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Microsoft has new plans to close the Windows 'app gap', Android support still possible

Microsoft will be making a new push to close the 'app gap' that currently exists between its Modern apps for Windows and Windows Phone and apps made for iOS and Android by attracting more independent software vendors (ISVs). However, a new report claims that Microsoft is still considering an option that could allow Android apps to run in Windows 10.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, using her unnamed sources at Microsoft, says that it is currently unknown when Microsoft will give the ''go-no go" to allow Android app support in Windows 10 but that it is still a possibility. In the meantime, Microsoft is sticking with "Plan A"; the Universal App program that will allow developers to create apps that will run on any version of Windows 10, from the smallest smartphone to the largest all-in-one PC.

Foley also posted word that Microsoft's Developer Experience team will be reaching out to students, startups and developers that have previously not supported Windows to ask them to create apps for the platform. She posted part of an internal email that was sent last week by Microsoft's Corporate Vice President Steve Guggenheimer, who also leads the Developer Experience team:

"DX has built a global ISV management capability over the past 18 months and now we will extend that capability to manage top ISVs in the field. In partnership with WPG (Worldwide Partner Group), we will also develop a broad programmatic approach to reach and engage a broader set of ISVs that scales from higher touch programs and offers through to self-service with MPN (Microsoft Partner Network). We must be selective in how we look at ISVs to drive the greatest adoption of our cloud and mobile platforms. We will no longer define ISVs in the traditional sense."

Foley adds that the DX division is forming a new ISV team, saying, "That team will encompass app launch services, app performance, Microsoft Ventures and the existing ISV Alliance team."

Source: ZDNet

  • If they enable this it is the end of ALL Windows as why would anyone develop for anything other than Android.
  • Actually, even if people keep developing for Android they would have an opportunity to launch those apps on Windows without much extra work. This would be beneficial for Windows platform considering its current market share.
  • Pushing cross platform is the future, but not by dissolving Windows
  • I know what will solve all our problems... The Amazon Fire Phone.....*weeps over sales figures*
  • Well of course MS could push developers to make native WP apps. Say, Instagram. Their Android client would work nicely with Android emulation, but would get less revenue (or none if they block Android apps from reaching ad servers) from Store purchases (current ratio is  80-20 I believe, for the developers, Android apps could go for say, 60-40 for MS - they were the ones who did  the majority of the work enabling Android apps, so the lazy devs should not use it that much). This would provide a compatibility layer, all the while pushing app developers to make a native client that integrates better and earns them more money. This way, devs can test Android version of the app to see the level of outreach on the WP platform, and determine if its worth to develop a WP app. Also let's not forget those apps that were pulled from the Store lately - looking at those banking apps by Chase and BoA. While I myself am not touched by these issues, as I do not even live in the US, I can understand the pain of the current users. Now these apps could be ran easily with an Android runtime.
  • Ooh please, enough of this nonsense, how will wp in any way be unique if we were to use android apps, give all the MSFT apps such as office, Skype, msn apps, Cortana to ios and android, and in return only get a big load of bull crap from google android and ios users!!! They will keep laughing at us as they have always done.
  • ^^^ This!!! The fact that Microsoft is even considering Android app support digusts me. Where is the vision they had for Windows Phone and Windows we all came to love??? It supposed to be different, personal and to offer a unique user experience not seen on other platforms. If the Android uglyness will "invade" the Windows world, it ends right there and then and it will be the end of the platform as we know it. Please Microsoft, be sensible here and consider the Windows platform as one of a kind and keep it that way! There must be other ways to close the app gap. Rome wasn't built in a day, same goes for the Windows ecosystem. In the end it will be superior, combining all the Microsoft products to ONE Windows, making the competition fall way behind. Developers will come lining up, I'm sure. Please Microsoft, please...
  • I agree but these developers dont even want to develop for MS. All they see is IOS and android. Us contacting these developers dont seem T help either
  • Pebble is a prime example of this, I tweeted asking if they'll ever develop an official app for Windows Phone and they said that they are only focusing on Android/iOS and pointed me to an indie app, problem is though, that app doesn't support text/call notifications etc so there's not much point in it. I think it's going to take a long time for developers to even consider WP, if at all! Tis a shame really :/
  • Even if they tell you they are not planning a windows app at this time, your email to them may still prompt them to change their mind. I had asked all to update their windows phone app to include my recipe box and they responded saying they were not planning any updates to the app, but about six weeks later they released the update that includes the recipe box as requested.
  • ^^^This.  The thought that MS is even considering adding android support piss me off to no end.  I love my Windows Phone, and can't wait for the W10 preview for devs to start.  But if they add support for android apps, they will kill WP.  MS as a whole already gave up on WP, giving mobile apps to android and iOS before its own product.  If they do this, then I'm switching to iOS. F' android, baaa says the isheep.
  • This^^ if it wasn't for the uniqueness of WP with live tiles etc, then I would have left Windows Phone for IOS light years ago. Lol
  • The fact that they have not come out and vehemently denied the rumors does not bode well because 1. it means they're actually considering it, 2. even if they (smartly) reject the idiotic idea, until then, developers will have almost no incentive to make Windows apps because all their work would be for naught if Microsoft ultimately enables Android apps to run on Windows.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Surely, this must confuse any potential new app developers....imho......why bother designing a Windows App when you can just develop for Android and MS will use those, or, will MS stick with Universal Apps??? This does need clarification by MS or they will possibly annoy developers who work on Universal Apps, when they had no need too?? IDK
  • Absolutely correct.
  • Though I agree that WP Apps have a beautiful design theory behind, truth is, Microsoft is struggling to stay relevant in the market. Not sure what else they can do to motivate developers other than pay them a bounty to create an app. Even then the apps that were created were just made to collect the money and were not upkept. Then we have users who "love the windows phone OS" but are not willing to use it because there is one app they want to use that's only available on the other systems. Which I understand, I used to have the same problem with MAC when people wanted me to switch over and at the time the big thing that kept me from making the move was the lack of support for games and applications. This was before OSX and intel support. I think that if we really want companies to develop for windows phone as users we need to express it. On twitter, blogs, etc. I don't have the technical ability but i think a really interesting project would be to have a website that lists apps and lets users sign in and click "REQUEST THIS APP for windows Phone" or w/e phone. I'm sure that if the companies start getting daily floods of emails with requests for apps for the OS they are not supporting that they would definitly look into investing into it. Right now they look at Marketshare percentages and make decisions based on that. I am sure there are other factors, but this could be definitly a good start. Microsoft's new atitude is great, though I'd love for developers to develop specifically for Windows Phone also, they do have their limited resources and if they make us pay for their apps (not everyone is willing to shell out .99 cents for them.) So I guess at least allowing WP to run android apps is a temporary solution for time being. If this did affect market share positively, then we might just have in our hands a shift again in where developers spend their time and effort.
  • Honestly though, Android looks light-years better than it did a few years ago. My issue is that I have no problems switching between platforms which makes it difficult to remain a loyal WP user especially when apps are more feature rich and better supported in Android.
  • With proper quality control standards and minor modifications to include unique features of Windows and windows phone the Android apps can help the platform. What I mean is allowing Android apps is okay if developers include features of notification center and live tiles on the apps. If the app doesn't perform well with Windows platform, don't allow it. Including ms ad support in this apps can earn revenue for Microsoft. For users of Android platform this can give a similar experience as they get in Android, which can help boost up the market share. Think of it as higher quality apps that can be developed by making minor modifications to existing apps on Android to include unique features of Windows phone, at the same time making revenue for ms and increasing market share of Windows platform while decreasing the app gap and time gap between the release of an android app and windows app that currently exists. I believe MS should cash on the spread of Android by using Google's weapon (large portfolio of apps) against them. For me this makes more sense...
  • This. I'm someone who's in love with the WP design language and have used and put my faith in the platform for two years now but my patience is running out. Allowing Android apps to run on WP while controlling for quality would solve this (and let me stay on the platform) and give WP a potentially huge boost.
  • Developers are driven by $$$. There is little $$$ to be made on Windows Phone. How is this something MS will want to continue doing if there is little to no platform adoption?
  • Well said. It's like they are lacking vision.
  • I don't think I've ever seen this much delusion in one post. WP is on the verge of do-this-or-die. If *allowing* Android apps to run on WP is the way to go then it is the way to go. Native universal apps will still be there and given the chance to grow but there's no realistic way to close the app gap in a timely manner otherwise.
  • Last time I checked, there are a lot of apps that do not follow the"metro design language". Most games do not need to. Would you rather have a web wrapper? As long as the current ones are maintained, I will take the android version for apps that are non existent, as long as they work. there are enough core apps available, that the rest of them would fill the gap. No more excuses to use a windows phone. If android ran as smooth as windows phone, I would be using that.
  • I totally agree with you. Android support will make Windows cheap.
  • How did this work out for Blackberry adding android suport ? they got 0 users and actualy they lost users. What MS needs to do and if they can even do this is use Visual Studios to create apps and extract them to WP, Windows, Windows Tables and IOT like the Band as well as extract teh code to run on android so Visual Studios is the one place to create the apps but run everywhere even andorid. MS does not want people using Google dev tools to run apps on windows. that would kill MS.  
  • I think people are looking at it wrong. The reason it didn't work for Blackberry is because as a whole, people had moved on from Blackberry. Where WP differs is that they have a growing user base of low-end phones that BB never went after. As far as everyone getting upset about MS possibly using Android apps...please tell me the reason you stay with WP isn't for the apps! Lol. Personally, I stay because of the Live Tiles, Cortana, the Polycarbonate Lumia phone, and the superior photo quality. Give THOSE things to Android, and then I might jump. If people who are already using WP and jumped because they add more apps (albeit Android apps) then they must not love WP for the reasons I stated. Closing the app fap is only one part of the problem. The thing almost as important, if not more is retaining the people that you got. If current WP's are to be upgradeable to Win 10, then why don't we have a true flagship out right now? Why are they seemingly waiting until late summer/fall to release a genuine flagship? I've had my 920 for over two years now, and it's a shame that I'll have to possibly wait three years before being able to upgrade. And as I see new phones being released on Android, the temptation is there. I still have faith in MS that Windows 10 will be something special and because of the reasons I stated earlier, I'll hang in there.
  • I think you are totally correct on this most people had Blackberry as a corperate phone and people started leaving them well before they were able to support Android. I think the momentum was such that nothing could prevent their decline. I must say their new phones look great and I would consider taking one as a corperate option now they support Android APPS..    
  • Agreed
  • Well I'm here for all those reasons, plus I don't want Google and Android Developers having access to my personal information, nor to sell it to third Parties. Lets not forget, the ONLY reason Google exists is to sell You to companies and people you probably don't want knowing anything about you.
    Running crappy, non-Modern identity theft software on my phone is NOT a feature I want to see added.
    If you combine this with a continued lack of high end phones and high end photography capabilities, I'll have to move to Apple, once they get Siri to copy Cortana's functionality.
    Low end phones + Identity Theft = no interest for me.
  • Wow. Did you get a new tinfoil hat for Christmas?
  • Yes
  • It's a phone, who cares.
  • ^ this s Choudhury. I would be SOOOO upset if they started running Android apps. It would probably be the ONLY thing that would force me over to Apple, which I DO NOT want to do, but at least they have a solid vision and aren't waffling about with really stupid ideas
  • How would Microsoft cash in on Android apps running on Windows? Would the experience be as good on Windows as in Android? Wouldn't this kill Windows phones? Think of the UI... Material on modern? Wouldn't this confuse the shit out of consumers?
