Microsoft pulls Google Chrome Installer from the Microsoft Store

Google today released a glorified Chrome installer on the Microsoft Store, acting as a way to offer Chrome through Microsoft's app store without having to adhere to its requirements for browsers. But it seems Microsoft wasn't too thrilled with this clever move, as the app, called "Google Chrome Installer" (opens in new tab), has been pulled from the Microsoft Store.

In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the removal, stating "we have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies." Microsoft instead invites Google to "build a Microsoft Store browser app compliant with our Microsoft Store policies."

The policies governing the Microsoft Store state that any browser listed among its ranks must use Microsoft's own rendering engine. The "Google Chrome Installer" app got around this by simply acting as downloader for the standard Chrome desktop app. While that could potentially come in handy for people searching for Chrome on the Microsoft Store, it could be confusing to Windows 10 S users, who would be able to download the installer app, but wouldn't be able to install Chrome itself.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't likely to have a huge impact, as anyone running Windows 10 can continue to simply use Edge to download the Chrome installer upon setting up a computer. As for whether we'll ever see a functional version of Chrome hit the Microsoft Store, that remains unlikely.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • F*** you google ^^
  • Why Google? What did they do wrong in this case?
  • Follow the rules?
  • I cannot see what rule they did not follow. There is no rule saying you cannot have an app that just opens an URL in your default browser, and this does exactly that. (Yes, they did not force-uninstall it yet)
  • 10.8.5 Your app may promote or distribute software only through the Microsoft Store.
  • Okay, seems like I cannot read :D
    Thanks for correcting me
  • Hmm, technically, it DID "promote software through the store".
  • What about the "Get Office" app that used to come from the store....or the "Get Skype" app they had
  • "used to come from the store" "they had"    I think the past tense answers your question. Rules change.
  • Maybe read the article?  It mentions why Microsoft pulled it.
  • 10.10.4 The primary content of your app may not be advertising, and advertising must be clearly distinguishable from other content in your app.
  • The app is not advertising, that one is sure
  • it's passive advertisement... They are using the store to promote downloading chrome... Without offering chrome on the store... Or maybe it's just revenge for other things *cough* youtube *cough*
  • The note to (Windows 10 S user)
  • You're on the wrong site, that's what rule they didn't follow...
  • They did upload an app to the store, which is not working as advertised for Windows 10 S users. This alone justifies the removal.
  • Did the "Get Office" app used to just give you a link to download office? (Now it's called My Office and does more)
  • The difference being that on Windows 10 S it directs users to the store to download Office so therefore it isn't a problem. Chrome is not available through the store so Windows 10 S users can't use the app as intended, therefore it's a misleading app.
  • What is the point to have an app that only link to download the .exe file?
    and windows10S still unable to install if it's not actual app from the store, so it's basically useless, and is good to remove it before it's getting too many download and too many complain that it's wont work on 10S.
  • The only app they bring is a downloader for their bloatware ... still no Apps for Youtube, Hangouts ...
  • True as I'm waiting for a window store version of **cough** iTunes, iMessage, Apple music, Apple numbers, Apple keynote, etc. So in the end a company creates a version of their software on the platform they choose. In this case I'm sure Google doesn't want locked out dependent on the MS rendering engine which means there won't be a chrome version.. fair enough.
  • The only thing want to Meh I'm fine using edge.
  • Payback for Edge on Android having to use the Chrome engine.
  • Sadly, this is just pettiness Microsoft can ill afford right now. Microsoft is in no position to force others to use their own rendering engine or other software tools.  
  • Funny. It wasn’t pettiness when google forced Microsoft to pull the YouTube app from WP? Google has, many times, created or changed rules to suppress competition. The trolls here like to claim that Microsoft has “junk” on their store, that “most” (when really it is just a few) web page wrappers, and now Microsoft pulls the real junk, a web page that takes you to another another web page, an app that offers no real functionality nor provides any functionality, and you are complaining.  It isn’t Microsoft being petty, it is people like yourself who are trying to protect google for doing this cheap crap.
  • Google could afford to pull that one. YouTube was established and strong. Google was probably trolling Microsoft but maybe they just wanted an easy way for people to find Chrome through the Microsoft store instead of the fakes. If Microsoft wants to keep their struggling store frustrating for low information users, that is their choice to make.
  • They just did.
