Microsoft to expand "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign to TV

AndroidCentral's Phil Nickinson feels the burn

What we thought may be a one-off contest has seemingly turned into a viral campaign by Microsoft. The "Smoked by Windows Phone" contest was started back in CES in January and has since gone to the road with tours and most recently showed up at Mobile World Congress in 2012 and Hong Kong.

Now Microsoft is looking to the expand the coverage and even pushing it to TV--that's right, soon we'll all be able to see Microsoft "picking a fight" with Android and iOS broadcast everywhere. In an interview with Bloomberg, Aaron Woodman, director of Windows Phone revealed as much:

“It doesn’t feel like we’re really pushing apart from the competition,” Woodman said. “We need to go pick a fight.We’ll do TV spots, the question is where. Microsoft is patient and willing to use deep pockets, but we’re also respectful of shareholder value so we want to pick appropriate countries and spend levels.”

Hopefully we won't be waiting too long as we think this is an effective strategy and would certainly like to see more.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks, Stephen M., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • it's about time they starting marketing hard.  i'm tired to sending my friends to ATT for a Window Phone and having them return with an Android.  It's happened 3 times this year.  I'n 0 for 3.  2 of them have already had issues with the Adroid.  We'll see about the 3rd one.... if she can figure out how to use it.
  • Amen brotha. Amen. Once my sister went into an AT&T asking to see a Windows Phone & she left not seeing one because the rep told her that they're "pieces of junk." It's sad how upset that made me. Stupid moron rep. I want to hurt him.
  • I was surprised the other day someone came in returning her second Galaxy SII for the Radar. I don't know the whole story since I don't work in that department.
  • Why were you surprised? I've had a Nexus S and a T-Mobile G2x, and they both sucked. I have a Radar now, and I love it. It just freakin works.
  • Similar thing happened to me.  Sent my Dad into Verizon for the Trophy as he wanted a smartphone, was already on Verizon and asked me what to get.   Of course the stupid sales rep talked him out of that and into some crappy casio commando.  Within a week he was less than thrilled with it and I was getting calls about how to use it.  Stupid sales rep....   I guess, it's rugged at least.
  • u should go with them to make sure the sale rep can't do harm
    so far ive only had luck with moving my family over, and inject interest into my friends, but so far non of my friends bought it... will try harder
  • I am an owner of an hd7 but I was in the art store getting a titan and while was in there it was a young guy looking at the Samsung flash and the iPhone, I was eavesdropping and notice he was more interested in the flash because it was new and different. He was asking the rep questions about the flash, but the rep only had little knowledge about wp7 phones. I must admit though the rep wasn't turning him away from the flash, he was just letting him know he wasn't too familiar with wp7's and that's when I stepped in and when I was finish talking to both of them the iPhone and Androids looked outdated and like crap. I should have gotten commission. I felt good that day I had a new titan, I help sale a flash, and I educated sell rep on wp7's.
  • You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman (or woman-can't tell by your username) and a credit to our platform. Well done!
  • @minton227...But I thought you said they were your friends :)  Friends don't let friends come back with Android devices :)
    If there's a chance with the 3rd, go back with her to AT&T and make sure she walks out of there with a Windows Phone!
  • The first person I sent called me from the ATT store to clearify that the name of my phone is a Focus.  He had been talking about how he liked it better than his wife's fruit phone and his bud's android.  He ended up with a Razor and said the ATT rep. did not know anything about the Windows Phone and showed him a Razor instead.  He said it was a much better phone, but did not know the reasons why.  He was simply "sold."  He's had it replaced twice already.
    The person I sent last week is a co-worker who is not computer savy as all.  She's almost 60 and I always have to help her to the simpleist computer tasks at work.  She told the ATT rep she wanted something easy to use.  She asked specifically about the Windows Phone.  He started out showing her the iphone and she said it was too complicated.  So then he sold her an Android.  She still can't figure out how to put her numbers in it or send an email.  The rep didn't even show her a Windows Phone.  Wonder if the reps get paid more to sell Android?
    Last time I was in an ATT store i saw a former co-worker that now works there.  She couldn't help me much.  She said she knows literally nothing about WP7.
  • I know exactly what you mean. I've had two friends ask me which phone they should get, only to end up with Android phones after I passionately imparted to them my story of going from iPhones to Android phones and, finally, to Windows Phone. I don't know why they even bothered asking, when it seems their mind was already made up. Oh well. At least I'll have the last laugh when their phones start coughing up on them.
  • It's time for Microsoft to go on the offensive. They're in the same position Apple was when they ran the mac vs pc ads. Apple used to make a lot of fun at windows because they were so small on the OS map, they had nothing to lose. Microsoft is in a similar spot with windows phone.
    Run ads comparing your phone to the competitors. nothing bad can really come out from that (any response from apple/google will just give more exposure)