  • It would do the opposite because of Volume...  so if Windows Phones was selling 25 million a quater instead of 5 million a quarter then the number of native APPS would also jump because developers would want to stand out on the platform. Windows Phone as some great unique feature that people love but most people will not look past their lack of APPS.  Microsoft basically do not care where their Services are running but they need Windows Phone as a kind of protection in case Google or Apple decided to block or restrict Microsoft Services in the future... We already have a combination of Modern and Standard stye APPS so I don`t see the issue and in fact people coming from Iphone or Android would likely prefer to use an APP interface the are use to for things like SNAP CHAT, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK etc...    I have a Galaxy Note 4 as I am waiting for Windows 10 before going back to Windows Phone and the APP Choice and Quality is better thats just a fact..  
  • But we're not using WP to have apps with no live tiles. If I wanted apps that didn't support live tiles, I'd just get an iPhone and have way more apps than Android. It's not just apps. It's API support.
  • Not all apps need live tiles.
  • The key is W10.  If MS can move all the existing Windows PC users over to W10 quickly and massively, the 1.5 billion W10 users will be all ready to run and purchase the Modern UI apps.  No ISVs can afford to ignore the W10 platform.  Universal apps will be their obvious choice for app development path.  WP can't fail even it wants to.  By the time the W10 is released, the WP apps should reach close to 500K.  Most of top apps should be all available to W10 phones except games.  MS could allow Android games to run on WP to broaden the appeals of WP.  The Live Tiles is the main draw for WP apps except games.  In the mean time, MS should encourage aggressively the development of W10 games based on its DirectX 12 and Kinect sensors to absorb ISVs.  You have to fire from all chambers to fight the app war.
  • no, there's much difference in performance between native apps and apps that run in a virtual layer
  • android apps run in a virtual layer on android. So no different, really.
  • Are you from this planet!? There are plenty of those that use computers to work with programs like .net or corel, or SQL Admin... etc. They just talk about small apps that doesnt exist on windows, mostly games... i think.
  • This is one of those nexus moments. I think the right approach is pushing cross platform development like Xamarin, building more Android support into Visual Studio. Once you say we support Android apps on mobile devices why develop for Windows given Androids market share? Once all apps are Android why do we need Windows. Yes, we're talking a 10 year or 20 year transition for the desktop, but mobile is the future. Change that you change the desktop ultimately.
  • End of all windows? I think it would be a nice idea ;) windows wouldn't die, lots of customers will like the UI of windows and won't have to worry about not having enough apps
  • They should at least wait for w10
  • Exactly. Isn't the universal nature of Windows 10 supposed to be what ends the app gap? Developers can code an app that can then run on all devices--desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles, (and, if Microsoft were smart, televisions). If that doesn't bring developers into your ecosystem, then nothing will.
  • For all we know, Microsoft may have already started reaching out to some major third party developers/services, and received responses that they didn't like,  i.e. no Windows 10 apps in the near future. That may be why 'Plan B', running Android apps in Windows, is still alive inside Redmond.  I'm thinking that somebody like Nadella, who had already been against the Nokia acquisition, and is probably still looking for a way to ditch that division, would be all for that.
  • Why couldn't I just run blue stacks on Windows 10 and run all the damn Android apps that I want?
  • Some graphics cards are not compatible with bluestacks..!! And folks without one can't even run bluestacks on their Windows..!!
  • What graphics card you're on? :P
  • Like ye don't know..!! AMD Radeon R9 980x and NVIDIA GeForce/GTS 250..!!
    And it works in mine..!!
  • Personally I think that Android app support, if Microsoft do decide to go with it, should be an optional component. In much the same way as VPN support is on WP, you need a plugin from a VPN provider, they could make Android support into a plugin that needs to be downloaded first. This would mean that those who want it can use it without it being integrated into the OS.
  • Exactly..They should implement it as a secondary option..!!
  • Why can't they just make it a plug in for the Spartan Browser?
  • Because Spartan is a Web Browser, I'm talking about OS support instead.
  • You could, but the average Joe cannot
  • No, damn it, Microsoft! Just no!
  • Then folks and devs will stick to droid only..That's my say..!! Like others said no one will develop for Windows as application making in droid is much simpler..!! And apps specifically made for an OS and apps ported from other OS has a difference..!! That might be a temporary option for closing the app gap or it might be implemented for just some specific apps..!!
  • Actually, developping for Windows is much easier. In fact, Microsoft has THE best developping tools of every platform. Developping for Android is a pain, just check the internet.
  • I second that the Microsoft development tools are the best available for just about any development task you need to complete. However, I would argue that, when compared to developing WPF, Windows Forms or WebApps; Windows Universal, WindowsRT and Windows Phone are some of the MOST difficult to write. I'll admit, I haven't tried writing a WindowsRT HTML5+JS app yet, but I just can't get past the ramp up. Perhaps I just need a good course...
  • Exactly..Code writing is a pain though Microsoft gives the best tools and support it doesn't gives a lotta flexibility (not in all cases)..!!
  • That's your say..And I say it's the opposite..!! Plus many devs will have to learn making apps in Windows first..So rather they would stick with droid..Their current 'home ground' in a way..!!
  • it is exactly the opposite. MS is to blame for the current position, do you know when WP8 came, the dev tools were only available for WP8, would any sane person agree with that? and then there were a lot of missing API that were slowly brought in but by that time it was clear that marketshare was gng no where, so devs stayed away
  • And even now new simulators and tools will be out for WP 10 as many current apps won't be compatible with WP 10..Hence the devs will be at work again..!!
  • I have developed apps for Android and Windows Phone, Android is really powerfull but slow and complex. Meanwhile on WP even though some API's are restricted its easy to build apps and its really a fun to code in C# than Java
  • Though I've never developed anything for Android, only on WP, but I agree with you.
  • For some it's fun..But not for all..!
  • C# > Java any day. I haven't really noticed modern (API level 14 and up) Android apps being slow, and the API does give a lot more freedom / possibilities. It's why I advocate for things like Xamarin.
  • Calm down, calm down!! It's not the end of the world, don't hit the panic button!! Remember these guys have far more at stake than even us consumers, and look more closely at the article! They are emphasizing reaching out to devs to build apps for WP rather than just Android support, which I believe they don't require devs to implement such functionality if they ever go that route. The core of the strategy is still to encourage devs to build universal apps!
  • Exactly !!! I don't understand why so many people start panicking despite the fact that the priority has not changed. Plan a still remains the same and don't think plan b will ever be implemented.
  • Are you guys at fucking MS pea brained?? I mean I am absolutely exasperated at stuff I get to hear nowadays.."we will provide android users with msn apps, cortana coming to android and ios in future, office is getting updated on ios, Skype improvement update on ios and android, here maps being developed for android from now on, we are welcoming android apps on windowsphone"!!! Google and apple must be laughing sadistically at you MS and saying 'you will get raped pretty badly someday, doomsday is coming soon'.
  • I don't believe so. Everytime somebody is in the situation to choose between WP and another OS the app amount is very often the deal breaker.
    If you play a game on your device do you really care how it's made? If you're a geek probably, but most of the people just want to find that in the store and use it.
    It's like going on a website, if your ios friend or droid friend tells you "go on" you simply expect to reach that with no problems.
    A developer has to convert his/her game or app to be visible in other oSs, why is that a problem if you don't need to do it for at least one of them?
    You still can create apps with Windows style for Android and be visible on Windows Phone.
    The "problem" is if windows developers start to create apps in Android look. That would be really the death!
    But I'm positive it won't happen.
  • Guys, this is a double edged sword that microsoft has to take. If Windows 10 for phones is gonna be awesome and upcoming lumia phones have interesting quality specs ( unlike the cheap chinese specs ), people would consider buying windows phones. I mean, I have seen my android freinds thinking it is cool to be able to run android apps on windows phones ( may be it's that BlueStacks effect that make them think it's cool ) Earlier I was against Windows supporting Android apps, but I think if people have the option to run android apps while still getting the best and secure Windows ( hoping Windows 10 is gonna be awesome ), Microsoft will be able to create a wave that will make people want to try Windows Phones! Hoping for the best, can't wait to show off android apps on my Lumia 525 to my android friends ;)
  • "Hoping for the best, can't wait to show off android apps on my Lumia 525 to my android friends ;)" Won't they be impressed...
  • XD right? That's so low-end and lame anyway
  • better than low end androids!!
  • No, but its stupid to have a WP and say "Hey look at this awesome unique windows phone! It runs android apps hahaha... Omg its so sick"
  • Judging by all the comments here I don't think people know what windows phone running android apps actually means.
  • It means its never gonna happen. Microsoft recently announced new dev tools, new universal app features to the store and even more at /BUILD//, there's no reason for them to have Android based application support. Plus, Android apps dont even match the design language of Windows. Im a developer, I know what it means, you obviously know how to point out things that you have trouble justifying as true.
  • But then I would be the end of all us small developers... I devote so much time to helping this store fill the gap as well as Windows Phone. If they do this, im completely ditching everything Microsoft, switching to all Sony devices.
  • Same here. If this happens, I'll ditch Windows all together and go with apple. Don't need any lagdroid crapware on my device.
  • Because Android is not a good enough OS to replace most enterprise PC's, or gaming PC's.
  • Yup. Then there'd be no point in getting a WP. Might as well buy a lagdroid device. turdroid apps on WP or W10 is a bad idea!
  • Here's at least one dev's (everyone's fav, Rudy H) thoughts:
  • I don't know about the rest who thinks app gap is the problem for Windows Phone...When I bought my 930, almost all my friends said its a very nice looking phone (design & wallpaper, thanks Daniel for the wallpaper of your Surface Pro 3, looks super nice on WP) Wish I could show you guys a screenshot here. Most feedback from my friends are the home screen, its hard to understand and messy. I told them its actually not because I set it up so I know where to find my apps and its faster than having to scroll pages or boring circle looking folders. And they were like whatever iPhone is better than WP. Android is better than WP (-_-) Maybe Microsoft should do more video ads on setting up home screen clearly like how fast we can get to the apps, bookmarks in a folder ( I got a lot of bookmarks ) and setting up wallpaper. Its the Home Screen!!! That makes others think its complicated to use on a Windows Phone.
  • True, I thought I saw something on the MS, WP website about using the phone, like an onscreen test-drive.
  • We need a web based app store, so you buy once and it works on any Web enabled device, apps can be cached for offline use. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • No. Absolutely not.
    Windows needs to be the best OS. Allowing it to run more apps makes it a better OS.
    Microsoft's .NET tools need to be the best dev tools, write once, deploy anywhere.
    So, if they both work to be the best, the result is Windows running Windows and Android apps, and Developers choosing to wrote in .NET tools because they provide the best options for them.
  • At least you finally get a dedicated youtube app xD
  • only time and Windows 10 can tell!
  • 3 votes to this suggestion on ulservoice page
  • They must learn something from the fall of the BB10
  • Fuck you android!!! hopefully later is that the best decision for the future Windows mobile 10
  • Lets getrich
  • If this happens wp is meaningless nd would die.
  • Agreed. It's not the apps that are the problem, it's getting the big OEMs on board.
  • I disagree. I still think for the average user it is still the app gap that is the issue.  Until I can get all of the expense reporting applications and HR realted applications that my company uses on Windows Phone, I have to use iOS or Adnroid.
  • Expense reporting and HR? Do you truly think your needs are anything like those of the average smartphone user?!? Most average users would do just fine with WP as it is provided their bank has a WP app; for the vast majority the app gap is an imagined problem...
  • No - the app gap is a problem.  The last 3 companies I worked for said no to WP because of apps used by a lot of coporations - not just small mom and pop shops.  I am not talking about custom little applicaitons.  I am talking about major expense applications and travel applications, ERP applications.  I am not talking about whatsapp and the sort. Although take a look at the offering in those areas and the outlook is not much better.   Microsoft and Windows Phone are losing in the corporate world, where they own the desktop.  Anything outside of a laptop is either Androind or iOS.  So, yes I really do think the app gap is real - as I am not talking bout the 4 executives walking around with an iPhone for the "bling".  I am talking about thousands of employees carrying iphones becuase the businsess requires the use of certain industry accepted applications.