  • @Bobcat665 oups! so many downvotes :). You've spoken the truth and delusional fanboys downvoted ya' :)) MS should lick Google's @$$ for this installer instead of taking it out from that pathetic store :)) Or, this was a message from Google saying: This is how much your store means to us :))))
  • Apps submitted to the Microsoft Store are required to use the EdgeHTML rendering engine in order to protect users' security. Microsoft doesn't want to allow apps in the Store to use other rendering engines because then Microsoft cannot control users' security. Apple is the same way with iOS App Store rules regarding third-party browsers. I'm not saying that third-party web rendering engines aren't safe. I'm just saying that in both cases, those rules are there because Microsoft and Apple want to keep users safe. See the other comments on this page for specific Microsoft Store rule numbers.
  • If we were talking about mobile you might have a point.
  • That is Microsoft's decision.  Android doesn't force you to use their engine.  Firefox has its own engine on Android.  iOS does force you though.
  • The Google guys that did this were sitting back and chuckling when one guy said, "Hey, watch this!" It was underhanded, but actually kinda funny...imho ;)
  • Brings back memories of Google blocking Microsofts YouTube app from working.
  • Impressive Microsoft....
  • It's kind of astonishing that this was actually published in the store to begin with. Doesn't fill me with confidence in Microsoft's screening...
  • Every app store uses automagic verification.  Likely this is an issue with the "Windows Bridge" verification process that will be addressed soon™. Hold on to your britches. 
  • There is nothing that should be considered harmful about this app. It's just a single-page browser based on MS's engine, that opens any link clicked in the default browser installed. That including the direct link to the Chrome installer. You click on the download button, accept the EULA, then your browser pops up to download the file. You actually have to execute the downloaded installer yourself.
  • You fail to grasp the idea of publishing via the Microsoft Store.
  • Personally I cannot get the point of these app stores existing in the first place. Sure, they are great for paid apps, but people should be allowed to download any app from anywhere. And by that I mean without messing with settings to allow "Unknown sources", or sideloading apps.
    The only useful thing about them is being able to update stuff from a single place, but *NIX package managers can do exactly that, and support adding 3rd party app sources.
  • Win10S user won't be able to use this app. For average user, Facebook website, uwp app and exe, which one(s) is more accessible? Certainly not exe...
    Is exe safer than uwp? How about no-name ones? Will people clean up messes in the reg during uninstallation? As an indie or startup, do you want to do your own installer, updater, uninstaller, crack-proof and advertisement your exe like enterprises do? If MsStore failed or non-exist... what keeps consumers jumping to other OSes? iOS and Android might be fast enough one day to run traditional productivity Windows application and if one gets ported, others will follow. There won't be Windows anymore and is already too late to do anything to save it. * Other benefits... MsStore is also shared with (win10s, win10arm,) IOT, AR, MR and xboxes, and XPA is a good feature.
  • the purpose is increased security. app found to have malware? they can do an uninstall for you. want updates pushed to your app but don't want to annoy the user or deal with firewalls? done through the store. are you a no name developer just starting out and want people to find you with limited ad money? a store can help with that (sometimes). moreover, blocking sideloading also blocks apps installing other apps without your knowledge. there's a reason for the security message given when you turn on sideloading. its not just security theater.
  • The app itself might not be harmful but what if Ransomware developers were allowed to put an "installer" on the store?
  • They probably like Woah Google should be fine.............what the take at this #$
  • Lol
  • Is Microsoft really in a position to act this way? So Google has to just put aside its own rendering engine and create one based on Microsoft's engine? Sorry, but Microsoft can only pull off these stunts when dealing with small developers - whom it alienated long time ago. Honestly, seeing the state of the Store, it was a courtesy on Google's part to submit an app to Microsoft Store. And this is coming from someone who finds Google products to be mediocre.
  • Android and IOS have the same restrictions for browser apps. That's why the Edge browser on Android uses Chromium
  • They does not. Firefox uses its own engine on Android and is available on Google Play. Microsoft uses Chromium in Edge simply because they did not wanted take time to port their own engine.
  • This is incorrect. Android does not have any restrictions forcing anyone to use the Chromium engine. Firefox on Android is NOT a chrome wrapper. MS chose to use that engine because they didn't feel like porting Edge to Android - they only care about you being able to sync to the desktop edge.
  • False, not true for Android.
