Everything we know about the next Xbox, 'Project Scorpio'

While we know a decent amount about Project Scorpio, the next Xbox is still somewhat of a mystery, and some of the information we unearthed has raised more questions than answers.

Will all of your Xbox One games work on Scorpio? What will Scorpio cost? Is Project Scorpio simply an Xbox One with boosted internals, or something more? Here's everything we know so far, along with a collection of educated guesses.

Updated March 21, 2017: We updated this article to include the latest information on Project Scorpio, including details on its internal PSU, 1080p supersampling, and 4K game DVR.

What we know about Project Scorpio

Unveiled at E3 2016, Project Scorpio is the next Xbox, and it will be a generational leap like no other. Project Scorpio is slated for a holiday season 2017 launch.

Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made

Microsoft claims that Scorpio will rock six teraflops of computational power and 320GB/s of memory bandwidth. Microsoft is aiming for uncompromising 4K UHD resolution gaming with Project Scorpio. The current Xbox One has a peak throughput of only 1.3 teraflops with a theoretical maximum of 200GB/s of memory bandwidth, making Scorpio potentially more than 4.5 times more powerful than the Xbox One.

Project Scorpio will power high-fidelity VR experiences

Microsoft is also making a virtual reality (VR) play with Scorpio, noting that the next Xbox will power high-fidelity VR gaming. Presumably, the "high-fidelity" part of this statement alludes to bigger games more befitting of Oculus Rift, PSVR, and HTC Vive, rather than the VR "experiences" seen on mobile devices.

At GDC 2017, Microsoft revealed that the first Windows Mixed Reality development kits, based on Acer's HMD will become available towards the summer. The Acer headset is the first of many partner headsets Microsoft revealed in October 2016.

Project Scorpio will be backward and forward compatible with the Xbox One

This includes accessories, all games, and Xbox 360 backward compatibility. Besides VR experiences, Microsoft confirmed to us at E3 2016 that Project Scorpio will have no exclusive games. Instead, games will scale dynamically between Xbox One and Project Scorpio, unpacking more complex assets when the game detects it's being installed for Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio will share an OS with the Xbox One

It will leverage all the same features, including Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and features, Cortana, background music support, and beyond. We revealed back in November that Microsoft was working on a refreshed dashboard without Snap Mode. We believe that Scorpio will be updated with Windows 10's Compact Overlay Mode, bringing the functionality in line with the UWP toolset.

Project Scorpio will feature, UHD Bluray, 4K game DVR and streaming capabilities

In March, we revealed that Project Scorpio will leverage the latest HEVC codecs to encode video game footage in 4K for creating clips and streaming to Beam and, presumably, other services. We also received confirmation from our sources that it will feature an Ultra-HD Blu-ray player. These features will help Microsoft slam home the narrative that Scorpio is a true 4K machine.

Project Scorpio will have an internal power brick

This is probably an obvious one, but we've also heard from reliable sources that Scorpio will have an internal PSU, ditching the hulking power bricks of the Xbox 360 and original Xbox One.

Microsoft has really stepped up its hardware game in recent years, seeing devices like the Surface Studio, HoloLens, and Xbox One S emerge from the labs at Redmond. You can expect Scorpio to follow the same levels of industrial build quality as the Xbox One S.

We don't know every feature Scorpio will have. Will there be a new Kinect? Will there be an Amazon Echo-like voice play? IoT devices using Microsoft Homehub? I think it's safe to say Microsoft still has a few secrets up its sleeve, and Scorpio could certainly get a Surface-like plot twist that differentiates it for its chief competitor, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

What does Project Scorpio mean for games?

Console generations as we know them are officially over. In an age where digital licenses are becoming more and more prevalent, Microsoft and Sony are leading us into a future where content is king, transferring between devices and scaling as appropriate. This shift is primarily to allow for shorter console cycles to take advantage of the rapid march of technology. The gulf between current-gen console and PC hardware should, in theory, be a little smaller for those willing to spend the cash.

Forza Horizon 3 looks stunning in 4K on capable PC hardware, and we've heard that the game is 4K Scorpio-ready.

Games on Scorpio will run better, and look nicer. They will take advantage of advanced anti-aliasing techniques, with higher quality shadows, lighting, and of course, resolution. Textures will load faster, the scenery will look sharper, and the density of foliage should be higher. Switching between the Xbox One and Project Scorpio versions of a game should be akin to switching games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 from medium to high, or even ultra settings. That said, there have been suggestions that Project Scorpio and Xbox One games will forcibly share frame rates to prevent competitive advantages, but we've received some indication that that could be false. We've asked Microsoft for clarification and will let you know if it comes.