  • Why dog on Microsoft for at least trying though?
  • Here in Sweden one of the biggest banks pulled its app from the store 8 months ago. This is a BIG disadvantage! The app is on iOs and Android, of course.​ On ny Symbian phones i could use Swype in Swedish! On wp - nothing is availbel in Swedish. Most of the regional apps are missing. Those apps that make everyday life a bit easier. I know, my wife has an Android, so I have to ask ger. - One moment, she says, opening one of those regional apps, then giving me an answer to my question Apps matter a whole lot ! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • how abt snapchat
  • I disagree. Most people I know only install a handful of apps... Windows or any OS.
    Most people who carry iPhones do it for the prestige and the bling factor.
    Company executives don't even install things like WhatsApp. Can hardly use or find the calculator app.
    Agreed Extraneus fully
  • Yeah, I'd rather see MS abandon WP and focus on creating a great app-based ecosystem in Android for me to switch to rather than stick with WP and run Android apps on it. Of course, I mostly just want WP(10) to have enough appeal that it takes over the spot as second most popular mobile platform from iOS.
  • This is a double edged sword that microsoft has to take. If Windows 10 for phones is gonna be awesome and upcoming lumia phones have interesting quality specs ( unlike the cheap chinese specs ), people would consider buying windows phones. I mean, I have seen my android freinds thinking it is cool to be able to run android apps on windows phones ( may be it's that BlueStacks effect that make them think it's cool ) Earlier I was against Windows supporting Android apps, but I think if people have the option to run android apps while still getting the best and secure Windows ( hoping Windows 10 is gonna be awesome ), Microsoft will be able to create a wave that will make people want to try Windows Phones! Hoping for the best, can't wait to show off android apps on my Lumia 525 to my android friends ;)   #recomment
  • In SA, Nokia has a good reputation built up since the Symbian days. Windows Phones sell well.
    The only issue is the quality and aesthetics of the Lumia hardware. If LG, Sony and Samsung came on board, the platform could reach 50% market share.
    It's probably 30% with Lumia only.
  • That I agree with u! 1 more is the camera! Mom just got Samsung Note 4, sister got an iPhone, their camera is super nice. Sorry to say this but, even the 930 front cam is lame. Its only nice in daylight.. like a bit nice.
  • If it is, all the small developers like me that work hard will mean nothing and im absolutely done with everything windows... Everything Microsoft.
  • If this happens, prepare for malwares! Lol!
  • Android phones have virus problem, if you do that the virus free windows phone becomes viral.
  • those apps would run on a virtual layer
  • App could still steal my data
  • No, the idea is to propose Android apps on the Windows store which would be rewritten and rebuild using xamarim to run natively on Windows.
  • That's a method I can agree with but only if it has WP native controls.
  • Lol.. Why? It wont affect or lag on windowsphone if it comes..
  • Microsoft is not dat dumb to add such crappy feature on their OS and make their phones crappy. It wont affect the phone at all if it comes.
  • MSFT I dare you to never do this, else we are leaving, and mind you this is a damn serious blackmail from your loyal users, we ain't coming back, then you can hell with your windows phone
  • M agree with s Choudhary...
  • with u..if they don't want to support wp then who else?
  • LOL, you don't know anything about this, do you?
  • If they do this, I'm going full Apple (I've never used an apple device)
  • Wait a sec..i used android. It lags like hell. But the apps are not necessary bad. Of you have the solidness of windowsphone and the apps of android this might not be bad actually. Even though I rather would have the ability to run ios apps..which are better of quality than androids..but alas
  • I'm tired of hearing people say Windows Phone needs to run android apps.  I'll agree with this when I hear people say that android needs to run IOS apps and iphone needs to run other apps.  There is nothing wrong with the app store.  It is growing and will indeed improve over time.
  • The issue with apps on Windows Phone still exists. We're kidding ourselves if we think otherwise. I've had to stop recommending Windows Phone to others because I got tired of hearing them complain that this app or that app either wasn't available for their phone or was missing features that iOS or Android has or just didn't work at all. I've never been a fan of the idea of running Android apps on Windows Phone because I always assumed that Windows Phone would eventually get to the point where its app store could draw the most popular and new apps like the other platforms. As it stands now it took Instagram years to release a gimped, unupdated app for WP and it takes months and years to get popular titles like Candy Crush. By the time we get them they had waned in popularity. If we do get a popular app it is usually half of what the iOS or Android version is. That's just the ugly truth. As much as I'd hate to see MS go the Android app route I think it will eventually come down to using their apps or Windows Phone failing altogether.
  • Exactly that. Right now WP needs to be in more houses, then more can see the beauty of a WP as phone itself.
    At the end will happen that WP will have the WP (that use WP functionality etc) only and Android apps, and the others only theirs.
    It's not that bad at all.
  • BAD IDEA !! Why would anyone develop for specifically Windows then? Or even use Windows Phones?
  • Lol I'd still use Windows :)
  • Only until every app written was targeting Android first and then what's the point of Windows..
  • The point of Windows is just Windows.
    I choose WP for what I see in my phone as experience and aspect. I cannot stand Android or IOS icons.
    But when you saw other games or apps on the other oss and on WP there aren't, you probably would say "why they don't do it for WP, too?".
    After a century they do and you say "finally! But it still lacks something from the others...".
    Wouldn't be better just having it and perfectly working?
    I really don't understand how many problems can be in this.
  • Problem is, Windows Phone would lose its own identity.
    How many people you know use BlackBerry right now?
  • I don't think bb and WP are comparable.
    Why the identity of WP would be lost? The OS change and becomes Android? Tiles disappear in favor of angle rounded icons?
    The phone as you know it will change in something else?
    I don't believe that at all.
    You play candy crush on your phone, and there is no difference (and it needs to be no difference!) as soon you finish you'll return to your os, it can be ios, android or WP.
    What's the terrible thing?
    Are you forced to create apps in android style?
    I think will be there more interesting stuff and quality would improve, because developers can stay to make apps that fit with Windows style, instead. And let's say it, even Google is heading in that direction.
  • Last person I saw now owns a Galaxy S5 lol.
  • I don't understand this argument. Once an app is opened, there usually isn't much of a difference between the platforms. It's the navigating to and switching between apps where Windows has the advantage for me. After years of setting up demo phones at an AT&T retail store, it is my opinion that Android has the worst user experience regarding the actual operating system. That is what the point of keeping Windows would be for me.
  • I LIKE  MORE "JUST" 300 000 THEN 3 000 000 ANDORID APPS!!
  • I hope they will make easier development of apps for W10, instead of supporting Android's garbage...
  • Yes! Its horrible to start out! I xna supported? Or is it dropped? Is Silverlight supported or is it dropped? All tutorials on the old stuff.. But not on the new :\
  • Universal apps is only good for developers already in those platforms. They still have to convince developers to jump to the Windows boat. After 2014 I think these developers have even less incentive to do this (market share never increases, MS prioritizing other platforms, less revenue from the store etc.). My faith in the platform already gone...
  • THIS. Why would developers support a ecosystem that won't make them any money? There may be alot of people that use windows machines, but those that use them to buy apps is WAYYYY less than OSX/iOS and Android.
  • MS, please stop pursuing something that will make you lose your new identity. We love Windows for what it is. I know its all still in 'plans', but just a request from many such fans. We opted for Windows for what it is, and not to lose differentiation IN ANY WAY.
  • I agree with you. It's almost like with every move they lose what make WP, WP
  • Exactly
  • Well said.
  • More apps means more people choose a WP phone in a store.
    A teenage that cannot find what his school friends have in their phones just would buy that Droid phone only for that. The problem is for Lumia users, too. You believe your phone have glance because you saw it on your friend's Lumia, you buy the new one and there isn't, and you think it's broken, because actually it's the same OS.
    You start get disappointed.
    I believe that having so many games and apps entering from the Droid-only developers makes WP go higher in sells and, with that, more stuff and utility from other vendors.
    What's the doomed scenario in this situation?
  • Look, I agree that there are still many apps that are not there on the Windows platform but since I first purchased my first Windows Phone almost a year and a half ago, there has been and you simply cannot ignore the fact that there has been a sky high difference in the OS then and now. If the Universal Apps concept really goes ahead, Microsoft can score huge. And with regards to the teenagers not getting their apps, realistically - given the age of the OS, it's not yet all-age ready. The momentum will gather gradually and not overnight.
  • everyday app gap is closing up slowly but it is closing up . Why should we, wp user need help from android ??? :|
  • No. This can't happen. Are there marketing people THAT retarded? Please Microsoft, please don't do this.
  • Same old, same old... So I'll say it once more.... NO TY.
  • This would be a GIGANTIC mistake. If they allow Android apps on WP, then they might as well stop making them because they'd be admitting that it's over.
  • If Microsoft does this then we're screwed :$
  • All I can say to that is don't you dare !
  • The Android apps, without the Android OS.
  • Ya if this happens wp will fall like bb 10
  • Windows 10.....BB10......mmmmm
  • This is a huge "No-Go" from me, first as a user of WP and secondly as someone who develops software for MS platforms. This would piss me off to no end. Besides, what happens when Google decides to somehow block Android apps being installed on WP? Then what "brilliant"/half-assed workaround will MS put in place?
  • Hahaha
  • Independent and new developers are all very well but it's established corporate app support we need. We all say it every time; banks, shops, airlines, supermarkets, restaurants... That's where the app gap is. And Candy Crush Soda Syphon or whatever it is.
  • Plz possible fast.....
  • Go to your lagdroid land. Windowsland is not for yu. -.-
  • Bye bye native development
  • I am really sad about windows phone . Today, i went to cell phones shop and wanted to sell my L520 to earn a little money to buy L930 but all of them refuse to buy My L520 saying that it is a useless phone and nobody wants windows phone. That sucks!!!!!!!!!!! (i like windows phone but i don't get it why people hates wp and its reputation is like a pig swimming in the mud!!! :(
  • A lot of them dont have a real reason. It's a fad to hate it.
  • Yeah man they also say that it should not be selled to others here (it is priceless) until i sold my L520 in just 10$
  • Ehrm..dude u have the lowest device! No way getting money out of that..or sell it to someone who has no clue about such stuff.. :/
  • I bought it for 170$ dude!
  • Sorry to say but you got screwed. That phone is selling for 20 bucks on amazon, brand new with no contract :/
  • Yeah but in my country phones are sold expensively :/
  • That's lame dude :/
  • I know :(
  • They shouldn't do this for apps. But for games, it might be a good move.
  • Apps and games are basically the same thing for a OS- A SOFTWARE. what are you talking about then?
  • I know they are the same. But they can add this ability hidden inside Windows, then talk with some game developers, and put their android app on the Windows Store. This way, we'll have big games at the same time as android, but we'll never experience fragmention of UIs, and losing interest on the concept of Universal Apps.
  • No, a good move for games would be to extend the ID@Xbox program to Windows Phone.
  • If we get Android apps, are we going to get their malware too?
  • No.. Microsoft wont make their phones full of virus and make their phone lag like androids. I think they should bring this feature.
  • Remember OS/2? An OS that said able to run windows apps better than Windows. Where is it now? It is dead.
  • I don't remember that. What year you are talking about? Lemme bing that.
  • OS/2 was developed by IBM (not sure if you've used any of their products but they are bloated and slow), had poor driver support, was stuck at W3.1, and ran W3.1 on top of OS/2 to run the Windows apps which made them very slow (hardware was no where near as advanced as it is now).  I ran OS/2 Warp and it was way more complicated to use/run than Windows where as WP is quite simple to use.
  • The thing is though, because OS/2 supported Windows programs, developers targetted Windows to "hit both platforms". So there were no native OS/2 programs, and the platform died a slow death as it decended into obscurity. Microsoft needs to get developers on board, not create a half assed solution that will put developers off.
  • i hope they will do it the same way blackberry does
  • That's suicide.