  • "Android and IOS have the same restrictions for browser apps" Now I get it. Windows 10 S is a mobile operating system. That now explains why S stands for Sucks or Sucker. BTW It's obvious that you've got your fanboi blinders on. Google-licensed Android does not enforce any sort of browser engine lockin. It does not force any default unchangeable browser. It also does not limit the search engine to one and only one search engine. For that matter, on iOS Apple does not restrict the default search engine to one and only one search engine. When I look at the fanbois here I see people who happily cut off their noses to spit their face. Fanboi != fan. I'm now a fan of Microsoft's OS but I am not a blithering idiot incapable of seeing weakness or anti-consumer behavior (like what Microsoft is practicing with its our way or the highway mentality... even the most blind Apple haters out there couldn't accuse Apple of forcing one and only one search engine on their users).
  • The store has it's own rules since the beginning. And they actually did it because other store did it (App Store did it, Play Store did it, why can't Microsoft Store did it?)...
  • Browsers on iOS (Edge, Chrome etc all use Safari rendering engine, the are like a forked Safari browser., All browsers on android use Chromium rendering engine - They are like a forked Chrome browser. It is not different for Microsoft platform.
  • That statement about Android is NOT true.
  • Incorrect.
  • Nope, Firefox is not using Chromium or the Blink engine - Android has no such restriction - only WM10, WPx and ios enforce that.
  • "Stunt"?  Did you read the article?
  • I agree. If Google Chrome isn't allowed in the Microsoft Store because of Microsoft's policies, then perhaps Microsoft needs to change its policies.
  • Google Chrome is allowed if it actually ports the browser using the Centennial bridge or creates a new UWP app. Basically it needs to be an actual Web Browser -> NOT an installer that redirects you to anther website to get it.
    Read the listing that the installer had; it says to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in order to use the said Google Chrome Installer.
  • Why the policy in place to protect users And the security of their OS.
  • What users? Can Microsoft afford to turn away apps? Why not allow Google's superior browser? Edge is certainly more insecure.,3394...
  • How many teams were hacking Edge compared to Chrome and how much were those teams supposed to win?
  • Here goes another troll
  • I can certainly create my own rendering engine and secretly log user's account name and password...
    But Google is no small fry so they might be able to strike a deal with MS to use their engine. And if anything goes wrong, we know where Google is located. * This app won't work for Win10S users, this reason alone is enough to take it down imo.
  • It's noone's problem that win10S users like to torment themselves and kiss MS's @$$ by using that locked down mediocre OS instead of at least updating to Pro to be able to use any standard app...
  • MS should praise the heavens that finally, a big dev like Google took the time to even bother with an installer wrapped as a Store App...but as always, no brains Microsoon acted like morons.
  • A courtesy?  Really?  So Microsoft should just bend over backwards for "the big boys" as though they're just a fresh startup trying to make a name for themselves?  What universe are you living in?
  • Google have done nothing that favors MS and UWP, neither on phones or desktop. They pulled MS apps for google services, like Youtube for reasons alot dumber than this, and pretty much refused to assist MS making a store app. There is no reason what so ever for MS to give Google a free pass on this one, at least not when it could confuse W10S users.
  • "In the grand scheme of things, this isn't likely to have a huge impact, as anyone running WIndows 10 can continue to simply use Edge."
  • coming soon. ''Google responds to Microsoft for pulling their app from the windows store''
  • More like ''Google responds to Microsoft by blocking YouTube on Edge''
  • In no way is chrome blocked by Microsoft. Google didn't care to follow the rules of the store they wanted to publish something in.
  • This is just Google doing the least amount of work.
    Just like that useless Google app that has been on the Windows Store since the Windows 8.1 days that allow you to only access Google web searches.
  • This was attempt to Windows S ( Schools and businesses) user to jump to pro.
  • Exactly, to try and force Microsoft out of the Education sector so Google can have a monopoly.
  • A d*ck move from Google I say. Whoever want Chrome already know where to get it. Those who don't know, usually don't care with what browser they use.
  • "Those who don't know, usually don't care with what browser they use."
    Those who don't know are called non-techy (or older) relatives who have a tendency to find any app they want on "free application download site"s filled with viruses. And some just hate to be the ones who have to clean up the mess they do by not being able just enter the app name into a search engine, but use query strings like "<misspelled app name> free <language> download" those WILL bring up those shady sites.
  • I know, that's why I'd never use chrome. 
