Surface Pro 3

Want to lighten the load of your backpack? Then you're going to want to win a free Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. Today is National Backpack Awareness Day, an event to raise awareness about how the total weight of your bag can have negative health impacts. It was started by the American Occupational Therapy Association to make sure you don't carry too much junk in your bag. Microsoft things the Surface Pro 3 does a goob job of getting rid of excess gadgets in your bag, so they're celebrating by giving away one to you.

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The Surface Pro 3 weighs just 2.5 lbs and can replace your laptop and tablet. It does the functions of both devices with aplomb.

To enter the #LightenMyLoad contest and win a Surface Pro 3 with Surface Type Cover you need to share a photo. The photo should tell the Surfacd team how a Surface Pro 3 would lighten your load.

Sorry folks, this contest is U.S. only and only available to those 18 and older. Full details available at the link below. Go read it!

Source: Surface

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