  • No. No. No.  Do not want.
  • First get those popular apps on WP, while simultaneously pushing for those from the independent and fledgling developers.
  • WP has to be different , not like others
  • Ewww...
  • I'm done when they do it..
  • Can't blue stacks already do this?
    I'd rather you make Windows phone run x86 apps... Full Windows on a smaller form factor I can "dock" and turn into a full PC. That would be bad ass.
  • Agreed if this happens there would be zero reason to continue with the OS. We would be fooling ourselves thinking otherwise. What argument would there be to choose anything other than IOS or Android.
  • You are on WP because of the apps?.. Sincerely....
  • I am on WP because of the OS, apps, UI, smoothness, fluidity, simplicity, look. FYI if those same apps were made for WP that you know are missing or are poorly done on the OS if they were in fact optimized to suit the functionality and UI of the OS they would look better than any found on IOS or Android.
  • So...How is the new blackberry line of devise that run Android apps doing? And..ummm... Were the any discounts of the Nokia X line that I may have missed?
  • Don't forget OS/2
  • stick to windows no for android
  • for the love of the windows OS community and future of the mobile windows OS, do NOT allow Android crapware apps to run on Windows,next we see Store full of junk apps like Play Store and the many other stores that are on Android devices.
  • I'm not sure why everyone is up in arms about this idea. I don't use andriod and have no intentions of doing so. However, I happen to think if MS is able to make the apps run smoothly or at the very least 80-90 good then it would certainly be a good thing for WP. Andriod phones without third-party apps running absolutely suck and moreso when you start using the apps. Performance is important is WP is to gain mindshare/marketshare and if this is done right it could be the catalyst MS/WP needs to really take off. Why would developers create apps for WP if this solution is already in place? Well, I happen to think major app developers would actually invest in bringing their apps once they see platform interest from WP users. At the end of the day, MS has to have something to convince developers that they should bring their native apps to the platform. A new direction is definitely needed even if it means MS and WP users swallowing our collective pride. My granny always said to us, "you kiss ass until you're able to kick it".  
  • Remember the Blackberry playbook? Great device but why buy it over a million Android tablets? Same with BlackBerry phones. Android support simply means no one writes an app for your phone. Once that happens what is the point of your phone/OS. This route has been tried and proven to fail. Big time.
  • I don't believe that. Widows phone looks fresh and new. The only thing it lacks is for stores and users to know they have a phone that don't get you feel different or limited.
    Sometimes some friends come to me to ask me "you that you know about, what phone could I take for my son? And which o one could I get for me?".
    Because of budget the iPhone suggestion is already out of question, and I'd say "a WP! Some models have a really low price and you have tiles, or runs fast, and look, you can etc..", but often it finishes with "... But probably your son wants to play and I'd
    If you are looking for apps I recommend you an android phone, because WP lacks a bit in this".
    And I think this is what many do, either.
  • That route can (only?) work if you are entering a saturated market with an OS where the native apps have a distinct advantage (ie. there is a reason to create one). WP and Android are UX-wise very similar, but the Android API is much less constrained, allowing for a wider variety of apps -> absolutely no incentive to create a native WP app. Although, I would be interested in knowing how they are planning to handle native Android libraries (.so files).
  • I think everyone is overreacting, I see this as a huge benefit for Windows 10 in all platforms. With support of running Android apps, people who wants to make a switch to Windows 10, it will be an easier transition with those that don't want to lose purchased apps.
  • You're still going to lose purchased apps. There's no way in this world that Microsoft is going to acknowledge that you bought software from another app store and just give you a pass on the Windows Store. I also doubt sideloading APKs will be a thing since you can't sideload WP native apps without development tools.
  • Watchespn!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Didn't we already talk about this (ad nauseum) earlier this year??? I don't give a shit about the 'app gap'. Another maketing term to trash WP. My phone does what it is supposed to. Any 'apps' are on my main PC at home, as they should be....
  • Yeah, I also don't understand the hatred for firing up the web browser and pinning a site to the Start menu. Most "apps" are truly web wrappers anyway with little to no bonus features that people are utilizing. Apple has turned everyone into App zombies. Easily the biggest buzzword of this century so far.
  • There are lot of services (for smart whatches, home automation/door locks, Parrot drones, etc) that need an app to interface with a device, and that don't have a web portal presence. And almost all of those dont currently have a Windows app, either for Phone or RT. Let's face it, Windows X86-desktop is now strictly a legacy platform (no growth), and Windows on mobile sits at under 5% market share globally after a few years of effort.
  • I have to agree with you all: Android apps and its buggy architecture were the two REASONS I left them in the first place. I like the stability and certification of Windows apps, so the fact that they're still sticking to "Plan A" is a good thing and trying to recruit new players and developers to the platform. Windows is secure; Android is horribly buggy. Let's not change that ecosystem! ;)
  • Oh, you mean you don't miss Force Close popups?
  • Maybe my idea of this change is off base, but I don't think they are saying they would just open up the Android marketplace, or whatever it's called, to be able to install directly on Windows. The developers would just be able to submit their current Android apps to the Windows Store without porting them to a different programming language. I don't see MS relaxing the app certification standards just to allow the Android apps to flood the store.
  • if windows phone start running android apps, i will put my lumia off and buy an iPhone.  
  • If I want to run android apps, I will just buy an android. If I want something different I will buy iPhone. Because windows phone that runs android apps is as shit as blackberry!
  • If we have to deal with Android apps, I'll just move to Android or iOS. The only way this would be acceptable would be is MS allowed only select, major apps requiring them to develop native apps once revenue justified it.
  • Agreed. Android apps are welcome only if they miss on windows store (think of snapchat, retrica, a decent linkedin app), but only if they will be commited on porting them to WP.
  • No, no, no, no. Don't do this.
  • If this happens its time to switch...
  • Then change the OS name to android then it I'll be easy.. Got to hell MS if they r doing this
  • Universal apps are doing great! I had spoken with a few developers that ady had their app on ios and android and they are very excited about windows 10 and how universal apps will work on it. Blackberry ady proved that supporting android apps on your own platform is a total failure! Microsoft wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ahhhhhh, just make this shitty plan/feature as an optional via a separate emulator app to prevent slowdown and low battery life.
  • VERY BAD IDEA!!! If Windows Phone is going to run android apps then kiss this nice UI/UX good bye because we all know that android UI is crappy and the apps dont necessarily follow the UI guidlines. So the users wont have a seamless experience like with native windows phone apps. Also i think windows phone will become a laggy, slow and degrading OS (degrading as it will slow down with installing and removing apps over time just like android) because it will have to implement and extra API layer which might contain Java packages and also android uses a modified linux kernel so Windows Phone might need to implement that too. All this will increase in the system size, slow down the os and probably make windows phone prone to viruses, malwares and hacks.   I dont want my phone to contain Android and Linux crap, that is why i am using a Windows phone and not an Android or iOS device.   Hopefully someone from MS will read this
  • There are some Microsoft guys in the forum.
  • Yes, you're right.
  • Where are those MS guys??? Call them here on this forum, we the windows phone users demand an explanation!!!!
  • i love my wp as much as any, but 'linux crap'?? lol
  • "That's like peeing in your pant to get the temporary warmth."
  • Ha! Nice one mate :)
  • Awesome man!!!!
  • If this happens, I'll give up with Windows Phone. That's it.
  • Ok, if this shit happens, I think I will quit WP.
  • The need to create a converter from Android app to Windows. Open an created Android app source and export as Windows app
  • Great idea, Blackberry did that
  • I hope your comment is sarcastic.
  • Don't forget that OS/2
  • Good point!  Off topic, but I knew a girl who worked on the OS/2 team at IBM years ago.  She had the best slogan for the OS (which of course, IBM would never use).  IBM marketed it as an object oriented OS.  Her slogan was "OS/2:  Drag me, drop me, treat me like an object".
  • I think they should probably stick to plan 'A'.... This will definitely be beneficial for most windows phone and windows users....
  • This sounds like something that a business person who has no idea how platforms work suggested. They don't understand that this will literally signal to users and developers that Windows as a mobile platform is dead.
  • It's at 3% in the U.S., less than 1% in China, and 5% globally.  Windows on mobile is *already* dead.
  • Windows on mobile was never born... and I say it sadly, since I'm a WP fan since Samsung Omnia 7 hit the market.
  • I could maybe see this working out for the better if Microsoft doesn't import the entire Android app store, but selectively brings over popular social apps, banking and retail apps, and popular games that aren't showing signs of porting to Windows, while doing their quality check on those apps. Then provide the developers of these apps with a number of downloads and customers with an option to speak up to the developers about making the apps native to Windows. I'm honestly not sure if this would provide the developers enough incentive to make native Windows apps, but I could see it making a difference. (And of course, native apps would replace the Android apps.)
  • NOPE. Do not do this MS.
  • All of the sudden, iPhone seemed like a good idea now. Hopefully it is a no go.
  • I hope they ask the us users what we Think so we can say " No!" To this.... plz ms i beg you, one of my main reasons for buying my 930 was and still is that its different from Android. If you do this, you Will ruin it for me.... Do Not do this ms ...
  • If this materializes, that Android apps can run in in a WP environment, I'd rather go get a real Android phone out there.
  • The have just reached the apps. They need to work more for just sometime. After a stage of saturation it will be growing more than ever. I think one or more year and app gap will be very less. They don't need to take this harsh step. I bought a windows phone not an android.
  • If they will make that for real , I'm done with Windows Phone!!
  • Why Microsoft, don't do this, we aren't BB. Fair enough the platform isn't progressing as quickly as you'd like but that's your own fault and trying to use this method to fix that blunder is an extremely sharp double edged broadsword. I personally don't think we need to infest out store and platform with inferior apps that don't meet our the platforms design methodology. MS should give the platform chance, lets see what new hardware and win10 does. Also, release hardware sooner and keep up the excellent advertising that you have been doing in the UK.
  • Everyone here is against it too. To attract more customers they need more functions like Wifi Sharing of files etc. Apps are not a problem here.
  • The way that microsoft apps are better on every other platform, if this happens then there is no reason to stay with windows phone. I'll dump lumia and pick up my M9. Flooding the store with Google Play apps isnt the answer. I don't beleive its an app gap....more like a game gap :(  
  • No comments
  • I'm not a fan of this idea at all. Android apps are very unstable, and I know this from experience with the HTC One M7 I own. Ugh... If Microsoft goes ahead with this idea, I would be very leery of installing any new apps because I want no part of any Android apps. And like others have said, the iPhone will be looking more attractive if this comes to fruition. Should MSFT do this, I might just return to using an iPhone, as much as I've truly loved WP these past 2+ years.
  • Me to. I'll switch to IOS if this really happens.
  • I already dislike apps in our marketplace that look kik android or IOS ports. But nobody wants to develop for MS period. This AAA apps only hit android and ios. They make apps for them quick fast and in a hurry. Why? Because the top people use either android or IOS and they wants apps on their devices and not thinking about anyone elsr
  • I am surprised at all the negative sentiment towards this idea. What's the one caveat you always see in every Windows phone review? The app store is growing and most of the major apps are there, but there is always that one app missing that you need if you choose to go with windows phone. For me, that one app is the Kwikset Kevo app. For someone else, it may be their local bank or local whatever. These small companies will likely never create a native Windows phone app because they don't have the resources to create apps for 3 different platforms. I still think people will develop native Windows apps even if there is Android support, but this could be great for those of us that need that one Android app that will likely never make it to the Windows store. It would completely eliminate that caveat you see with every Windows phone review.
  • A large number of users complaining about the lack of applications.
    This is a natural thing to do. I think it would lose customers but also attract a lot more customers.
  • as much as i'd hate to say it, i agree with you. It would attract alot more users gained then the amount of users lost
  • You had a typo. It should read "than the amount of cry baby fanboys lost". For people to leave because of an OPTION for android apps is a bit stupid. The reason you like WP is not because of the apps, but the reason people don't like WP is because of the apps. Think about it fanboys. You hate android so much that you'll leave this beautiful WP OS because of apps you don't have? Ha.
