Microsoft has identified the Surface Pro sleep issue and a fix is in the works

If you're one of the many Surface Pro users who have been hit with hibernation issues with the device, the good news is a fix is in the works. In a post on the Microsoft Answers forum, where numerous Surface Pro owners have complained about the device randomly entering sleep mode for no discernible reason, Microsoft recently confirmed it has identified the issue and an update will be released via Windows Update once available.

From Microsoft:

7/10 Update: Wanted to provide a quick update, we believe we have identified the issue, and are currently testing a fix that will be delivered via Windows Update.7/12 Update: Just wanted to provide additional information that this fix was not included in the 7/11 Windows update, as testing still continues. I will update this posting when the update is available, also the Surface Pro Update History page will also be updated with the details when it launches.

We first reported on isolated reports of Surface Pro users seeing the device abruptly going to sleep in late June, and it appears the issue has become more widespread over time. In addition to reports on Microsoft's own support forums, a number of Reddit users have also reported issues.

There's no hard timeline for the release of an update that will fix the issue, but it's good to see that a fix is in the works regardless.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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