When a game is installed on an Xbox console, it will detect what hardware is present and unpack the correct visual assets and features. Developers will have to enable those experiences, of course, and many of them might not see it as a worthwhile effort to make. Todd Howard of Bethesda and Fallout 4 fame and Patrick Bach from DICE of Battlefield, were both featured in the Scorpio reveal trailer, indicating that at the very least, Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1 will receive 4K versions on Project Scorpio. It's fair to expect that most, if not all first-party games will receive the Scorpio treatment. So expect Gears 4, Forza, and Halo Wars 2 to look stunning on Scorpio.

Making sure Scorpio has a solid launch lineup of enhanced games should be high on Microsoft's agenda.

It remains to be seen just how many titles will get patches to support Scorpio's hardware, and making sure Scorpio has a solid launch line-up of enhanced games should be high on Microsoft's agenda.

Do you need a 4K TV?

Yes, mostly. To see the benefit of sharper resolutions above 1080p, you will need a 4K television. But some information we received recently has changed the game a little.

We've received reliable information that suggests games with 4K assets will leverage supersampling to produce a smoother image even on 1080p screens. Additionally, games that use dynamic resolution scaling should look nicer on Scorpio, hitting their target resolutions and frame rates more often than they might on the Xbox One's hardware.

However, Xbox chief Phil Spencer noted that Project Scorpio developers won't necessarily be required to hit a 4K resolution with their games. They could opt for sub-4K resolutions, perhaps targeting 1080p, choosing to use the extra flops to pile on more intensive visual effects and techniques instead, at which point people without a 4K TV will see some benefits. It seems unlikely that developers will go down this route, though.

Project Scorpio will also probably be much faster for running apps, multi-tasking, and navigating the dashboard in general, although I'm not sure many will find it worthwhile to buy an entirely new console to gain a bit of speed in these areas.

We know that UWP games like Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, and ReCore are 4K-ready for Project Scorpio, thanks to the unified development platform between Windows 10 and Xbox. At the very least, you should expect most recent Microsoft Studios games to target a full 4K resolution, and thus, a 4K TV.

More: Best 4K TVs for Xbox One S and Scorpio.

Project Scorpio should mean closer ties between Xbox and Windows 10

Windows 10 and Xbox will get even closer following the launch of Scorpio. Microsoft began to bridge the divide between the Xbox One and PC at the start of this generation and completed the convergence in 2016 by allowing developers to target Xbox One with their apps and games as part of UWP. The Xbox app for Windows 10 already gives us the majority of the social features available on the console, with Beam.pro streaming, deeper customization in the form of new avatars, custom gamer pics, and much more on the horizon for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Project Scorpio.

If Microsoft achieves its goals to make Project Scorpio a one-stop-dev-shop, Xbox-integrated games should be hitting the Windows 10 Store in greater numbers. As far as third-party developers are concerned, only a few indie outlets have taken advantage of the integration between Windows 10 and Xbox One, allowing owners of Everspace and Astroneer to roam between devices.

As UWP becomes the preferred mechanism for developing games that scale between Xbox One and Project Scorpio, Microsoft hopes developers will also see this as an opportunity to target the Windows 10 Store, as it will be a comparatively small task to bring a 4K Project Scorpio title to the Windows 10 Store for PC.

How much will the Project Scorpio Xbox cost?

Microsoft has described Scorpio a number of times as a "premium product," leading some to speculate that the console will have high-end PC-like pricing, but Spencer slapped down some of the more insane estimates.

When we designed Scorpio, we really thought about this balanced rig that could come together at a price-point. Like, I want Scorpio to be at a console price-point, I'm not trying to go and compete with a high-end rig. And because we're building one spec, we're able to look at the balance between all the components and make sure that it's something we really hit that matters to consumers and gamers.

Wedbush Analyst Michael Pachter places Scorpio's price at $399, putting it in-line with a Kinect-less Xbox One. Pachter cites the PS4 Pro as the main driving force behind this price estimate, as Sony's console will likely get further price cuts to compete with Scorpio when it launches in 2017.

The Xbox Scorpio is priced at $399. This might not be low enough, particularly if PS4 Pro drops before holiday 2017, but Microsoft has to price competitively or fall farther behind.

Microsoft will probably be willing to sell Scorpio at a small margin as it attempts to make up for lost ground from the Xbox One's botched 2013 reveal. Considering Microsoft's plan to make Scorpio the standard for game development, Scorpio has significant implications not just for Xbox, but also Microsoft's gaming efforts for Windows 10 and UWP, making it all the more necessary to sell as many units as possible.

Personally, I'd say Pachter's $399 estimate is probably on the money, with $449 and $499 versions for bigger hard disk drives (HDDs). We'll doubtless find out Project Scorpio's price at E3 during June 2017.