  • It would feel slower :/ They really need to forget that idea...
    And in the past month WP had plenty of Great games and apps comming to it, so its safe to assume developers are noticing Windows Phone. Having this news may make them feel like they are porting the game with no reason, as it might run android apps, so it may have the exact opposite effect. As BB learned, running android apps os not the solution for a damn this, cause if i want android apps, i would BUY an android...
  • Apps run on devices and quite frankly closing the app gap without a hero device will not entice someone with an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy to drop it. Also universal apps are here now and yet there is no unified app store like iTunes. It seems like you have different departments that never talk to each other and worse still don't actually pay attention to what is happening in the market.
  • I'm certain Apple users early on were not happy about products like Parallels, Virualbox and VMWare making it possible to run Windows on a Mac but that day has past. So much so, Apple created Boot Camp.  Love it or hate it, android apps are coming to the platform. Microsoft recently invited the leaders of Cyanogen to Redmond for a coffee summit. No information has yet come out on those talks but it would be difficult for me to believe Microsoft isn't seriously considering this.  If Windows X can successfully run some android apps on the Windows platform, just expect to see it.
  • So if we use android apps in our phone then does it mean no more "resuming..."?
  • LOL
  • Been saying it for years, Microsoft is the biggest obstacle to WP's success. Even this late in the game they still have no confidence in their own platform and have no ideas how to fix it yet they fail to do simple things like advertise, make their services avaialbe worldwide with ALL features and ensure devices are available to as wide a user base as possible. Biggest software company in the world my butt, guess all that talk about universal apps was just talk. Pathetic.
  • Oh my... Nobody seems to realize that Microsoft is a software company. I for one like the idea. Mobile OS are too fractured, so running Android apps on a layer in Windows Phone is a great idea and will only strengthen Windows Phone presence. This does not mean that the UI of our phones need to change. It will just allow the apps to run.
  • And let's continue to let Android be the old school Windows mentality of insecurity. Brilliant.
  • Allowing Android apps should be Windows 10.1 plan B, if and only if their universal apps fail. Otherwise, they are forever killing Windows.
  • Satya Nadella said that he didn't care for the market share of WP, if he doesn't care, he shouldn't take this decision. But we really need those apps! But it's great that they added android support to visual studio, that could bring us some things.
  • Yes he did not care for wp that I why he is taking such a absurd move.Now the day wp runs android app wp death is unstoppable.
  • If I wanted a phone that runs laggy, is open the malware, and is generally unfriendly, I would have stuck with entry/mid range Anfdroid phones! Why on earth would I turn my smooth-as-silk-running Windows phone in to an abomination?! If this plan came to fruition, then I foresee the death of Windows Phone, and a lot of bad will brewing towards MSFT. I would bid a permanet farewell to MSFT; I would no longer trust them. If MSFT adds Android app compatibility, then where is the incentive for developers to write native Windows apps? I was under the impression that MSFT had created / is creating tools to assist in porting iOS and Android apps to WP.  
  • End of uniqueness of wp from android if they do it
  • Lets bow down and accept the almighty Google.....
  • No Microsoft not the laggy crapdroid apps! You have a existing example of nokia x platform, which have the ported apps!! And everyone knows how sucking it was!
  • Sam if you are reading this stop them!!
  • Just look at Blackberry for example. Since they allow Android apps to run on their Q10s, no one is developing for Blackberry. This means $0 for Microsoft and ya, this would even take a hit on XAML. It's sad it may come down to this. I just hope they find another way to attract users. All I can do is convince my friends and family about Windows phones and tablets... Which is why I bought a HP Stream 8 and a Lumia 635 for my parents in laws! Keep working guys, this has to spread amongst friends and family and if we can do this by convincing them that the Windows platform is better, then we have all done our part to not let things like this happen.
  • Hopefully the android apps developed for windows, will be more efficient than some of the apps, written for Android, which so many leak memory, by end of day, phone is running like molasses. Not a fan of android mentality, of leaving apps in memory. Inefficient!
  • From someone personally knowing at least a dozen new Windows Phone owners, I've never heard the term app gap once from any of them. The notion of an app gap lives in the vernacular of bloggers, not the buying public. If Microsoft is trying to kill perception perpetuated by the apple and android loving"tech" bloggers then they are going about it in the wrong manner. First start by having the Windows Store logo added to app ads that are actually in the store. Promote XBOX Music and Video along side iTunes and Amazon. Take a page out of apples playbook and have much better commercials (fire you're ad agency. They suck). Start a Surface For Education program and target middle schools. Develop a definitive flagship phone as a reference point to everything else in your portfolio. Enable Bluestacks or a virtual environment through Windows 10 to access another store (Android). Bring your Surface team out from the shadows and have them involved in cutting edge products. Start there.
  • You know what??? This!!!!!
  • Cutting edge devices that match the Surface Pro 3 would, imho, have a tremendous positive effect on sales!
  • Nist!!?? THIS^^^^ And all the MS folks in here, take that quote to your team meetings!
  • I think Microsoft should abandon this Android thought. If ISVs aren't making great apps, at least try to convince them to make better websites or either let third-party apps exist. Still, if there are no third-party apps, Microsoft is the only one who is responsible to make them for us. (Eg. Facebook)
  • Who wants virus Droid apps on there phone
  • Seems like 80% of mobile users, currently.
  • Has MSFT thrown in the towel already? Windows users love Windows Phone because it's Windows and from Microsoft, and that's the unique thing. If we (Windows Phone users) want to use Android apps, we'll just forget about Windows and buy Android phones but we said 'NO', we love our phones. If Microsoft go ahead with this move they shall be shooting themselves on the foot. It means, telling the world that our platform isn't good enough hence the switch. The world will mock you guys.
  • Can't Windows phone simply just support the Win32 API? If Windows Phone starts to support that then all these android and iOS will turn into a garbage pretty soon!
  • No, God! Noooooo!
  • I would be against running Android apps on WP or Windows 10.
  • I feel most people are overreacting to the article, it's like no one saw the portion speaking about reaching out to devs to build universal apps etc which is the core of the article. The android support part is still largely speculation, which seriously speaking I don't think they can even pull off with decent performance on present day hardware, even if they wanted to. Heck some native WP apps are gradually struggling on older devices, let alone android apps that typically need powerful hardware even on native Droid devices. And of course there is the issue of UI which doesn't even fit the WP style at all. Universal apps are still the way to go, and that is one powerful strategy! Let's not ignore the larger part of the article and just focus on its most speculative portion!
  • Absolutely no... If they do this, there is no purpose for small developers like myself...
  • They need to find a way to make money from this. They are a software company not a hardware company.  Therefore this won't just be getting the Play store on WP.  Microsoft needs to make money here. I would think this translates into easy conversion of Android apps to WP apps and publishing in the WP store where they can get 30% of revenue.
  • Having a universal app platform would change the smart phone game so much.
  • Why should I buy WP then? I'll get Android only
  • I'd leave the platform if they just took Android apps. Between that and the loss of hubs, there'd little left for Windows Phone to call it's own imo. The standard design language, i.e. the overall aesthetic, is one of the best things about this platform. Android is just old ass Symbian on steroids.
  • This. For me it feels like WP is slowly losing the unique user experience that pulled me to it in the first place. The loss of hubs was a huge mistake imo. It seems that in trying to add many of the features that are in iOS and Android, MS has lost site of the original vision of WP.
  • Its all about the user experience, I came to WP to get away from the deplorable user experience on android. If microsoft does this I am out. Will Switch to iphone in a heartbeat. 
  • It would be a big mistake to allow android apps on WP. It would be the end of native apps. There would be no good to come out of this.
  • Why doesn't Microsoft just begin by getting permission from companies that they (Microsoft) would build an official WP/Windows app for their companies. This way MS gets an official app and the companies are not investing money initially.
  • please Microsoft don't you even think about bringing Android apps to WP.. You have plenty of fan boys here. Believe me, this a very bad idea. Don't trust me? Look at BlackBerry.
  • Seems like Windows 10 will be the death of Windows mobile if this happen. A Windows Phone full of Android apps why just not switch to a Android phone insted because that's what i will do if this happen.
  • People read this and now have one less reason to buy WP. Good job MS.
  • This will not be hapening now, it is the very last option. Ghee did you read the article!!!
  • Thanks man, it's like people just filtered out the main thrust of the article for it's most speculative part!!
  • Hell no, Microsoft!..Please no!...Don't do that please!..You're slowly killing Windows (phone)....Don't let it die...I love Windows phone..I'm begging as a Windows fan....
  • Just NO, end of story. I hate Android, so don't even bother. I'm perfectly fine with Windows as it is and with Windows 10 on the way it will only get better.
  • I hope they bring Android app support sooner rather than later. I'll relate my own experience. I've been in the MS devices game a long time--multiple Zunes, a Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, and 12-13 different Lumias. It kills me when I go into an Apple store and look at a shelf full of high-end smart devices, ranging from grill thermometers to garage door openers to bulbs, and not a one can I control from my WP. When it comes to big-name apps, they may exist on WP but they are outdated and of poorer quality--even MS apps. Take Yammer, a MS property. The iOS version brags about being updated every week. The MS version has not been updated since July. As a consumer I want (and in some cases need) these apps. Three months ago I switched to an iPhone 6. I hate the phone but love the ability and freedom it gave me to experience new technologies. WP will still survive if it runs Android apps. In fact, I'm afraid it won't survive if it does not. When diehards like me feel it is time to move on, it is clear the present strategy is not working all that well. Something must significantly change. To conclude, I am back on WP because I love the OS much more than iOS, though I now swap my sim card when needed. If I had Android apps I could do away with that. In short, if they further refine the OS and hardware people will embrace it because it is that much better than the others (at least iOS). For the average consumer there will be no app gap. As more people embrace the OS and hardware, the money will be there for developers. Assuming developers also care about there work, they will eventually want to make better apps for the devices and showcase them; this should lead to native support. At least this is my take.
  • If this happens, I'm switching to iOS.
  • NOOOOOO!!!!
  • Is this Microsoft's sign of "we give up" ?
  • That'd be an end to native windows looking app. I really condemn this idea. For a software giant like Microsoft, it'd be a defeat from a not so old Google and its android platform.
    I really don't want to see this happen.
  • It means Windows phone= Android? All the features of android are going to be dumped on windows phone? Should I be happy that I am going to have all the apps my friends are going to have OR should I regret for buying a windows phone!?
  • As I will have to say at that point I will be leaving and being a loyal WP user that says alot.  I got my wife to switch to WP despite no real apps for kids and I have owned 2 -Samsun Focus, Focus S, Lumina 900, 2 - Lumia 920, 2 - Lumia 1020, 3 - Lumia 1520, and even though not WP 2 - Lumia 2520.  If this does happen I will just go the Nexus Route for me and wife and just use my Xbox Music Pass.  I blame MS for not pushing this app issue with the fact that these businesses use an MS operating system or office give them a small discount or use leverage.  I mean everyone is raving about something as simple as Apple Pay but I know for a fact that banks sell Windows OS usb terminals they (MS) could have pushed the pay system that way.  I went on tangent because if companies would see how easy money can be transferred from phone they would want apps on the device as well.  Let me stop I am just really upset that this is even a though and I can't understand how a company this big would need this?  I thought that the new code for one device all wouldn't that give more games to every device, wouldn't companies want their product on every windows device at that time?  Again sorry time to stop with rant...
  • Or if they need this pay someone a crazy amount of money and make an app converter with a fee on it.  Develop on this platform pay $xxxx and get your app on this one.
