after seeing the 950-950XL renders also knowing full well that the device I'm learning to it the 950XL which will be exclusive to you know who. There are a couple of Android devices that look very nice . I figured I can grab that still have outlook and office. With the added bonus of " for your iPhone Android device" and not having to say dam no WP. We been with Microsoft mobile for ten years and for the past 5 years every device I wanted was an exclusive to at&t and they can't beat my family plan with T-MO we have 3 L925. One L710. One M8 for windows guess coming soon is getting old.
  • Bright side is: We now know the probable dates for windows mobile 10
  • *looks at MS Photo app* Wow.
  • Tim Cook and Larry Page are laughing their asses off. "Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?" :D
  • @Torulf:
    You definitely made my day!
    The sad thing is, that the bullied kid this time around is IN FACT beating ITSELF, without any "assistance".
  • It was am endless tapping and scrolling. Everyone (phone manufacturers) nowadays has it embedded in the photo app. They are removing it because will probably consolidate the experience in one app.
  • This video perfectly sums up the situation
  • That was very good (I am sad to say)!
  • ROFL!!! I almost died of laughing really! This is what I feel too!
    Nice that this classic meme still great. Old but gold as they say. Man, why this post didn't get enough upvotes! XD
    Also this is the only thing I agree with Hitler. Even Hitler is frustrated. LOL!
  • sadly true
  • So now Microsoft will put their W10M retards (the once that could not find a new job outside MS) to come up with something that will outshine the Nokia-apps? And, this will be done before W10M is released? Why do I think that they will fail (again) and that the WP/W10M platform will have even less features than it had before?  Micrsoft, FYI, the problem with WP was not that we had too many features…
  • They have to remove it to avoid redundancy. You don't need 5 separate apps if you can have one that does most of it if not all.
  • Now let's vote what to remove, maybe the Phone app!!! Seriously, if they want to remove things, they have to make sure the new and better one is ready and not leave us missing features we love. Microsoft based on its track record, they're not too fond returning features they've removed and if they do return it tends to be not-as-good ones. I really hope Refocus and other camera apps will be integrated to new Camera app and make sure they have to be better, not returning half-baked ones then to be removed again because few people use it/people don't like it. Also Storyteller is one of the best Photos app in Windows Phone which beats the Photos app quite easily in many areas. Now they will removed it and let us stuck with uncertain Photos app (both desktop/tablet and mobile). Great! So that there will be no better comparison to Photos app? Not. Storyteller is what Photos app should be at least and some other features based from old Photos app/hub in Windows 8 and WP8. The only big speciality about Photos app is the seamless OneDrive all collections and smart hiding of duplications, which that's the most important bit I find so far. Even OneDrive integration is even half-baked. No OneDrive Albums and Tags, also Photos app scans everything in OneDrive, so all of my graphic design and artwork projects cluttering the Photos app.
  • Yea, I miss the following feature of story teller:
    Group photos together (yea, I know there is one drive album, but can I do that without uploading my photos on my limited network)
    Add description to photos
    Check the photo location
  • Dear MSFT, Just give us Bluetooth folder first.
  • WTH is Bluetooth folder? Seriously, i really don't know. what is it?
  • I think he is talking about the bluetooth folder in android in which all the files recieved by bluetooth will be saved and can be viewed it as an album in Gallery and can also be viewed using file explorer..
  • like a Bluetooth inbox?
  • True. WP don't even know such feature present in other platforms. Just shows
  • Nooooooo
  • One 4 words comes to the mind, "You son of a B***h"
  • Cunts
  • In that way soon window phone will be a storyteller
  • Or at least a story to tell....!!!
  • Yup
  • {face palm}
  • Head through the fucking wall...
  • I just hit myself through the moon.
  • And the shopping list need a update
  • LOL
    Use OneNote.
  • Yup!
    Add android phone or iphone on that list
    Been a windows phone fanboy after a long time and never had android and iphone before. But after I try to use ios and then android, I think windows phone is still far behind, even right now at windows 10. And from everything that happened right now, I think nadella is leaving windows phone behind and focusing on other thing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *hitstorm coming in 3, 2, 1....... (Personally, Lumia uploader was super useful for me.  There*still* isn't any easy way to upload video from your Lumia device to YouTube, so having that there was helpful.   Thanks for the kick in the nuts, Microsoft!)
  • Mytube uploads bids easy.
  • There isn't a *native* way.  Paying some third party developer to upload your video to YouTube is NOT a solution.
  • Lumia Uploader was essentially a 3rd party, non-native way of uploading as well.
  • It was a native way on my *Nokia* Windows phone.  Now that's been replaced with.......what?  Can anyone point out a free, native way from within the phone to post videos to both social networks and YouTube?  To Periscope?  Anyone? Truly, the *UN*social smartphone.  
  • Sounds like it's time to move on.
  • Free though...and no adverts.
  • MyTube posts videos to all of these?  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube? Is it free? Is it native to Nokia phones? Does it *not* have ads? Then it's *NOT* a valid replacement.
  • Skip a coffee and pay 2 bucks to great wp devs, mytube is awesome, better than the official app on android....
  • MyTube and TubeCast are my go to YouTube apps at the moment, with TubeCast being my fav. Do I want everything for the Devs done a magnificent job....yes...and I do get better use from these than any official YouTube app on any do I mind paying $1...hell no!