It will likely be awesome

As noted, Microsoft has punched at the heart of the gadgetry landscape in recent years, taking the industrial design spotlight from the likes of Apple and others. Project Scorpio will likely be an excellent piece of hardware, but it only matters if the games follow suit.

Microsoft will have to ensure Scorpio has a wide range of 4K games available, both first and third-party, if it wants to justify the upgrade to consumers. It also wouldn't hurt to announce Scorpio alongside some projects slated for 2018 and beyond, and also show how the games will differ between Xbox One and Scorpio (and the competition). We're moving away from a console war and into an ecosystem war, and six teraflops of computational power is only as good as the games that run on it.

Scorpio is potentially a more complex product for Microsoft than the PS4 Pro is for Sony, given how Microsoft wants to leverage Xbox and Scorpio to promote UWP as a gaming platform. Microsoft should exercise care not to alienate developers with its insistence on building games for UWP, and also be mindful of the weak consumer messaging surrounding the launch of the original Xbox One. When it comes to the consumer experience, the Windows 10 Store lags far behind Steam.

Under Phil Spencer, Xbox has shown itself to be very pro-consumer, offering thousands of dollars in free games on Games with Gold and with its prioritizing of new features based on user feedback, such as the landmark backward compatibility emulator. Project Scorpio is likely to continue the trend, and the hype train will begin kicking into high gear as we head further towards June's E3 2017.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Ok guys. I haven't read the whole article yet. But big issues in the first paragraph. Xbox one has 1.3 tf. Correct. It's bandwidth though is miles off. It has 68gb/sec on the DDR3 8gb ram. The 200gb/sec you refer to is only on the 64 mb edram. this lowly 68gb/sec bandwidth is the reason why developers struggle to hit 1080p native. Without some seriously impressive tiling techniques going on with the frames fitting into the 64mb edram. For comparison the PS4pro has 214gb/sec bandwidth with its 8gb GDDR5 ram. And the original PS4 at around the 180gb/sec bandwidth.
  • That figure factors in correct use of the ESRAM, as claimed by Microsoft. The figure seems controversial in practice, though. I've edited the language to explain where I pulled that figure from.
  • MS are BS there. You cannot fit 8gb of data into 64 mb. And as literally all developers have stated its the sole reason resolution suffers on Xbox One. MS had to introduce a tiling system into the devkits because developers wouldn't take the extra time to write it into their code. There is alot of data the Edram never sees. And is a massive bottleneck for the original Xbox One. Otherwise according to MS the original memory on the Xbox One outperforms the GDDR5 ram on the original PS4. And we know for a fact that ain't true. I love MS. But pre Phil Spencer they lied alot on Xbox One release.
  • Fair enough, but why don't MS exclusives seem to suffer the same problems as multiplats?
  • They utilize tiling to its limit. Even then they would sacrifice other things. It's a fact FH3 would look better on a PS4. It's more a case that exclusives are made with 1 system in mind. So the developer can spend 100% of its resources making 1 machine max out. Even Halo 5 has a resolution that changes on the fly. And that's one of the best looking Xbox One titles. Exclusives are always the exception. Exclusives will always outperform Third party titles for the reason i stated above. Why i always find it funny if a third party game wins graphics awards with low resolution and glitchy framerates.
  • Microsoft wants games to be developed for Scorpio/UWP first with Project Helix (Scorpio XDK), so hopefully that'll go some way to improving things. PS4 Pro seems to have some issues with the way games scale between devices atm.
  • Largely I also believe its because of the kinda fake implementation of 4K gaming they use. It goes through an extra process. Essentially software driven. Not hardware. Due alot to its bandwidth. There's alot of neat tricks with the Pro but it's costing resources because it's code driven.
  • first. A lot. Next, they tried the light bulb game and they saw it was kicking their butts. They will not botch this release. It's critical not to
  • ...And tiling (Granite) uses less than the "Esram" size in order to render textures larger than what normal PC games can run. Xbox One titles have hit 1080p 60 fps while PS4 has yet to hit that. Even the Pro is having a hard time getting to 4k. Xbox One had issues before Directx 12.x, but current title coming out have been easier to make according to devs. The tech is newer and more efficient while the ps4 and pro use older non HSA techniques.
  • ...And tiling (Granite) uses less than the "Esram" size in order to render textures larger than what normal PC games can run. Xbox One titles have hit 1080p 60 fps while PS4 has yet to hit that. Even the Pro is having a hard time getting to 4k. Xbox One had issues before Directx 12.x, but current title coming out have been easier to make according to devs. The tech is newer and more efficient while the ps4 and pro use older non HSA techniques.