  • If Microsoft goes down that road of allowing Android apps to run on Windows phone I'll jump ship back to Android. Simple. I didn't want an Android device hence I came to Windows Phone. But if they allow support for Android apps then the unique identity would be lost. Devs will shy away more than before to make native apps. If I'm gonna be running Android apps on my Windows Phone then I'll prefer to get a Android device. Simple. I'm not even gonna fuss bout this. I think WP fans have voiced their concerns over this potential platform killing decision since it was first mentioned. It appears that common sense is lacking somewhere up in the upper echelons at Redmond.
  • Dont want these disgusting power sucking unmanagable Android apps
  • Could be the only way to get a fully functional Instagram & lose the "Beta" lol I kid I kid. A lot of negativity in the comments, chill people.
  • Why doesn't Microsoft get permission from companies like Intuit, Neat, Citrix, Snap Chat, AEE etc. and offer to make The Official App for Windows/WP. The so called App Gap would be gone.
  • Im okay with Android Support ;)
  • They say Microsoft people read this comment section sometimes, so read this: DON'T. DO. IT. Look at what happened to BlackBerry. You don't want to go there. Please, don't spoil the platform me all came to love and support.
  • Having spent four years with Windows Phone before switching to Android recently I can tell you I am all for this. The app situation is lacking on Windows Phone. Not the number of apps but the quaility. Simple apps like Words with Friends and Instagram took forever to make their way over and are severely lagging behind the competition. More importantly, outside of a few stellar developers the rest of the development community does not seem to show any signs of progress in building better apps. Windows has the best design language but hardly any one taking advantage of it. The SportsCenter app on Android is just one of many apps that shows just how far a gap there is in quality between the platforms, and other apps like WatchESPN are still missing all together(albeit available for tablets in the Windows store). Familiar and high quality apps from a rivaling OS will bring people to Windows. Windows is already just about on an even scale in terms of OS features now. The app situation and lack of available Windows devices across multiple carriers(US) is the only thing holding back Windows future in my estimation. Also, I want my 1020 successor already :).
  • I think we need to wait and see what Microsoft are thinking of doing. Personally if the Android support is emulation then goodbye WP and hello iOS. If it's a plugin or conversion via Xamarin then I would be fine with that as a plugin can be ignored and conversion means they will effectively be native apps anyway. I don't think getting developers onto WP is the problem, it's giving developers the tools to get their apps onto WP quickly and easily in the shortest time possible.
  • Well.. If I keep in mind the fact being able to Install Windows on a Mac really helped Apple reassure people about their hardware, I think having the option to run Android apps could undermine Google. Android tablets are taking over the market. If Win10 does run Android app, why would someone choose an Android tablet over a fully functional Win10 tablet? The more hardware they sell and the better it looks. On paper, they are Win10 tablets. Developers won't be afraid to develop for Win10 if the install base is big enough.
  • so many people crying about this...........I wouldnt necessarilly hate it if Android apps could run on Windows Phone.  The issue with this, is that they wouldnt really tie into google services, etc.  You wouldnt get google play support, and they would need to run in an emulater / virtual player of some sort - basically, apps that dont need google services to run would be enabled in WP's Android player. To give people the option to run a virtual Android OS within windows phone could be pretty awesome actually.  Would give you all the smoothness, and visual identity of Windows, but imagine a live folder of Android apps.  It could be pretty cool - issue I see with it is its ability to run the apps at reasonable frame rates.  Bluestacks runs like shit on an i7 Surface Pro, how are they going to run well on an ARM processor?  If done correctly, I could see Microsoft opening up their own Android app store that runs AOSP apps that dont tie into Google - like how Amazon's app store, and the Nokia X store work.  It could actually close the gap, while helping MS at the same time.  It would allow you to run that random local banking app on your WP.  Maybe im in the minority here, but I like the idea - I know it hasnt helped Blackberry, but to give people the option wouldnt be a bad idea.  Most apps will run better natively, but if your in a bind, and you need something specific that is only available through emulation, having the option to run it in emulation mode isnt the worst thing in the world.
  • No, live folder of Android apps is NOT cool. This will be the most shitty decision MS would make in recent times. Look how Android is trying to lure in everyone. Actually, Apple is the one flipping fingers at Android and I like their behaviour towards the "most used" mobile OS. They don't care whether Android is on top, they have a vision and they're sticking to it. That's commendable.
  • Some people may find this fit. People like me are lingering on Android only due to missing apps and what are now very few bugs and shortcomings on Windows Phone OS. I can live with the few shortcomings, i can't live without the apps also because i spent a whole bunch of money to create an efficient platform on Android with software i can't get (or i am not willing to pay for again) on Windows. Allowing Android apps would allow me to finally migrate my Android apps on Windows (which is my preferred OS) while leveraging the power and the choice of Android apps which will take a decade for Windows to cover. This may apply to others who like Windows as an OS but are reluctant to buy a WP due to lack of proper apps. That would actually allow me to stay on WP.
  • if this happens, I will Ditch microsoft Forever, will go into apple eco system.. say what you want about apple but they have a Vision and care about exlusivity, microsoft seems lost now..  
  • Yes you're correct
  • Good luck man!
  • How about the possibility of we don't want Android apps running on windows phone, we want apps created for windows phone
  • Whatever they update i dont care.. I just want a lag free lumia.
  • Please, no.
  • It's like the shits hitting the fans... It doesn't look promising.. turning the future of WP to just be just an Android skin
  • I rather see them close the coming car integration gap. Hyundai is planning to only offer iPhone CarPlay and Google Auto and no nav/multimedia system anymore. So you're left in the dark if you don't own one of these 2 phones.
  • And I will never purchase a Hyundai then.
  • What's the fuss all about? It's optional you don't have to download Android apps if you don't want to.
  • Wait ... what? So there is a app gap? ;)
  • There are many single minded users from an other platform who are asking for a specific app from those platforms (same layout, same routine) if they can't have it, the app is not good even there're better of those same app in windows. I can't understand why someone working at Microsoft would even think of something like that (quit sniffing). As long as MS have 100k quality app a lot of people will be satisfy. This is developing a OS that'll be dependent from Android app. The only thing google have to do turn Android into a full flesh Linux, and that's the end of MS.
  • Bank apps bank apps, and then more banking aops
  • I personally think that windows phone is slowly loosing what makes it special, I don't even think it has exclusive apps anymore to be honest :-\
  • This is a idea of giving up or surrender to the fast running world . And it will also kill windows ecosystem.
    We already waited for 4 years . Just wait for another one year and fill that with innovation and hard work . Then 2016 will be windows. I hope
  • I think the problem is......everyone hoped - and where does WP sit right now on market share?  3% worldwide........something has to be done - something isnt working - people arent switching.  I show every person i know my WP (Lumia Icon).....they all love it - yet they all still carry an Iphone or a shitty laggy Scumsung Golixy, cause you know, Apps
  • All I know is that Microsoft really needs to stop the "full speed ahead" and then "all stop, I won't say anything" with regard to WP. The extreme excitement we get when Joe Belfore and the like tells us about WP plans and there is a huge push. Then like since 8.1 and some really needed Xbox Music updates, not much of anything. I realize between major releases companies usually don't say anything, but they can't afford to do that with WP. I love WP big time, but I'm kind of bored. No info or meaningful leaks on just what WP10 will be, and no new flagship news. I'm in no way even thinking about moving to different platform, but really I think we need some official MS info showing us something a tad specific. And, I don't care how well they sell, the US needs new flagship release "chatter" and mid 2015 is too long to wait.
  • This would be catastrophic to the ecosystem and to the user experience. Universal Apps need to run on Android, not the other way around. Bring as much of the Windows Design Language to Android apps as possible, and show users that they can leave Android for Windows/Windows Phone.
  • NO, Please ... This will kill the Identity of Windows Phone ... plus The App Gap is closing faster by time, and more big startups and comapnies are developing their official apps on Windows (Phone) .. Heck, some published thier apps on windows phone Before iOS like Wakie ( . Not to mention the big community of developers who will suddenly be left in the dark (unless they learn android dev.). Believe it or not, "Windows Store App Developer" is a seperate (and a bit famous) job title in some countries. Also, I agree with some comments that say this will hurt the marketshare, as people will see that all the platform apps are on android, and there is no need for seperate development effort so, they will go for an android phone. (Both users and developers.). This will be just quitting, and It Failed Before (Blackberry). I hope they hear this out: Wrong Move.
  • This is what happens when you don't have a compelling device to draw people to your platform.
  • The sooner they publicly bury that idea the better. The message must be clear: MS would rather pay developers than allow Crapdroid bullsh*t run on phones with Windows. That would be terrible for encouraging developers, they're clever enough to know that, so give up messing with that lethal idea.
  • Microsoft's scatterbrained mobile strategy was destined to fail from the beginning.
  • I think it's a great idea and the faster way too go forward
  • If you MS are late to buy Instagram or darned snap chat, go and get Brazzers and all those funny websites and offer them "first and best" for Windows. XD
  • Don't know y people have negative thoughts on this idea. First accept most of the games and apps are flowing from android only. Exclusive windows app is few and it sucks...
  • What app gap?
  • There's a completely different way of looking at this that I can't see anyone c onsidering. I DON'T think Android app-running will be the death of WP. I think that everyione is being a little over-eager to look for death-knells of MS. Here's how I see it: Let's look at Super Cell (Clash of Clans). They will likely never bring CoC to WP becuase they think the user-base is too miniscule. They have, let's say, 10k users between iOS and Android and 750,000 WP users asking for support. Now let's say that MS opens up the Android store to WP users and advertises the hell out of it. Now there's less reason for the average person (or average carrier employee) to consider WP a viable option and more people buy handsets. Now, obviously that original 750,000 can play CoC so you would think Super Cell wins. Consider though when another 750,000 or more have WP and an emulated Android app running on it. Now 1.5k people are asking for a smoother experience or wondering why there isn't a Live Tile or whatever (other cpmapnies like Pebble might be a beter argument for Live Tile stuff, but stick with me). Now Super Cell isn't answering a tiny number of people who may-or-may-not buy their game, but over a million people (and growing) who are actively using it and have UI or playability issues. I imagine these developers can also see (if they aren't explicitly told) what device their apps are running on. If there are enough people actually using WP to run these apps and there's a deeper system-level integration available of homescreen perks that can be utilized that people ask for, the developer now has reason to address those concerns. I think this is the idea that MS is mulling over. Once they have people using their devices the level of integration with MS services on MS devices becomes deeper (without gimping the versions on other devices) and people move over becaus ethey don't have a reason to not use a Windows device. People on Android devices now try it out when they don't run the risk of losing apps because the benefit is that the MS apps just work better on a Windows phone. Then, to tdlr the above, developers see their apps running in good number on WP devices and make native apps to take advatage of uniquely Windows UI options. Eventually.
  • To me Windows 10 and the app gap situation is a deal breaker for me in 2015. Just gonna keep my fingers crossed and just hang on to my Lumia 930 till then.
  • Please Microsoft don't even think about, it's just bad idea. We cool where we are we gonna get there soon.
  • Just the fact they're even considering this is sickening. If Microsoft builds a runtime for Android Apps into Windows Phone, Windows is dead as we know it. Gone. Focus on universal apps and low price point Windows Phones.
  • It'll end up becoming the populous Jolla and Blackberry OS.
  • I do not want android apps on my windows phone. I want companies to actually support the OS like they do for android or ios.
  • Ok Microsoft, for the record, we don't like this....if it is already not obvious by the comments above.
  • Lol
  • THAT is one of the main reasons I left Blackberry: The lack of identity.  
  • This is absolutely untrue, BlackBerry has a strong identity. The gradual decline in popularity of BB has nothing to do with supporting android apps, there is absolutely no correlation whatsoever. To say that support of android apps made BB 'lose' identity simply cannot be justified.
  • I guess most of us will finally be switching from WP to Lagdroid or iCrap :'( I guess we all should've seen this coming. I mean look at the site we are on, it's not even called Windows 'Phone' Central anymore. Even they knew to give up on the phone part :/
  • Me switching to IOS seems possible now wow I'm gonna be the laughing stock at work.