  • Microsoft should just remove their services from chrome OS devices.
  • They don't have any to remove anyhow, seeing how they are all web based.    Think before you post.
  • We might have different definitions for "web based", but there are some that just wouldn't work without an app, like Authenticator
  • Yes. Think before you post.
  • Office is now on chrome books.
  • Actually they do, the Play Store is now available on Chrome OS
  • Lol. You're funny.
  • About time.
  • I use chrome but agree with MS on this. Sometimes Google is just lazy AF. 
  • Screw you scroogle, shoe is on the other foot, follow the rules so you can get your add delivery app in the Microsoft store.
  • So Microsoft tied Edge updates to big Windows updates (about 2 times a year, only bugfix and security updates are released more often). At the sime time blocks anybody else from publishing in Windows Store a browser that could be updated faster with new engine related features (like support for new standards). And for people with Windows 10 S, MS blocks this completely, since they cannot install anything from outside of the Store.
  • Calm down. No one cares about Microsoft Store anyway.
  • That's why you put your comments here.
  • Troll
  • No one cares about scroogle either
  • This is an unfounded comment if Google really wanted to publish their browser to the store im sure they could partner with MS and actually publish it. Instead they want to be lazy and not do what is required of them to put a browser in the store.
  • Even if they kept it on the Microsoft Store, most people would not be able to use it since you require Windows 10 Pro to actually open the installer (as stated in the listing see photo).
    This was just a scam since no body could ever use it except for the small percentage of Windows users on W10Pro.
  • No. Only Windows 10 S users couldn't use it, which is probably 1% of Windows 10 users.
  • That was the goal to get Schools and businesses off Windows 10 S
  • Why would you need browser updates more regulary? W3C is moving slow enough that this is more than sufficient. Until a year ago, i used Opera 12, which did not get an update for 2 years by then.
  • Complaining that Windows 10 S won't install from outside the store is stupid. That's literally what the version is for. If you want to install outside the store, just don't get S. It's *almost* as stupid as complaining that you can't install Edge on a chromebook. I will say you have a point with the first part of your post though. If you dropped your last sentence, you could have ended on a high note.
  • Seriously a Google installer for Chrome in the app store. If it's not an official app for Windows store it should be removed. It's really not difficult to get Chrome everytime I open my browser I get that invasive popup notification from google saying download Chrome for better browsing experience, annoys me. I use Edge period and IE.
  • I Think Microsoft should do that on the Google Play Store -> have an Edge installer that redirects people to some random MSFT website to install edge apk file.
  • Eh, i ain't hurt. I've had a bone to pick with chrome all since they decided that being lightweight and efficient was less valuable than being a hog. Uninstalled it and didn't look back from the moment Edge got uBlock Origin
  • Thats payback for the YouTube App debacle back in the day!!!!!! 
  • Pepperidge farm remembers
  • In case the youngans need a history lesson..
  • No history lesson needed, Google is pulling the same move right now on Amazon fire sticks. 
  • Except debacles like YouTube basically destroyed Windows Phone. This won't hurt Chrome or Google one bit.
  • Might be true.  But Googles actions also brought us a really good Youtube app that most thought was better than the official one.
  • But most of those you had to pay.
  • @lpb775 Was there an official app on windows phone? I'm confused by your statement. If i recall, many like's MS's windows phone version better than Google's version on Android.
  • I guess i should've worded it better.  Because Google forced Microsoft to remove their app, a third party saw fit to create their own for Windows, in which a majority of users agreed is better than Google's version on Android.
  • No it won't, but it will show Google that they can't do whatever they like and get away with it.
  • What about Spotify and other apps that use Chromium Embedded Framework? They are in the Store.
  • I tried to access from Spotify app with no luck...
  • It might be a browser under the hood, but it's not a general purpose browser
  • This isn't a block of Chromium based browsers but removing an app that doesn't comply with store policies. Other apps that use Chromium are fine as long as they adhere to the policies Microsoft have in place.
  • hahaha nice job, MS :D 
  • >Complains about MS not following its rules around YouTube apps
    >Violates MS's rules in an attempt to get Chrome onto the Windows Store Seems legit.
  • Hey Microsoft, if you're looking to get rid of "glorified installer" apps, here are a few more..
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Look at the scroogle trolls from lagdroid central running over here to post and act all butt hurt, GTFO.
  • Good. Screw Google.