  • Laugh, *snort*.   I can count all the great wp devs on one hand.   Nokia *was* on them. Microsoft *isn't* (their Facebook app is atrocious).  
  • Hard choices. Nadella fired most of MM. He has more urgent priorities like decorating new executive offices.
  • and also port everything to iOS and Android
  • Storyteller is the one app that wows everyone I show. This seems a short-sighted decision...
  • Typical Microsoft blunder....!!!
  • It's one of my favorite first party apps, would have like to see an update that included new music tracks not a discontinuation.
  • for the record, none of the lumia apps were first party, they were 3rd party.
  • Try Microsoft's "Photo Story".
  • Photo Hub is also impressive....oh, wait...
  • Have you tried Photo Story...tell me how it replaces Storyteller and what you think of the transitions?
  • Animation on storyteller make it unique app... also it allows you to choose the folders that appears on the storytelller.... the photo app doesnt do any of those thinks... Windows phone won't be interesting anymore?
  • Stupid MS. Just look at their crappy Photos app. Shivers down my spine
  • Not to mention Storyteller got more features than Photos app such as Places section which is super useful especially when you travel alot (I do). Not to mention the presentation in Storyteller on how we browser photos is lightyears better than Photos app. I already miss Storyteller! T_T
  • slow clap...while crying
  • Lol exactly. I'm coming back to Windows Phone this fall but I can't think of too many reasons to do so other than I just don't want to see the platform disappear into an old memory.smh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "hssst" Microsoft....
  • Lol
  • This is the end of Lumia's Babele of apps. It is a good news if they are going to make solid and complete system apps. A bad one if they are not.
  • They are not. There is no evidence of any solid system app since windows 8.
  • Except that they said they would? Thats sounds like evidence to me..
  • Are you seriously reading our feedbacks ?? No has given this sort of feedback. We ask for long forgotten good features and not for you to discontinue apps.
  • I guess our feedbacks means opposite for them...
  • No... more.... storyteller? Its the best app out of all of them! Why would they do this??? I bet you they will not create another app or build in a feature into the Photos app that can do this. Very myopic decision MS.
  • Of course they won't replace it.    Everything that has been ripped out of Windows Phone has either never been replaced, or has had even fewer features. example,  Music & Videos > Xbox Music and Video > Groove Truly smdh
  • Try Microsoft's "Photo Story", the replacement.
  • I looked it up, ill try it soon. It looks promising but it is a garage app and I don't think that's what MS meant by saying they'll incorporate the feature into Windows Apps.
  • Or the people app from WP 8.1 to WP 10.  New Maps app has fewer features than HERE Maps/Drive did.
  • I feel like if I get my hands on the people who made this decision, I am gonna beat the crap out of them. Does anyone have the twitter id of somebody who works on the windows phone developing team? I will make a new account and tweet how much they suck. They just took away all the features that made a person buy a windows phone. Lol, I am feeling so bad right now... Just cannot express it. Damn... I feel terrible.
  • I actually even feel its more like a higher up decision than their developers and designers, they themselves probably scratching their heads for the whole time.
  • Rinse and Repeat. If they do return things, it tends to be inferior to the old ones. Suddenly its competitors introduced pretty similar solution and Microsft tries to catch up (they actually try to catch up what they just had). Its like Microsoft tries to catch its tail again.
  • how about Rooms? the messaging/content/calendar sharing hub
  • ffs Lumia Beamer was awesome. Anyone know any alternatives for any of these apps?
  • Its functionality is built directly into Windows 10
  • Where?
  • Yeah, where is this functionality?  Precise examples please.
  • Pull down from the top, to open the notification/quick settings; select "Connect"
  • (Looks at my Lumia 1020).  Nope, I don't see it there.
  • You need miracast for that. My monitor and my Lumia don't have miracast.
  • Older devices don't have Miracast.
  • Equality should mean bringing the quality up, not tearing down the good things so its all equal.
  • Why panoramic app? Ugh. we don't have a good panoramic app!! Photosynth app sucks! I'm disappointed someone make a good app asap :-)
  • Photosynth?! It is long gone...
  • Multiple panoramic apps exist that work quite well. Photosynth support ended long ago as well.
  • Can you name one that works better than Lumia Panorama?
  • They better integrate Panorama with the Lumia Camera before discontinuing the App!
  • They should, but they won't, since they seem to have complete idiots in charge at Redmond.
  • I agree, I hope the panorama functionality is built in to Win10. It's one app that I use alot
  • Ok, just give me:
    - Location in Photos app (is available in WP8.1);
    - Refocus feature inside Photos app (the way it is with HDR);
    - Panorama inside Windows Camera;
    - Beamer feature inside Photos app;
    - Moments feature inside Photos app. And then we can talk.
  • Yes, exactly! I want Lumia Moments back. :(
  • Lumia Moments is not on that list of items being discontinued. It's still available. You just have to have a phone that can use it. I downloaded it just a couple of hours ago. 
  • My 1520 is not able to download it, it says this app has been pulled, something like that. I know it will still exist but I hope they don't decide to scrap it and say it will be in the Photos app and then not give the app the feature for months.
  • I downloaded it on Windows Phone 8.1. It's still showing available there, but it's not available in the Windows 10 store. Are you running the preview?