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Microsoft gives you a way to find which Oscar nominee you look like

With the 2016 Academy Awards now less than a week away, Microsoft is offering users a way to see if they look like a past or present Oscar nominee. The company's Bing division has launched the site, which uses Microsoft's Project Oxford facial recognition tools that have been used in the past for sites like and

Microsoft says that if you upload a picture of yourself to the site, it will use those tools to find a web photo of a Oscar nominated actor, actress or director that most closely resembles the photo. It will also display three more non-Oscar nominated celebrities that also look like the photo. It adds:

These matches are based on facial structure—think jawline, eye spacing and nose shape—and not things such as hair length or color. That means your matches will share the same facial structure, but perhaps include a mix of gender and races.

Microsoft also described how the facial recognition tools work:

"This recognition engine recognizes celebrity faces, like Tom Hanks and Keira Knightley, for example, in web images on a large scale with extremely high accuracy. The engine then links these entities to both the Bing Satori knowledge graph, where we have information about the entity, and Image Graph, where we have knowledge based on visual features and web presence of the image. The engine, in communicating with Bing databases and using state of the art deep learning, functions as an end-to-end simulation of human behavior in understanding and learning. It continues to build and provide comprehensive knowledge on the appearance of a huge number of celebrity images, including those nominated for Oscars."

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Source: Microsoft

  • Hi I'm a black person. Will this site work for me?
    Posted from my Lumia 950 XL
  • Yes it should
  • You're right! It uses nominees from before 2016 as well. My first photo failed, but my second got a match - and it wasn't Morgan Freeman :-D Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Lol... was it Samuel or Denzel? :D ^_^
  • Lee Daniels :D
  • Uh yes.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I think his comment is from the fact that in this year's Oscars no black people were nominated. But it pulls from all previous oscars nominees as well.
  • Oh ok cool
  • You are above anyone else . Specially we whites.
  • Lmao ignorance
  • Ba haha...I was thinking the same thing!
  • Haha
  • Mine matches with oscar nominee Richard Linklater (39% match).. Dunno who he is.. But most similar are Ethan Zohn (53%, I agree), Bertie Higgins (45%) and Michael Beach (43%)
  • Hmm...
  • Won't work; my jaw line is unparalleled.
  • Wow, such an innovative feature Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Clearly you don't understand how machine learning works or why it is important. This is a rather silly application of a very sophisticated technology. So why do it? Because it takes an otherwise banal topic of machine learning and computer recognition to a dumb enough level so that regular people can see it implemented in a practical - if not humorous - application. It is the underlying technology here that is impressive.
  • Why! Why do u have to do that ? He just appreciated it... God... That pride of yours
  • So what do they do with all those pictures that get uploaded by people after they get their results and leave the site?
  • I don't think they need your picture
  • It's pretty much a "fun" tactic to mine user data. I remember an article about the how old website telling it was pretty much aimed to mine tags etc. from the photos users uploaded
  • "So what do they do with all those pictures that get uploaded by people after they get their results and leave the site?"
    "Your photos, but no personal info, may be used to improve matches." Microsoft Services Agreement
  • they just gett added to pictures you can use to anyone can see that I'm just like the guy from Sons of Anarchy. So watch your back! O.o jk
  • Ok. So who on Earth is Jacob Pitts. Dam I'm a good looking beatch
  • Why don't they bring face recognition tools into Photos app of Windows 10 ? I would be great to automatically tag all the faces in my collection, and then find the pictures based on it. Is this coming in the future ?
  • This would be pretty awesome. I hate when I'm looking for 1 picture out of hundreds it's like a needle in a haystack
  • That feature exists in the Windows Photo Gallery... so it should be pretty easy to implement into the Photos app.  You should submit a feedback for that!  I'll upvote it :D
  • Two 54%, but I look nothing like these two guys. One came up twice
  • Daniel Rubino?  But I'm African American.  jk
  • I got Gabourey Sidibe!
  • LOL, so did I.  And my complexion isn't even that dark.
  • They are looking at the facial structure and features... not just skin tone.
  • Did the wife and it came up with the choice of 4 male acters !! Let's just say she wasn't impressed :o
  • lol Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • She probably just has some facial structure similiarities to those guys... doesn't mean she looks like a dude lol.  
  • Were the actors ugly? =s