    89% iPhone (Coworkers)
    10% Android (Coworkers)
    1% Windows Phone (Me)
    But I think was a laughing stock already.
  • Off topic : Check this out guys
  • Windows phone needs android apps and games , its the main reason why people don't buy WP , and if it didn't happen , we have to wait at least a year to just get the main apps , think
  • Do it
  • Off topic : Snap chat has opened a way to vote for "next platform support" and windows phone is one of them , please all vote to windows phone
  • Android apps will look rubbish .... The Facebook app on Android has sluttering effect when scrolling down but wp apps do not... That's an example ........ Pushing developers to build universal apps ---->>> Huge thumbs up
  • Android apps on Windows 10?!? No-go for me! Trolls can keep it for themselves.
  • I am a big believer in WP and hope it continues to grow. In fact I believe with Windows 10 it will grow. But there are some apps that are either ios or android only. Funny thing... I am going to CES and there is an ios and android app available but none for windows. App$e does not even go to the show... I only occasional run into this dilemma but it it sometimes a problem for me. I am going to the show proudly using my 1520 and new Band by will have to bring a stupid iPhone 4 just for the app... I'd bring my Android tablet but it is a 7" model and a little too big to use. What a pitting my phone does not run android apps eh?
  • Well. Who said universal apps would NOT be there just because Windows would be able to run android apps?
    Sure. It depends on the app - but companies would be retarded if not jumping on the universal app bandwagon. Independent developers would be retarded if not instantly learning the universal way. It's the future as one wants to use the most appropriate hardware (form factor) depending on situation. If android apps can run on windows phone, people will make the switch easier. And if companies can't see the potential in universal apps, then they are retarded. And any (independent) serious developers is equally retarded/blind if they are not ready to take on customers (companies and single private customers) demands for a universal, cross device and even cross platform experience.
  • The world is full of those retards unfortunately, so in case Android apps will be supported, you will be heavily disappointed
  • Microsoft should start asking to develop apps for the OS
    They have to PAY so much to get what is android and IOS into
    I hope that doesn't happen in the mean time , hoping that WP will get "at least" the most wanted apps and games
  • YES! Please! As long as the phone stays the way it is, because I love the OS. This would let me finally be able to start using those 3 or 4 apps that, for whatever reason, WP just can't seem to pick up (and have almost made me switch to Android because I'm freakin tired of waiting). So yes, please!!
  • Maybe ill be switching too :/ and ill keep my Lumia 820 I love it and I love WP , I just hope that WP will be "head to head" to the other rivals in the beginning of 2016
  • If Microsoft do it, they will make the same mistake as Nokia did with "Nokia X" phones. And it will be the beginning of the Windows death.
  • If this happens... My next phone will be Nexus 6. My money for a new Windows laptop or SP3, will go to Nexus 9. Lol! And I still got few savings left.
  • If developers don't like to build WP apps now, just imagine if they will when Android apps runs on WP?
  • Make it easy to port apps but dont add android functionality.
  • You know, Microsoft should know better than to try this.  They were in the Android position here with OS/2.  We see how that turned out for IBM...
  • The way I see it, is that Microsoft will allow to port apps build for android to windows phone. We will still have a Windows Store, and you will download both types of apps from it. I suppose not all apps will be supported since there are differences between the available APIs of the system. And perhaps not all developers will want to port theyre app to the Windows Store, or will simply not care. So, its not like they are going to let you use the Google Play Store to do it! That would be a suicide. In the end, I think regular users might not even notice the game they are playing was build in java for android, but its now compiled to be runnable in its Windows Phone. Where I think will be a chaos is on apps which its UI looks Android native, this will indeed will be a little stranger.  The good thing is that, this might translate into an increased user base for Windows Phone, and, serious developers might start doing native apps for the increased performance. Like when you start developing using phone gap to target multiple devices, but once the apps succeds and your needs start to grow, you move this app into the native tools to optimize it.   * Sorry this wasnt supposed to be a reply, It was supposed to be in the main thread.
  • So what apps android has that WP doesn't? You guys reply want that latest candy crush game or whatever huh?
  • The CES app would be nice, Autodesk apps, other productivity apps. Could care less about games.
  • Android apps on windows..still a possiblity? ??? Why is that still a possiblity??... That option should not even be on the table for consideration.
  • For the love of turtles, MS, do NOT make android apps available on your platform! If you do it'll make you look really weak! Games is a different thing perhaps. Making it easier for developers to port games from android to Windows Phone (not copy pasting is, making it EASIER) will fill the games gap, which is way more of a gap than the apps. But yeah.. Android APPS on Windows Phone? Don't you dare...
  • Maybe it's misdirection, maybe it's "plan B", maybe it's right -- we don't yet know. My preference is for Microsoft to "embrace and extend" something like Xamarin so that they can induce developers to write an app just one time with Visual Studio. VS would create very universal apps for Windows 10 desltop/tablet/phone, Android and iOS that either use native controls or Modern-flavored controls. Doing that changs the economics of mobile development because using the multi-platform way can reduce cost, drawing developers to VS and getting WP for free. Of course, MS needs to invest to create look-alike controls, to losen the WinRT API to provide for greater commonality with iOS and Android API features, and do all of the other things that I didn't type in two minutes.
  • Well, the VS thing is actually a good idea. That way ms assures that any future apps built using vs will be on WP as well
  • Ok, i almost never comment on articles here or anywhere else, but since i think this is an important issue and i see a lot of people confused about what's at stake here, let me offer my insight as both a user and a developer: The article mentions two points inregards to Microsoft's possible strategy to close the app gap: - Appease developers to port/develop apps for WP -> This can be done either by offering them tools (Xamarin, VS plugins, courses), to help them release their services and products on WP, and i see absolutely nothing wrong with that - Allow execution of Android apps on WP to close the "app gap" Now the second part is a lose-lose situation due to the following: In android, you have several ways to build an app (feel free to point out my errors here since i have never developed apps on Android but have toyed with the tools), which are either Native apps or apps that run on a Java VM (i think they moved on from Dalvik to ART?), and maybe you can build them with JS too, i don't know.  So, for WP to support executing those apps, you need to allow native code to be run (this is already possible on WP), and you would also need to support a VM for apps that were developed in JAVA, this poses two threats: - Native code has a higher access to resources and can therefore cause worse issues when an error occurs, so it would be good to run it sandboxed in a VM  - Apps that run in a VM are inherently slower, when Android had VMs such as Dalvik and prior, apps were considerably slower to launch and operate than iOS for example, even WP apps were faster when it first came out due to Androids Java VM. This has improved a lot in ART, that's true, but ultimately you need a VM because WP's architecture is different to that of Android. ¿So what is the issue with the VM?, well, you'll need more RAM and processing power to support both of those options and that will drive up the cost for phones, considering that WP's success lies within the low-range line, this will not bode well since those phones will not be as cheap. Now, technology moves fast and gets cheaper, that's true, but it still drives up the cost and that's only talking about the HW side. Another limitation of running Android apps is the way Google handles the terms with their store, sure you can get Android AOSP for free, but you won't have access to Google's PlayStore and that will be a huge roadblock since your apps won't have google services to support them, which is a big drawback since most apps are developed with those services in mind.  Now, can't Microsoft just include Google's Playstore and solve the issue?, well, it could, but then it has to pay some fees to google, and you get an additional issue that i believe no one has thought of: Apps in the Google PlayStore generate revenue for Google and no one else. ¿So why would you go through all the trouble of changing your Hardware architecture just to support apps that are sold on a competitor's store that will generate absolutely no money for you? Even if you sort that out, as many have pointed out, supporting execution of Android Apps is simply destroying all that Windows Phone is, the design language, the fluidity, the experience, because Android apps simply don't conform to any sort of of design guideline, and you're deluding yourselves if you think Android developers will see this as an opportunity to develop apps for WP and follow the design and experience guidelines, because ¿why would you?, you can simply push your Android app and be done with it, instantly reaching more users at no cost or effort. Finally, to recap: 1 - Supporting Android apps requires different HW, which will make the low end be pricier or disappear 2 - Without access to Google's Playstore, the app situation won't change because you would be left with unsanctioned apps that you would have to sideload or get from somewhere else (with the risks of malware and viruses that this means), and they would simply not be of the same quality than those in the Google Playstore 3 - Supporting a competitor's store generates no revenue for you because those devs already pay a fee to Google, MS would make no money in this 4 - Why would you go through the trouble of buying a WP device if you can already get good Android and iOS devices, the camera?, because the experience will be lost and if you support competitor's apps and services, then you are already conceding defeat.    Honestly, i can't understand how so many people are even considering this as "a solution" that will allow WP to go further and magically erase all of its issues and boost consumer adoption. As a developer and user, i chose Windows Phone because i liked the design, the experience, the way it "just works" without being as boring and closed as iOS or as bloated, slow and high maintenance as Android. ¿Why does WP need to have it all?, you want customization? go Android, want a walled garden and lack of widgets, all dumbed down?, go to iOS. Seriously people, i understand WP is not popular with new users and it hasn't been making a lot of money but giving up and just running the competition's apps is not the way to build a platform.
  • I forgot to mention that this situation has already been tried by BlackBerry, as many have mentioned, and it was a complete failure. But if you think that's only because BB is a thing of the past, then take a look at Samsung's Tizen OS, it is Android AOSP and it has been in development for years, but will never take off because  1) It does not have Google's services and also no playstore 2) It offers absolutely nothing that would drive you away from buying a regular Android device with access to the playstore. So this is not only old BB we're talking about, this is an effort by Samsung, who has all the resources it needs to pour at it (admittedly their software is nowhere near as good as MS's), and it has led them to nowhere. You can also see this on the Nokia X devices, ¿have they been a blockbuster?, no, because they don't have access to the google playstore.
  • Last year in December I recall contemplating on weather I should buy a windows phone or an android device. I decided to switch to windows phone with my fingers crossed because I did not know what to expect. But the reason for my decision was that I wanted something different. I was sick of IOS and Android looking so similar and everyone having the same basic design. Windows Phone was the only really "Different" mobile OS. (PS: that's my opinion)   I recalled only buying a 520 because I did not want to put too much money into a phone that I was unsure about. I was quite impressed that this 512MB ram phone would run so smooth with no problems. Compare that with my earlier android device.    Then Microsoft decided to release WP 8.1 which I absolutely love! Windows Phone 8.1 in one year moved me from being an Apple freak (wanted a mac from 2007) to becoming a complete Microsoft fan. Microsoft had worn me over.. and I enjoy their services from this day.    if Microsoft were to given in to android will mean that I have lost all respect for the company. It will mean I will switch to all things Apple, even my laptop and will even have me reconsidering buying a Surface Pro 3. Honestly, this would be a downgrade for me. 
  • If MS decides to have Windows run Android apps it will have the same effect as when IBM did the same for Windows apps in OS2. OS2 was the superior OS in every way at the time and it even did run many Windows apps better than Windows did which was one of its marketing themes. IBM couldn't get app developers to write for OS2 for the exact same reasons IOS and Android app developers give now for not developing for WP. The decision to run Windows apps in OS2 removed what little incentive there was to write for OS2. I'm hoping MS just threw this out as a red herring. If they are serious it means they are just doing it for better management of the demise of Windows, at least on phones. Having been on the other side of the strategy with IBM, MS certainly knows who wins. For sure it would cause a surge of WP sales (which would be a bonus if the plan is to kill it off) but it can't be sustained. For one thing, Google will follow MS' game plan from the days when the moto was "Windows isn't done until Lotus won't run." They will make "improvements" to Google's Android that MS will have to dance like a puppert on a string to "copy" lest new/updated Android apps stop working on Windows. Anyone think Google won't go out of their way to do things just to make it hard or impossible for MS to copy?      