  • Who said that you need to fit 8GB of data onto 32MB? Especially when you have 1024 lanes to move traffic compared to 256 lanes. How is it that xbox360 with only like 12MB of EDRAM could do 1080p and only 27GB/s bandwidth?
  • Because although the overall image is 1080p, the textures, shadows etc are as low as 480p. 1080p does not tell the whole story. Take Quantum Break as an example. It's 900p. But its shadows and textures are passed at 720p. A game like Uncharted 4 has shadows pass at 540p. These issues are ram related. More ram mean larger texture files, shadows etc. And ram speed means moving those file sizes quicker.
  • ...and Sony told devs that using CPU and GPU at the same time puts GPU bandwidth under 130 GB/s on the normal PS4 with the Pro having the same issues and work arounds.
  •   Again you have no clue what you are talking about! 68GB/s of DDR3 8GB and 32MB of ESRAM (EDRAM is completelly different and there isn't 64mb of it) ESRAM can operate up to 209GB/s on 1024 bit bus (massive usually 256 is as high as they go)but combined with slower ddr3 overall system operates equaly to 8GB of 200GB/s ram. Original PS4 had sustained 176GB/s. Ram speed is not a limiting factor! Plenty of games are at 1080p and there were games even on xbox360 that were 1080p!  Please stop spreading missinformation!
  • I just want to know when we will get a native USB Kinect.
  • The Windows 10 version of Kinect is USB native, right? Perhaps that can't be used with the Xbox One though...
  • No, it still needs that spaghetti cable mess of wires and adaptors and power packs.
  • Alot of PC gamers only look at the gpu terraflops performance and staye they can build easily better for cheap. Not true. Most Nvidia cards don't match the bandwidth of 320gb/sec. Also if you count the memory dies on the Scorpio reveal you will notice 12 memory modules. Likely 1gb each. Meaning 12gb GDDR5 running at 320gb/sec bandwidth. This is massive. Historically there has always been a bottle neck in consoles somewhere. Scorpio seems to be an incredible balance between raw power and memory. The only thing we don't really know is what CPU from AMD they have. Here's hoping for Zen. Building a PC to even match its balanced overall performance will cost £1000 right now. Cheaper next Xmas sure. But Scorpio will beat PS4Pro extremely easily. Oh and Bethesda confirmed at E3 Fallout 4 VR is being made a console exclusive for Scorpio. Because as Bethesda stated. Scorpio is the only console capable of handling that VR.
  • Aye, and subsidization is a factor rarely considered by PC gamers as well. Consoles are cheaper because they're partially subsidized by the services and licenses (and advertising bux) sold through the dashboard.
  • Nether the PS4 or Xbox one was sold at a subsidised cost this time around.
    Both were sold at RRP for a slight profit, a nice round up price for the retailers.
  • Sure, but the margins are still wafer thin.
  • Do you reckon those nock up images were relevant? They could show anything. I hope you are right though, I hope that Scorpio is a monster.
  • I am guessing that Scorpio will be Zen. http://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/58buph/scorpio_will_be_balanced_did...
  • Console UWP titles between PC and Xbox One show that 4 times the paper specs are needed on the PC gaming side. PC gaming spec whores don't take in effect the efficiencies' that console hardware allows.
  • Console UWP titles between PC and Xbox One show that 4 times the paper specs are needed on the PC gaming side. PC gaming spec whores don't take in effect the efficiencies' that console hardware allows.
  •     Seems like you lack much knowledge on the subject. Bandwidth can be subsidized by bus width! Besides bandwidth is not a limiting factor and computational performance is more important. Most GPUs that released this year are 320GB/s or more (see HBM memory).  Historically there has always been a bottleneck with every system ever made and that's ever going to be made! Bottleneck just means that one component has reached it's maximum treshold and can't operate faster. So even if you had 100TF machine with 5000GB/s bandwidth and 20GHz CPU you would still have a bottleneck somewhere as something has to be weakest component.
  • Can't wait to see Project Scorpio and wonder if I'll have to mortgage the house or sell a kid to get one, Microsoft have been known to go over the top in pricing, and another thing is the 4K while it's great I assume, but if you are buying a 4K Flat Screen UHDTV just to play games ... ARE YOU NUTS! The Television industry has yet to embrace 4K, there is no real reason to buy 4K, and for me, playing games, isn't enough. I have seen a 5K system, and there is talk of going to 8K, so as the TV makers increase the technology, the TV industry broadcasters aren't showing 4K content. They so far have ignored 4K pretty much like they KILLED 3D, so again, if you buy a UHDTV just to play games... ARE YOU FREAKIN' NUTS !!!! I'm really waiting for the announcement of "Hologram" so the player of a game can actually be a part of the game, playing from the inside out. Time will tell about Project Scorpio.
