Microsoft evens out Australian Marketplace conversion

With the recent AppHub re-launch (opens in new tab), we are seeing some alterations with app pricing in some countries. Australia, being a worthy example, are used to having $.99 apps costing them around $1.25 (AUD$1.18). With a recent change, more accuracy between the conversions is now present with that same price tag only setting the buyer back by $1.05 (AUD$.99).

According to a reader at 1800PocketPC, Switzerland is also witnessing a slight reduction. Have you noticed a drop in price (or re-calculation) where you reside? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Chris Walsh (opens in new tab), via: 1800PocketPC 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yay?
  • As indicated, there has been a slight drop in price in Switzerland, however the price is still far from right considering the current exchange rates between CHF and USD. Prices should be lower in CHF yet they are still much higher than prices in USD. Example: 2.99 $ app costs 3.49 francs whichn is equal to about 4.25 $
  • The UK £2.49 games have gone down to £2.29
  • € are still overpriced in the same way.€0.99, 1.99, 2.99 and so on.
  • Prices have dropped in Canada as well. $0.99 USD apps now cost $0.99 CAD. While the Canadian dollar has been worth about 4% more than the U.S. dollar recently, that makes the price difference in Canada only about 4% more rather than about 15% more. This had actually stopped me from buying a few apps in the past, so now I'll pull the trigger on a few that I had previously decided to skip.
  • Not xbox live games I believe?
  • Just checked out the Aussie market place, Apps and games have indeed dropped in price. Games that use to cost $9 are now $7.49, $6 games are now $5.49, and $4 games for $3.49. Still not matching the pricing/currency conversion but it is good to see they are heading in the right direction!
  • yep UK xbox live games that were 2.49 are now 2.29. still no decrease on the 3.99 or 5.49 though
  • yeah this is a good improvement even though we're still not getting in Oz prices as cheap as other countries. but i am now buying the WPCentral app. can't remember what it was previously before this drop but i remember seeing the price and thinking that it was over priced, but now it's .99c so it's a no brainer. i'm buying it. which is obviously good news for devs as well.
  • YAY! Those in Canada can finally rejoice that we're not getting totally shafted on our powerful dollar now. Conversation rate has been fixed a bit to be exactly the same as USD. (2.99 USD game is now 2.99 CAD, when it use to be 3.49). Although our dollar is still stronger, this is good enough for me. :)
  • Ok, I just noticed that they actually increased the price for 4,49€ apps to 4,99.