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Microsoft expands Bing Music Search, supporting more regions

It has been revealed on Reddit and confirmed by other users that Microsoft has unleashed Bing Music Search support in more regions. Numerous owners have replied to the Reddit thread from across Europe in markets where the feature was previously absent (we know of Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland thus far). Bing Music Search enables consumers to find out the artist or song name to a track that's currently being played in the vicinity. 

Simply hold the handset near the source and it'll recognise the song - much like Shazam and alternatives. Simple stuff. It's good to see Redmond continuing to support more markets with its services to really improve the overall Windows Phone experience. We'll throw the ball to you, folks. Have you noticed you're now able to use the feature on your Windows Phone?

Source: Reddit; thanks, pbroy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Yes! They enabled it this morning in Ireland. I love this new feature, very handy.
  • I have tried using the search button, but all thats available is Bing Vision for me in Ireland.
    Hopefully it will appear later today
  • It's working for me here in Ireland on the Vodafone network :-)
  • Can you confirm that its the Bing Audio button "Music symbol on the bottom" and not just the microphone icon in the search box?
    As I have still not got the Bing Audio Search button, Unlocked Lumia 920 on 3 Ireland Network
  • I was living in Switzerland up until March and Bing music search was working back then... :/
  • How was it working for you? I live in CH, but only have vision search. Or is it the voice search that I can tag music with as well? (microphone icon)
  • I have Bing Music Search in Romania from long time ago .
  • I have in Romania too but is your microsoft account location Romania? Or regional setting?
  • I think his account is set to United Stated,at least mine is and I had Bing Music search for the very begining.
    Now on a side note, why would any romanian have their account set to Romania? It only drags you down.
    I use Xbox Music with prepaid codes, otherwise I would be bound to have only the music app with no streaming. 
  • Region set to Romania,I have a unlocked phone.
  • Live account is set to which country?
  • Also Romania
  • i'm in Romania and i dont have it. I've seen it when i bought my phone and then disappeard.
  • Not in india yet
  • Nor in Peru too :(
  • Got it in Norway as well.
  • Great, I will be able to do on Windows Phone 8, what worked on Windows Phone 7 all along.
  • Brazil too.
  • Only Bing vision I have...
  • Yes, available in Brazil
  • Will ms bring barcode support for peoplle outside of U.s.?
  • Finland has had it for ages..
  • Not yet in Poland :(
  • I sadly confirm.
  • Nothing here in India.:/
  • I wonder if my phone will be able to recognize music from the new languages/regions they support now.
  • I have tried Hindi songs, and it works (in US), even though the support doesn't exist in India, according to some comments here.
  • I travelled to Turkey last year and tried this function and worked perfectly with Turkish music and even works with a lot of independent artists/bands here in Canada.  So I actually love it :)  I only use Soundhound as a backup, but usually the rare time that Bing Music can't find it, Soundhound can't find it lol.
  • The same case with me here in Indonesia :D lol
  • Nothing in Portugal too 
  • I've a Lumia 800 so I think I'll never get that feature in Portugal but my cousin who got a new Windows Phone 8 last wednesday has Bing Music Search on his phone.
  • He may be using "USA" for a region.
  • Noticed this in Portugal this weekend, thought it was a bug :P cool addition!
  • Pls how do i knw when it is in uk?
  • Its been in the UK since time began, centre button on the Bing search app
  • Since the Jurassic Period! ;-)
  • Works in Denmark now.
  • Hvordan får du det til at virke?
    Når jeg trykker på søgeknappen, og trykker på Vision, kan jeg kun scanne QR koder eller tekst.
  • Just change the country selection at your Xbox account...restart your device...and here it marketplace and Bing music is now US...better marketplace :)
  • Have always had it in oz, pretty sure my old L800 had it too if your talking about music icon between local scout and vision search, good to hear they are supporting other regions
  • Oz? THE Oz? Awesome!
    No really where is Oz? Australia?
  • Correct, sorry should of said Australia
  • Doesn't everyone know that Oz = Aus = Australia? :P
  • That's what I thought but obviously not, I'm off to see the wizard