  • Well that's the thing about Xbox One S and Scorpio, it will output media in 4K as well, so it's not like it's just for games. I agree that it's niche, though.
  • A niche that is growing fast. 2 years ago I knew noone with a 4K tv and content. Now I know 3 as well as myself as 4. I jumped on a 4Ktv this year and a One S. Loads of 4K content on Netflix, Amazon and of course 4K bluray and HDR content to. It's growing quite rapidly.
  • Aye, but the TV requirement is a barrier the PS4 and Xbox One didn't have to contend with. It'll have an impact.
  • Most content isn't even available in 1080P
  • What's your point? :0
  • Well I'm not sure where you are from. But in the UK, every single movie released is in 1080p or 4K now. All of them. All Netflix Original tv series and movies are shot and available in 4K . And they have Imo the best tv series out there. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things and loads more. Amazon 1080p and 4K. Gaming and 4K bluray. The only content that isn't 4K here is what people used to call tv. Like old school TV. Which I Ditched 6 months ago. Watching live TV and recording things off a cable box is something many are moving away from. They are behind the curve and their tv series Imo are getting stomped on by Netflix and Amazon.
  • and BBC iPlayer is going 4K in Q1 2017 too.
  • I think he's talking about cable/satellite tv.
  • Don't mortgage the house, if you fall behind, you'll have nowhere to play, best to start picking your least favourite child. In terms of the 4k, it is coming steadily. 4k Netflix and Amazon Tv are likely to take major advantage of the horsepower. BT Sport offer 4k now, I think. It will only increase. I see this as a far more palletable shift than 3D. That often require the specs, which for me was a pain. Not least because many sets only had 2 pairs. Not much use for many families, or pubs. Streamed content including sport and possibly gaming, if it looks good enough, will help adoption. UHD will help too.
  • Aye, and it'll just drive regular TV into obscurity even further. BBC iPlayer is going to experiment with 4K in 2017. Most UK TV isn't worth watching outside of BBC iPlayer heh.
  • iPlayer gets some serious use in my house. As long as channel 5 sort their app for 4k too, I'll be happy. World's Strongest Man comps are where my love is at! But will we see 60fps at 4k? I don't reckon so at a reasonable price. I think your $399 is unlikely, but subsidising it with Gold membership etc is one reason I never want them to make Gold membership free. I wonder if they will offer gold 4K, for higher end offerings, I doubt it, but you never know.
  • The bandwidth alone shows the Scorpio will be 4K native. Confirmed. The bandwidth is the important part. Way more important than TF. And clearly it outperforms 98% of GPU bandwidth in the PC market GPUs today.
  • Amen. To that. But even the BBC are pretty bad. They only promote Pro EU news now. Completely not even bothering to report on non faveourable EU stuff. Pretty bad.
  • Who cares about the news in 4K... lol. Planet Earth II ftw.
  • Haha to true. That sh*t is insane in 1080p. Imagine 4K:0
  • 4K is coming. Broadcasters in the UK are already looking at it and I cannot believe US broadcasters are not doing the same thing.
  • US broadcasters are having trouble with 1080p.
  • Considering you can buy a 4K tv now what you would pay for a 1080P TV a few years ago, your point is moot when it comes to the cost of the TV. As for Content availibility, you're incorrect. I won't list all the sources you can get it from, but Direct TV I KNOW is one. You troll the facebook page enough with misinformation, don't bring it to the comments section of the website too.
  • Yep, 4k TVs are comparable in price, or possibly a touch cheaper than the 1080p ones from 3yrs ago. There will be several between £500 and £1000 that will do very nicely. Gonna be an expensive year for me in 2017.
  • The television industry has yet to embrace 4K...? I bought my present Samsung 55" a year ago, as a last year's product at about half price compared to launch price. That has 4K resolution, as did most of the alternatives from LG, Sony, Panasonic etc. Big sellers all... 4K screens are everywhere right now by default, begging for content. A console offering 4K games would be much appreciated!
  • Xeongui. No not nuts. An adult who has a job and enjoys gaming. I will buy a 2000 pounds TV and Scorpio when it's available. Yes just for 4K gaming. People spend more per year on cigarettes. I chose this much healthier option :)
  • Amen to that, I really need to quit!
  • 4k is laughable in a 10' gaming arena. Perceive resolution is higher because of distance. Main reason why HDR is so important for 4k gaming. It's not the resolution, but the quality of pixels (HDR)that is making 4k upgrade worth it.
  • No. Sony have been knownw to go over the top in pricing. PS3 anyone???? All MS consoles have been priced really well. The base model Scorpio will be $399. And it will blow PS4 so far out of the water, Sony will scramble like crazy to get a new PS out. How they didn't make Pro a 4K machine is beyond me.
  • Really? 4Ks are cheap now... WTF wouldn't you buy one if you are getting a new TV?
