Microsoft files for 'Direct Reality' trademark ahead of E3

Just days ahead of its E3 briefing on June 11, Microsoft might have tipped its hand on at least one of its announcements. Initially spotted by Gamespot, Microsoft has submitted a trademark application for "Direct Reality" (or, possibly, "DirectReality"), and it might be related to gaming.

The term immediately conjures associations with Microsoft's mixed reality efforts, but there's no way to know if they're related for now. Further, as Gamespot notes, the trademark covers "computer game software" and "computer software for holographic applications." That said, Microsoft has already indicated that we likely won't see any sort of Xbox VR on display at E3, so it's hard to glean anything from the trademark alone.

Though the timing is a bit suspect, keep in mind a trademark doesn't necessarily indicate an impending announcement. However, we should know much more soon, as Microsoft is gearing up for a big Project Scorpio reveal and more at E3. We'll be bringing you all of the latest from the briefing this Sunday, June 11, starting at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Well VR isn't AR or Mixed Reality. So MS saying no VR is still spot on. I played a few VR games on PSVR ( Farpoint VR and some scary game ) and to be honest i feel the same way about it as Kinect. Really not fussed. Limited. And the visuals are awful. The gameplay so basic. Just not fun at all. Farpoint was beyond boring. Slow and the gun was so inaccurate. Even after multiple calibrations. It was like stepping back 1000 years in FPS games.
  • I was blown away by the robot fighting FPS I played on the Occulus. It looked good, the guns were very accurate as it knew exactly where your hand was and how it was oriented. I wonder if the extra power and capabilities of a gaming PC allow it to be that much better. The only issue I had was with walking in the game. You have to point and click to "teleport" places. I didn't understand why you couldn't​just use the joystick to walk around. It is probably too complicated to control rotation, looking and moving all at the same time. I think VR will be very popular when the games and controls are more fleshed. I bet it will require high end PC hardware for a while though. Consoles do not seem to have the power yet.
  • @Richard: Oh, you have a PS4 with PSVR? What's your PSN, so I can add you?
  • My experience with Farpoint has been much the opposite. The tracking worked very well and I loved how engaging the game was when in intense battle situations. Far more engrossing than any Kinect experience. Also the visuals were above average compared to other PSVR experiences. Though the headset has a very low resolution.
  • Very interesting! Direct reality
  • Direct reality and that 'S' trademark something is going on... all 🤓😂
  • Probably extra bits in DirectX for the upcoming 3rd party glasses
  • Yep. This naming of DirectReality would be consistent with many of the original DirectX component names, such as Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, etc.
  • DR
  • Sounds like something related to the HoloLens and directing experiences. Like creating games or other media that is compatible with HoloLens and mixed reality.
  • Anyone else think it may have to do with a combo of Hololens and IllumiRoom?