  • Chrome sucks now! It's a resource hog, and it's slow... Thought people would've caught onto that by now.
  • I agree. Better get Firefox. I was surprised to use the latest version. It's so fast. Much better than Chrome. Chrome takes at least 10 or more seconds just to open on my laptop. Edge and Firefox are too fast compared to that.
  • I don't like edge eighter ... but 10 seconds stgart time, i would investigate what is wrong on your system.
  • I prefer Edge but I did beta test Firefox Quantum and yes it's certainly much faster than previous versions, so much so that I have it installed on my Surface Pro 4 now.
  • Agree.
  • Isn't the big story here that Google feels the need to make their browser available via the Microsoft Store? Obviously they've done it in a rubbish and frankly slightly embarassing way, but doesn't it tell you something that they are no longer just ignoring it completely.
  • It could also be an attempt to generate bad press for Microsoft.
  • Yup.  That was my thought as well.  Obviously Google cares enough about the MS store to put an app in there.  My guess is they just wanted to see if they could get away with a quickie, but now they'll most likely end up doing it the right way.
  • Good. It was worse when google screwed the YouTube app MS made for WM. With the move today, you can still install chrome on W10. No change.
  • Google did this on purpose people. Google publishes POS installer in Windows Store knowing full well that Microsoft would pull it. Then Microsoft pulls it. Then here comes the bad press for Microsoft. Just as Google planned it, the outcome was completely predictable. Google is playing Chess. Mindshare and public opinion have been weapons used in this war for many years now.
  • Given what little attention they usually give to any MS platform, I would agree that this is the most likely scenario. 
  • If Microsoft hadn't pulled it then they would still have had bad press, Windows 10 S users who downloaded it without reading the description would have complained that it's Microsoft's fault they can't use it.
  • It isn't Microsoft's fault? They certainly made that decision.
  • Good. What a waste of effort. Google should be shamed on Twitter.
  • Lol, right.   Because “shamed on Twitter” is such a horrible punishment.   
  • It is funny though that Google dare to show that they care enough to be in the ms store to actually break the rules to be in it... It is a huge step forward from the earlier actions from their part.. :)
  • Vent!!! #DungGoogle
  • How about an OS level block of all Google traffic, push the update to every version since 7 and watch the fireworks.
  • Fireworks?   There would be lawsuits.   Microsoft would be done.  
  • Nope..Microsoft is not that mean minded like scroogle. 
    Scoogle has crossed all the limits of lowness blocking youtube on amazon Fire tv.
  • Eye for an eye? Amazon hasn't carried some competing Google products for years. Why does Google have to supply services to a competitor?
  • They WHAT?! Jesus H Christ, where did I hang my pitchfork and flaming torch...?  -__- Yeah, of all the shady **** a tech company has done (and none of them are any better than any other in this regard - they all play in the same swamp), not having YouTube on Fire TV definitely constitutes passing the limits of lowness.  Beware unnecessary hyperbole ... 
  • It is applalling that #scroogle regularly complains and in some cases ban apps because it does not obey their rules (e.g. Youtube for Windows Phone, Youtube on Amazon Echo Show, Youtube for FireTV, Adblock Plus on Google Play). and YET, they they don't follow the rules of others. Double standard like they always do *cough* Project Zero *cough*
  • Cough this coughing thing is so stupid cough.  
  • They recently removed UC Browser from the Play Store for similar reasons as their app has been removed from MS Store.
  • YES: That was a d*ck move on Google's part
    NO: Microsoft cannot afford to be petty at this point in history  
  • Actually, they have no choice but to be petty.  If they want the store to be respectable they have to establish certain guidelines and stick to them.
  • It's not petty. Rules are in place, and they need to be enfored on everybody equally, regardless of whether they are an independant dev or turning over however many billions of [currency] a year. It's so easy for people to pretend there's conflict ... 
  • Lol
  • Good . Google is a piece of junk . I can't even send many type of attachments via email to Google accounts
  • Chrome who ?
  • Too funny.  I’m sure the folks at Google are having a good laugh tonite.   Merry Christmas, Microsoft!  
  • If so, only because of ignorant or complicit media....
  • Chrome is that shiny stuff on my car. Never on my computer.
  • Edge is shaving cream.   Never on MY computer.  I still use IE on Windows.  
  • 🤤IE?
  • When/If Edge ever gets finished, I might use it.   Right now it is a POS.   Which explains why it is #4 on the desktop - behind Chrome, Firefox and IE.  