  •     TV broadcasters are heavily limited due to bandwidth of their hardware (cables) in the ground unable to support such. Most TV providers are not even able to support 1080p, as 99% of channels are 720p or less with 70% of those actually 480p. We shouldn't have cable tv providers holding us back, there's plenty of streaming services that have 4k content (youtube, netflix, amazon, 4kflix etc.) What killed 3D was silly glasses and headache nothing else. There is actually even 12K gaming rigs out there, 4K HDR is here to stay and will replace 1080p. TVs have dropped in price thousands and manufacturers are making them faster, very smart, and improved in every way.
  • "The Television industry has yet to embrace 4K" ? What rock have you been living under? Most of the new TV's advertised are 4K. 4K is becoming the norm and 1080p is the bargin bin item that's harder to find. I really don't see much of a difference in resolution once you go above 4k. Add in HDR and new tech like OLED and it's a great time to buy a new set.
  • I just hope there is a model with 4Tb of storage.
    Now that seagate has a 2.5" 4Tb model it would be stupid for MS to not use that in the top SKU.
  • Multiple HDD sizes are a given, Spencer has said as much. 4TB is unlikely though. Would push the price too high, if only because the extra size always comes at a premium.
  • What I'm wishing instead is the easy hard drive replacement in the console itself. Though this seems unlikely, especially that external hard drive seems okay enough. Though still would be better to actually replace internal storage to SSD to give more performance boost on app performance and loading times.
  • I would like to see ssd inside, but cost may mean they don't.
  • Yeah it's unlikely for now, SSD price points need to come down a lot. But the solution really is to either make the hard drive a plug and play type swap and sell official Xbox SSD drive as an accessory or to just have different SKUs like they do with Surface, cheapest model with HDD and then premium models with SSD. I've only had a week with Xbox One S (My first console in like 15 years) and the only thing that disappoints me is loading times, even for small tutorial missions its like 60+ seconds to load, very frustrating and from what I understand an SSD would solve that bottle neck.
  • Having another SKU for SSD sounds good, though the added cost of the unit, though the problem is how much will it sell since the cost would be higher. I don't think many console buyers know the benefit of SSD. Still better to have an option at least. This is why I find the self-service replacement of internal HDD to SSD would be better solution for enthusiast and savvy enough to enhance their console. The problem though is that for MS, there is less incentive for console buyers to buy higher capacity options since user can just upgrade it later. Though people know how to replace component are not that common for most console users I bet. Anyways Happy New Year!
  • I have Samsung T1 SSD plugged into my day one xbox one and it cuts loading times in half. So there's an option if you want performance.
  • Well they don't have to have it SSD out of the box. Just an easy way to replace internal HDD. Let just the use have a tool to install Xbox OS into it from their PC, or if possible designed the way Xbox Scorpio that its firmware have basic functionality to download the OS when you install new storage. Anyways, Happy New Year!
  •   OS on xbox is not limited by hdd speed, but instead by internet. Besides you are able to plug in 3+ HDDs/SSDs into xbox if you want faster loading times for games/apps.
  • Could one of the reasons they would reduce the cost of the console be because of the shift to digital media? The fact that games bought on their own store instead of else were may make MS/Sony more money than the consoles themselves.
  • That too. It helps drive market share for W10 Store too on TVs potentially.
  • Wish list: - Surface design on the box itself, so it looks neat on my shelf.
    - Keyboard and mouse support, enabling developers to create RTS games with complex UIs.
    - (Unlikely) support for running old 32-bit PC games, including Blizzard and Steam games.
    - More UWAs enabled, both first party and third party.
    - Better OneDrive support.
  • I think Project Scorpio will be called "Xbox One Ultra" or "Xbox One Pro".
  • Xbox One X
  • I hope "scorpio" becomes the platform for developing UWP games for all w10 devices, and they can refresh it every 2 years to keep up with 4k and all that, then scale the games down to xbox one, laptops and lower end pc's, they can simply keep the "one" as the de facto microsoft console, with the "scorpio" being the workhorse and enthusiast grade experience, a bit like insiders for hardware
  • I've heard from ... someone I know can't say who but it's likely to be around £600+ with possibility for upgradeable parts . And it's planned to last on a 15+ year cycle. It was heavily implied that it will be around that price. But not much more was said other than that.