  • Portugal is included?
  • Brasil, yes. \o/
  • I didn't even knew I had this feature...Puerto Rico
  • I'm glad more people will be able to use this
  • Works very well in Denmark, I think it has been enabled about 2 - 3 weeks.
  • How do you launch it ? Just push the same microphone button in Bing like you would for voice searching ? I tried this this weekend and it didn't recognize the music. I am in the US.
  • Go to bing (search button) and then hit the middle round button within the app
  • Boohoo! I don't see it here in South Africa  Why are we always the last to get the love...?
  • Well, it was enabled in Brazil last week. I think it was on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Big improvement. I tried testing the updated functionality by searching for twerk style hip hop and it got it instantly.
  • Not working in Switzerland (yet)
  • Portugal got it too!
  • I was going to tip about it a few days ago when I got it here in Norway, but I didn't find a "Tip us" banner on the site :)
  • Bing is still crap. With Google, if I need a company's phone number, I just type the name in and get the results I want. With Bing, I get a load of rubbish.
  • Hmm what country are you in?  I'm in Canada and get instant results all the time (even better than Google lately).
  • Still prefer Soundhound.
  • Well it's pretty obvious that it's not going to be available in countries where there is no Xbox Music.
  • I can't see it in Sweden :(
  • Nothing in Thailand now.
  • México too :)
  • I'm not seeing it :(
    Did you reboot your phone?
    Edit: rebooting the phone doesn't seem to work... I'll just wait.
  • Strange, I have my settings for browser and search language in English ( United States) but the option to Bing music was never there, after seeing the post I checked and the option was there and I actually changed the search language to Spanish (Mexico) and the option was still there
  • Maybe it is something carrier related? I'm on Telcel. Meh its not like I use the music recognition service a lot haha.
  • Same here, maybe it's related to the os version. I'm on a Lumia 920 with WP8. I don't really use it neither it's just nice to see MS expanding the features across the world
  • Seems like Microsoft (as well as Nokia) has no idea what Czech republic is :D (Nothing new here)
  • Yep, sad... :-(
  • Or simply there are regional restrictions from record labels that forbid them from enabling it there yet.  Be patient my friend :)
  • On my Samsung Omnia, WP 7.8 there is nothing yet. I live in Finland.
  • Nothing in belgium
  • They added location scout to bing search here in India. No sign of music yet!
  • Wrong, there is no support for anything else apart from Vision Search in Bing in India. You must have your phone set to some other region or country where this feature is available, check again. Also, even more pathetic for Indian users is no Location Tracking on, no Xbox Music and the list just keeps getting longer. The Windows Phone experience in many countries is half baked quite frankly and that absolutely sucks.
  • Support Philippines! Please?
  • I'm French so it's working since WP7.5, I wasn't aware that not everybody in western Europe had it !
    Still, I'm waiting for the full Bing experience you US people can have ! With the swipe to the right and stuff...
  • New Zealand, checking in. It's actually really good. I had the radio turned on with a tiny amount of volume and it got it from a few meters away. Tried shizam but couldn't hear anything. Also picked up my roommate playing the guitar quietly down the hall....I'm impressed
  • Yeah, tried it yesterday. Picked up music in the background of The Rock News Wire (quiet music, loud DJ). Never had that kind of result from Shazam or Soundhound. Impressed!
  • Yo!!! :-)
  • Chile is included
  • Bing Music Search is rubbish !!!!! Its only good for well known commercial music !  Now compared to Shazzam - which finds all sorts of music, well known music/artist, as well as not so well known, accuired taste, and artist/music from around the world; there's absoultly no use for Bing Music Search!
  • Bing music is working in Denmark :)
  • Not in the Netherlands.
  • Woo I have this in NZ now!! :D
  • Don't forget Southeast Asia, includng Brunei Darussalam!
  • I've been using bing music search in the phl for some time now.  ;)
  • Im in New Zealand & nothing on my windows phone 7 device. So is this for windows phone 8 only?
  • anyone please upload one screenshot of music search icon...
  • Confirmed for Belgium!
  • Confirmed on my carrier branded (telcel) Lumia 820 in Mexico
  • i have a lumia 900. the music search option is there on my brother and cousin phone in trinidad but not on mine.