  • How long as Edge been out compared to the other three?
  • Cheers Microsoft. Well done. 
  • Can anyone explain it to me that Microsoft makes it compulsory to use its own rendering engine? Are there any benefits or it's just like MS wants to force it on others? Please someone explain it to me.
  • Not compulsory if you want to install traditionally, just through the store (unless on 10 S where everything runs in a sandboxed environment,) Hmm, can I install a browser based on a different rendering engine on ChromeOS?  If not, why not?  Does Google just want to force it on others?
  • It's a way of keeping things in line with the core Windows experience. Google could however port their Win32 app to the store without using Microsofts engine.
  • Could, but won't
  • I use Bing app and edge on reader view. On PC use Edge too...uses significantly less CPU cycles than Chrome on YouTube.
  • this was about convert windows 10 S user to pro form the note
  • I still pledge allegiance to Microsoft Intel AMD NVIDIA and Steam.
  • Microsoft research traced WannaCry to NoKo...Go big Softie.
  • Lol, they deserve it, especially after the whole Microsoft-Developed YouTube App that Google pulled the API key for. NEVER FORGET
  • Meanwhile, on Twitter, Tim Sweeney goes full retard.
  • wow. hahaha
  • Lets be real here, this Google has always been a LEECH in microsoft's Windows OS.  It's annoying when people say **** like "i only use windows browser to download chrome" when you are still using a microsoft product.  It's annoying when Google doesnt play nice with microsoft on mobile, but microsoft let their a$$ get rapèd by Google whenever they can on Windows.  Im saying this over and over, its been over decades since Google have used microsofts ecosystem for their advantage.  It's time for google to leave the ecosystem.  I havent used any google software in a logn time, and Ive been okay.  The only service i use from them is Youtube, and if there is ever a competitive platform I'd be happy to leave YT.  Google is sleeazy leech ball that needs to go away.
  • Not to sound like a fanboy here, but I really like using Edge, it's first time after many years when default browser is actually good. It's fast, good looking, functional, well it uses too much ram sometimes but I still hope them to fix this, other than that, it's perfectly fine! So if I WERE using Windows 10S  Ithing I would have everything I need with Edge.
  • Kill the chrome. Good Job Microsoft. There was time when Google blocked Youtube app
  • Make it for Mobile...
  • They already did, Android and iOS .
  • no went CLEARLY against the store rules
  • Why would you want Chrome it's pants. Well done MS about time you grew a spine.
  • Chrome has more users worldwide than Firefox, IE, Edge and Safari combined.   They must be doing something right.   Yes, I am talking about desktop Windows/Mac users, not mobile users.  Chrome is at 60%, Firefox is 14%, IE is 13%, Edge is 4% and Safari is 3%.  
  • Once upon a time IE was in that same position. That doesn't mean IE was good at the height of its popularity.
  • The point is that Google recommends Windows S users to switch to Windows 10 Pro. A very good idea because Windows S will in the long run end like Windows RT. Why should a store that was the main cause of the winphone (and I had 3 of these phones) disaster suddenly succeed in a desktop environment.
  • You're making the assumption that the the device was not solely purchased for the Windows S software.  The ease of maintenance along with the added security makes sense in certain businesses and schools.
  • Well done MS. Don't forget that this the Google which didn't even build a single one of their apps for Windows Phone. What they got by acquisition (like Waze) they've simply thrown to the trash. They got what they deserve.
  • To tell the truth I'm happy, google blocked the use of the YouTube app in the microsoft store of the lumia devices, this app was great, much better than the official app from google in iOS devices and thanks to google, microsoft had to replace it with an ugly shortcut to the YouTube mobile webpage. Eventually everyone cross roads. 
  • Google can't be giving employees enough to do if somone had time for this pointless endeavour. They aren't dumb - far from it - which is why it's so baffling they would do this in the first place ...  I'm an Android user. I use Chrome. I'm heavily invested in the "ecosystem" (God, I hate that term ...) but rules are rules at the end of the day. Play nice guys. 
  • Google will build app for Microsoft Store soon, when the launch of the always connected PCs getting more and more aggressive.
  • Microsoft did what was the right thing to do
  • Where's the feature, I've tried updating my browser chrome 64 to chrome 65,  yet it didn't receive any updates, nor does tell me it has its own native adblocker???