  • Better find better friend to talk to because none of what they said is even close to true. They are just pulling your leg.  There are of plenty  consoles that have removable parts.  They are called desktop PCs. Microsoft (Spencer and others) have said several times they not making such a device.  Spencer has also said more times than I have fingers (and yes I have 10 digits by the way) that the Scorpio will priced within this generation  console prices. So,$ 399 to $499 is probably the target price range for any lowend model (not $740+ as you say)  Purely conjecture on my part but, definitely more likely then anything your informant has stated.  I suspect we will see multiple SKUS. I base this on what they did with Xbox One S.  If I were Microsoft I would definitely try to get a basic model down to $399. Doing so might mean removing any Blu-ray drive and make it a digital only device.  It would help them also by forcing people to  only be digital purchases.  It also sounds better advertising "starting and $399" for the Scorpio Digital.  As opposed to only one device priced at $499.  Or course, another SKU would have the 4KHDR drive and maybe bigger 2TB instead of base 1TB.
  • Well the info is based on heavily implied information from Microsoft xbox devision employees them self so take it or leave it. And by that I mean "this is it" but without directly saying it
  • I think the teaser video already showed a fan haha. I'm not sure they'll be able to pull off internal PSU.
  • The Microsoft team building the Scorpio apparently won of the AMD future design award this year.  I heard it was a very powerful and small device. Of course, they were using cutting edge tech or unreleased Zen and/or Vega chipsets in the winning design and might be too  expensive of device for console. But, knowing many in that same group are invovled in this console I suspect they will be able to do a lot within a small space.
  • Source? Can't find it on the web.
  • I'm still being stalked online but hopefully that's coming to an end, and Scorpio will be awesome.
  • It will never come to an end... I'm watching you...
  • nooooooooooo
  • There's more than just a console war riding on this. UWP needs to be a huge success to keep windows relevant and relied on. So there's a good chance Microsoft may go to match the PS Pro on price and really push all of Windows features into the home, outperforming and out functioning the PS4 Pro by a wide margin. The concern is that Sony and Nintendo don't or can't fight back, and it becomes that feared one horse race that we don't need!
  • Neko, there is more to this than more power.... the PS4 is really the only home console that has had the largest install base with the most powerful system.  The PS4 Pro is really just a premium product, I would expect the slim PS4 to continue to outsell it by a wide margin.   Even if for instance they priced competitively with the PS4 Pro, its not like everyone is going to ditch their investment into the PS eco system.   Nintendo is rulling the hand held market, Sony is ruling the home console game market... MS is morphing and intergrating their console into a PC... their are already 3 one horse race markets.  My guess is people continue to slowly move away from the Xbox brand as in stand alone Xbox machines.  Sony might not be hitting grand slams but they are constantly hitting doubles, triples, and homeruns... unless they blow it... they probably aren't going anywhere.   I stopped buying Nintendo products after the Gamecube for bad and weak hardware, limited services, limited 3rd party support, limited games, etc.   Moved to Xbox and then to the Xbox 360... but the anti-consumer stance of the company in 2013 and beyond, limited exclusives, worse hardware, and overall horrible strategy of the Xbox brand into Windows basically forced me to Sony and the PS4.    Me and others aren't coming back unless Sony stumbles... new hardware by MS isn't going to really change my POV unless Sony did something similar... although I don't speak for the world... I think generally most PS users which were once Xbox users would somewhat agree, generally.  
  • Who cares, in the end we are all going to die
  • :(
  • Not true.
  • No, You are going to die.
  • So, where can one get the Windows Central Enamel Pin?
  • I really hope that developers don't just aim for 4k and ignore actual visual improvements. I'd much rather 1080p with greater poly counts and improved effects than a resolution bump.
  • 1)  Is it confirmed that Xbox Scorpio uses the new ZEN/RYZEN AMD APU? 2)  Is it confirmed that Xbox Scorpio uses the new RADEON VEGA GPU? 3)  Is it confirmed that Xbox Scorpio uses HIGH BANDWIDTH MEMORY 2 (HBM2) ? 4)  Does it have USB 3.1 ports or higher with thunderbolt? 5)  Will it still use Kinect? 6)  Will games come in UHD-Blu Ray Disks of 100GB or more?  
  • Xbox One Soc currently using 100 GB/s move engines like the Zen is going to use. The 'Esram' is already a type of HBM at 1024 bit. Xbox One already has Zen like features. Remember Zen was being developed over the last four years and is modular in design. So tech from that design could be used with older Jaguer CPU's and the custom GPU. I say custom because the Xbox One GPU has twice the amount of individual processors within each CU when looking at the die pic. So a four core, 8 thread ZEN APU with full HBM and ESRAM would have 320 GB/s of bandwidth. Could use gddr5x as well, but interesting to note that AMD APU's with HBM come out when Xbox Scorpio Project comes out. Also TSMC 10nm will be in full production with 7nm coming out two years later (delays for 7nm).