  • The only difference would be that Apple was lying in their ads while this will be the simple thruth. :-)
  • Oh really, how exactly was apple lying?
    As long as I remember Macs DO NOT get PC viruses (and thanks to Gateway, if you want to they cannot get any viruses AT ALL), have better stock video and audio editing apps, Time Machine (which is much more intuitive than windows' backup tools), you never have to install a driver (in fact you don't even have to know what a driver is), most peripherals work imediately, they only have 1 version instead of that stupid "Home, Professional, Ultimate" whatever... Apple Geniuses provide MUCH BETTER SUPPORT to the user, all the apps you need already come out of the box, and they're much more stable (personal experience, even Windows 7 used to crash a lot more than my mac).
    Don't be a fanboy, Windows Phone (maybe) is the best mobile OS out there, but Windows is definetely the worst Desktop OS EVER.
    And don't even start with that "Windows has more 'programs'" crap because all MAJOR apps have Mac versions and many of the non major apps do too. In fact ALL apps I had on my PC were available for my Mac. If there was a specific app or game that is only compatible with windows, I would just have to use CrossOver, or BootCamp, or a Virtual Machine. Anyways... OS X all the way!
  • Apple's ads were insanely misleading.
    In one, they essentially claimed that Windows PCs couldn't connect to digital cameras.  In another, they more-or-less stated that only Macs could edit video and print in color.  Another suggested that Macs didn't have malware (false) and were uncrackable (at the same time that OS X with Safari was compromised in less than 30 seconds at the Pwn2Own conference).
    Apple ended up having to pull the longtime campaign when Microsoft ran a single "I'm a PC" ad that pointed out that the stereotypes weren't true.  When Microsoft ran a second ad campaign called "laptop hunders," pointing out how much more Apple machines cost, Apple threatened to sue them because it was so damaging.  They could dish it out, but they couldn't take it.
    Windows is distinctly superior to OS X (and I'm typing this from a Mac at work).  With Windows 8, the gap will grow even larger.
    And now that Microsoft isn't feeling afraid of going straight for Google and Apple, let the party begin! :D
  • all MAJOR apps have Mac versions
    Correction.  All "major" apps port their Windows version to the Mac, where it runs identically (or a bit slower), while Mac users insist that they get a distinctly superior experience from it. ;)
  • Oh good god let the flamewar begin....
  • I love how people get so nutty over technology. I expect this from gamers over their consoles. But since frequenting mobile centric sites, I'm shocked to find grown "behind" men and women engaging in this "my OS is better than yours" silliness.
  • I'm making that picture my desktop!
  • LOL! clasic , me too :)
  • Yes get these on TV, show the public and people on this site that specs don't matter.
  • BRAVO Microsoft! You CAN do it! Windows Phones are SUPERB! And everyone needs to know it!
  • About time MS started some serious marketing.
  • The same exact thing happened to a friend of mine. He's been using an iPhone for a while and wanted a change. I talked to him about my focus and his eyes just lit up. He then went to the local ATT store and was told by the rep that wp7 has the smallest market share and its not that popular. Showed him a bunch of androids instead. He hasn't gotten any yet, he just wanted to check it out. I told him to wait for the lumia 900. Cos I am definitely getting one!
    The problem with the reps is their lack of knowledge and because androids are abundant and shout out immense hardware specs, they appear to be more appealing. Too bad...
  • I've never embraced the "Smoked by Windows Phone" concept because it doesn't show a side-by-side comparison. And it comes across as arrogant.
  • How is it arrogant? Its not like they're just saying it,they're actually proving it.
  • Also no one jumped on apple in their I'm a mac/PC days. Most of the people who had problems with vista upgraded from XP without using the clean install option.
  • Although I'm a HUGE apple fan, I just loved the Smoked by Windows phone campaign. It's fun, and really shows how Windows Phone can really exceed in some aspecs other OSs can't.
  • On the face of it the competition could simply reverse this and turn it on the Windows Phone but I think if they do it will not work as well and will end up as sour grapes.
    Its good concept and worth some TV $$$$ and airtime.
  • Great idea. MS needs to show everyone (even the sales reps) that Windows phone is a great OS.
  • Stop the presses! Microsoft is going to actually market and promote Windows Phone???!!!
    'bout time.
  • "Hi! I'm a Windows Phone." "And I'm an iPhone."
    and just do to Apple what the did to Windows. :-D
  • Lol I can see it already! >:D
  • Still think they need to prepare a new campaign to replace this one when it's still at the height of its glory.
    The competition won't stay in the same place and who knows there would be advanced users who specifically target the campaign with optimized builds of Androids. Besides, keep on using the same message will be boring so they need to change to a new one before that happens.
  • Its not redundant for the people who haven't seen or heard about Smoked By Windows Phone (which is probably a lot of people)
  • Agreed, only hard core techies know about the campaign. This will get everyone's attention. This should be the begging of the Windows Phone "Shock and Awe" campaign. :-)
  • Agressive marketing
  • I try to convert my friends to windows phone 7, but they think it's a joke. They have androids and blackberry's though, so the joke is really on them