  •     You are being kind of unreasonable, how much space would ESRAM + HBM take? Then how much would it cost, why would MS lock themselves into GDDR5X when there's only one other customer for it and price not going down like it is for GDDR5?  MS already showed in the video that there are 12 ram chips on board which puts it at 12GB of GDDR5 @ 384bit bus(bus width confirmed/leaked by Panello). With that bus only options are 8GB of GDDR5X or 12GB of GDDR5 (goes with video) to achieve 320GB/s. Don't forget that 4K will require more ram! As for guys question regarding games being 100GB, he should only look at PCs and notice that 4k games are actually no larger thancurrent console games being sub 50gb. Also note that 90% of the game size is uncompressed audio.
  • @Kazekage1981 Nope Nope Nope No info yet Probably via USB like the Xbox One S, but unconfirmed No info yet
  • would be nice to have all of that but my question is why would you need thunderbolt on it? ZEN just released and HBM2 wasn't even in rumors until now. the rumors are very vague. it could actually end up with an i7 as far as we know.
  • No I7. AMD have the deal. And produce faster chips for leass heat cost.
  • This sounds great, especially if it is 399. The backwards compatibility is icing on the cake.
  • So can anyone guess if we'd be seeing these games rendered at 4k to the equivalent of medium, high or ultra PC settings? I can't see Scorpio being on par graphically with a high end gaming rig. My guess is medium to high.
  • I think so, we'll be able to tell definitively by comparing UWP and Scorpio versions of games like RE7 etc.
  • From what I understood from a friend who works at an international gaming company, they already have test units and he was not too impressed with the performance, or at least not as expected (he did not give details about the technical specifications). I'm not a gamer and do not want to start a controversy...maybe he was referring to other things.
  • Scorpio is nowhere near full powered right now. It needs updates in April, May, and RS3. If he really is a developer, he should've read the documentation detailing how Scorpio's power will be unlocked in the coming months. It needs Redstone 3.
  • He is not a developer and that's exactly what I thought, after the software is ready, then we will know the true power. I hope it will have the latest hardware technology because the software can be improved anytime.
  • According to my roadmap, May's SDK preview will bring Scorpio to 80% of launch targets. GPU stack reaches full launch targets in June. Let him know. :D
  • I will :)
  • Maybe Jez you could add to the article the highly likeliness of Scorpio using Ryzen. Or a custom Ryzen. As at AMDs Ryzen unveiling they advertised Scorpio on the Ryzen stand. When an AMD employee was asked why that was there the reply was I can't say at this time. But its there for a reason.
  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq59OCmJagQ&feature=youtu.be
  • Haven't heard a shred about the CPU/GPU, that info seems to be top secret. But we might have more concrete info in April.
  • Personally I think the fact that AMD were advertising Scorpio as a new generation right there at the Ryzen event is more concrete than most speculative things about Scorpio. Clearly displaying Scorpio at their Ryzen desk. Even with Ryzen shirts right under the sign. If there's any rumour that's a strong rumour. It's this one.
  • We spoke to them about that. There's nothing definitive about it.
  • Yeah I know. AMD rep said can't comment at this time. But he did say its there for a reason. That's ominous to the say least. And let's be honest why else have Scorpio advertised at a Ryzen event stand.
  • How available do you think they'll be at launch? Think you can preorder at E3?
  • "Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1 will receive 4K versions on Project Scorpio​" --- article.    Does this mean we have to REBUY These games to get 4K??  ****!!
  • From what I have heard, id you buy Shadows of War before Scorpio launches digitally, when you get Scorpio and download the game on that that you already paid for you will get the Scorpio edition. No extra cost.
  • no man. you just pop the xbox one disk, wait for an update and voila..same as on ps4pro
  • I think it would be a free dlc much like they did with TES:Skyrim - High Resolution Texture Pack. That was ~4GB optional update, then later included in the Special Edition version. You'd only buy the later if you have download limits, or they offer separate achievements...
  • My biggest wish is for it to be black by default again or from the start offer a no frills black variant. Besides not owning an HDR TV, though 4K capable, and thus giving me a reason to buy an Xbox One S the biggest reason I didn't get one is probably the lack of a pure black model - No color variation accepted - Sorry.
  • I see a white box and i want it painted blaaaack
  • I think price will be everything around £300 its a winner around £600 you may well prefer a pc
  • I just got logitech racing wheel for the xbox one will it work on Scorpio ?
  • Yes. it's been confirmed that Scorpio will use the same accessories as the Xbox One standard.