  • I believe Mary J Foley has also said that Microsoft is looking at running Android and IOS APPS in the cloud and streaming them to Windows Phones like Sony with Playstation 3 games on Playstation 4 etc... 
  • We need a petition to prevent this from happening guys
  • Most of the windows fans are happy with windows and widows phone apps so don't mix viruses (I mean apps) from other OS (OS refers to "you all know, what I am talking about?").
  • But should not the universal app "feature" trump the "I'm a lazy developer so I will continue developing for android ios only". You get access to WP, desktop/tablets and Xbox. Anyhow. The android app on windows purpose should obviously be to make users more happy. The developers should learn to make universal apps. Can't see how universal apps is not great. Can someone explain why, as a developer, how you can even for a moment turn down three platforms for more or less a single effort.
  • There will be riots in the streets,an end of the World. Could This backlash and hurt the platform?
  • The wp app issue is Microsoft. TV, wp is not getting any exposure and a major problem is no top of the line phone though the HTC is there but not much exposure.  Why didn't Microsoft refresh it's line of phones? 1020 and 1520 don't have to be redesign but refresh in hardware (memory, storage, new camera, etc) would be very interesting to consumers plus the new hardware could be updated to the new OS when available. By now I thought RT would have made it to the six inch devices creating a phablet which would give Samsung Note a run for the money. Microsoft just backed off. Maybe Microsoft is not happy with wp8 or 8.1... This is an underwhelming push into the mobile space. 
  • I gotta go against this happening for the benefit of Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really do not want this to occur. Find an alternative. Android on Windows makes me leave and the exodus will be mass.
  • Lets hope....Ms will come up with a different way
  • I hope Ms stick with plan A unification of the platform is a big selling point.
  • My favorite thing about these kinds of articles is the crazy angry comments
  • If this happens, this will kill the platform and ruin my dreams of soon developing apps for Windows Phone. Allowing Android apps is MSFT throwing in the towel which is the easy way. The whole uniqueness of the interface, live tiles becoming static icons, no integration, WP will die and all OEMs who are building WPs will stop once again and the platform will die. WP is one of the reasons why I wanted to become a developer. Not Android or iOS. If Microsoft can't get those developers to create apps, how about they dedicate a couple teams to building those apps with support from those companies. For instance, snap chat. They could say hey we want your app and if you don't want to develop it, allow us to develop it.
  • This is awesome news! Thu
    Is will help our platform grow! Lets do it
  • Agree 100% njgrisafi
  • That will be Great because the ms phone as much better of the android and we have the live tile if you close the gab a sure than a lot of people will cross the line to windows phone. Remember the android phone are pure junk. That is a smart and necessary move
  • NO NO NO! F*ck you android! This will compromise the who OS! The speed, the performance! Hell No! We don't want those laggy apps...The app gap is so small right now, don't do this microsoft, or I have to go straight to iOS u.u Sorry
  • Same here, unfortunately.
  • Yeah f*ck androlag Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for windowsphone
  • I just want a soundcloud official app, if that's going to do it yup!
  • If this will disappear the never ending beta and popular app with limited feature... Thats would be great
  • Android may have much bigger app/games library but majority of it is total crap! I have iOS device, Android devices and Windows devices and even Jolla with Sailfish OS so i'm not a fanboy of any specific platform but i really hope MS doesn't fuck it up by making W10 support Android. Jolla has Android support but that's a whole different story as Sailfish is Linux based but MS should really just focus on making W10 a kickass OS for PC's, tablets and smartphones and forget about the Android support, seriously!
  • +925. And MS should leverage and strengthen its position in those countries which have already welcomed it's mobile platform. Bold actions required in Italy, Germany, UK or France, as well as turning say India into a showcase for other developing countries.
  • +925
    I agree
  • What is MSFT going to do to ensure third party and independent apps don't get shut down, if the original app and service dev says so?
  • I don't think google would allow windows to run android apps, might be against some terms of service is something of the sorts Anyway, I'm not that interested in laggy, insecure & ugly apps, with the exception of some games
  • You know that Android apps runs on blackberry phone ?
  • Yup, but their problem is clearly with microsoft
  • Just another platform waiting to get deluded by Android. Yep, back to IOS when that happens. Tired of Google ruling everything mobile.
  • Burn Google! XD
  • This would be utterly STUPID ❗❗™
  • If you are going to support android apps. ,, then bill gates better is buy Google ;) ,, but plz never support android apps in unique wp :)
  • Personally I don't want to see Android apps on my WP because of the fact that it will not have the same modern UI touches that WP apps have
  • It would be better of MS created development environment on windows 10 that makes it easy to port between Windows, iOS and Android. That way developers would be more willing to have a Windows 10 version.
    MS have very good software engineers, so they should be able to keep the look and feel of each OS in porting. Also they've been making apps which are better on other platforms, so MS knows how each mobile OS UI works and should use this their advantage.
  • I only have Android phone because of the apps , im so desperate ، so please do bring Android app to wp10 I don't know what will help WP grow , a new monster phone maby
  • Yeah android app +windows apps,probably it will be populated then android store. Do it!!!
  • I used 3 votes. NO Android apps on WP please!  
  • I'm on it 110% my friend
  • I think msft wants to deploy amazon app store on wp to close the gap. That's why they need android
  • Plan B for Bad idea
    The problem is not the apps, the problem is the OS itself, it faces some weird bugs and lacks alot of basic essentials that are present on other OS's
    What needs to be upgraded is the OS itself, stop focusing on hardware for some time and focus on the software, prove to them that WP is worth it and that it's great to own any phone with Windows on it, we need something like touch ID or Surface stylus pen in a great completed flagship running the new and powerful Windows 10, having a google wallet and apple pay competitor is a great idea, the OS is lacking, that's the problem, solve that and give the app gap it's time to close it self, I hope that the Microsoft guys who joined this forum would see my comment Sent Via Windows Central App
  • What 'basic essentials' are missing in WP that iOS has at the OS level?
  • Android APPS on WP would be a disaster. Any one here who is in favor of this idea is either a moron or just plain stupid, or simply does not have common sense to begin with. If MS puts android apps on windows phone, it will further enable developers who are lazy to just stick to there old ways but would open up new means of being more lazy to just build for one platform and get revenues from others. This APP problem that WP currently has is not because of MS, its because of greedy, lazy and selfish developers. If MS allows android apps on WP, I'm for one will be done with windows phones, I rather buy a $10 Symbian phone and use that, or just stick to my outdated Lumia 810 or 925 ( and not update it). We as loyal WP users have already watched all or most of the exclusive's to the WP platform, port to iOS and Android, such a shame. I for one also owns stock in MS, because I feel that it is a legit company with quality service and products. But if this goes down, im for one will definitely make my voices heard at annual meetings and if it has to be I would reluctantly ditch whatever stocks I currently hold in MS, and wipe my hands with them, seeing how I've had a very good run with MS. Also like someone posted before, I have a WP because of its design, quality, features (cortana, office, Skype, camera, Bing services). The only thing that would be feasible for MS to do is ONLY allow games from Android to be run on WP, with limited and I mean very limited interaction with the OS, because we all know as WP users, morons from iOS and Android mostly have those platforms to play the same game remade thousands of time.
  • MS own 70% of Android why not get their apps and take Ova that #1 spot lol
  • These comments are hilarious.
  • So ms allow android apps. Android version of facebook gets updated so everyone uses that. Why would facebook then bother with the ms version. It would kill app development and sign a death warrant for native app updates. There are bits on android I'd like but not at the cost. It would kill native development. Bad news.
  • And that would represent the end of my relationship with Windows Phone. Please don't.
  • Ew.
  • One word "thisisbullshit"
  • Windows phone day
  • This is how I would solve the "App Gap"    I would take cues from how they woo'd game dev when it came to the first Xbox. I would create a team app developers to make 3rd party apps. If they have an open API snatch it up and use it. If not see if they would be willing to make a WP app if not "lease" the API from that company. I think that would work..  
  • Don't see how it can be even possible with google now blocking youtube client from MS. And from that state to Google's own youtube client working on WP? Haha. It could be in one case - if google will chose to support microsoft in their efforts in killing their ecosystem, but they are not that smart.
  • Just give us The Windows Experience (TWE ;-) everywhere (synergy) and you win. Developers will go wherever customers are. The app gap is a fact and closing it in short term is not a solution. Focus on TWE on every device I can buy and I'm all yours. By that I mean that only MSFT is able to deliver my desktop, tablet, phone, band/watch and tv console experience. And universal apps is the first step but for God's sake don't break your own rules and stop releasing apps which are not universal! So TWE is the key. Then, there is everything that comes out of it - out of Windows being installed on every device in my home. One app market with one app purchase for every device. This is really BIG and once I'm used to it, I'll never look back. Then comes the family experience: why do I need 5 purchase copies of this Angry Birds game again? Money are with families, give me tools to manage all my family accounts, devices and apps and why would I want to go back to single user experience? I can go on and on with this but let me just say one more thing about TWE. Windows on every device must be something more that just a brand new WIN10 on my tv, pc, tablet and phone. This has got to work together so the experience of using Windows will follow me from device to device whatever suites me best to use. Cause hell, now I can't even check my missed calls and messages from pc which I used to do on Symbian and even before the smart phone era! I'm not sure if Windows 10 will deliver this all and without it, well, we get just another Windows. And please, live tiles on desktop _instead_ of icons is a must! ;-P
  • Sure, why not? Look how well that strategy has worked out for Blackberry. Not.
  • I'm so sick and tired of hearing about MS not having apps, or has a huge gape in apps, or Blah, Blah, Blah about MS's app store.  1st of all, i personally have ALL the apps that i could possibly use and, i used on my Android phns, and now on my awesome Nokia 1520 when i switched to few months ago. I'm NOT missing ANYTHING whatsoever. In addition, My Nokia 1520 has many dedicated Nokia apps, that you can NOT get on android and the overrated garbage iOS CrApple toy. So what in the hell ppl are talking about?????? What app is sooooooooo important and you MUST HAVE on android or iOS that you can not live without on Windows???????? Name them all please. Also, many sites can be pin to the start and you can go directly to them, no apps needed, since they are much better than having an app(like YouTube)Anyways. Also there is an App called """""App It""" that creates an app like to the sites to wish to go to. 2nd, Yes android and iOS have more apps. does it make them better????? Absolutely NOT. Ok lets analyze them and see out of those thousands of apps, how many are duplicated and are useless apps that NO ONE WILL EVER USE. you can have 100,000,000,000,000+ apps, but if only 10,000 or so of them are useful and ppl actually like them and will KEEP THEM, then the rest are bunch of numbers that noone will ever use or care to have or even keep for a LONG TIME. Also, how many Calendar, Calculator, Photo, Same Games,......................apps do we need or can we install in our phone???????????????? how many apps ANY smart phones can hold????????????????????? so if there are gazilion apps but your phn can only hold 50, 100, 200+,(I'm being genres) does it matter how many apps are out there in the app stores????????????? 3rd, So according to iSHEEP and Android fans, and those BS media articles that trying so hard to make CrApple and android look good and Windows phn so bad, by saying,  the more useless apps iOS and Android stores have, it makes them better????? Really? So having thousands of ""same apps"" over and over and over again, so it looks like they have sooo many more apps, makes them far better than Windows????? Wow, i'm glad i know that now. Maybe we all switch and go around tell ppl, """"I switched to iOS or Android, cuz they have more apps, but i can ONLY use 50 or 100 or so on my phn, but just knowing they have more apps, make me sleep better at night""""".  Maybe MS should just duplicate or triple or quadruple all the current apps, and surpass iOS and Android app stores, maybe then those BS articles will say something positive, and suddenly Windows will back on top since suddenly they have more apps in the app store. Remember, according to them MORE USELESS APPS, means YOU ARE MUCH BETTER.  just forget about everything else. I guess that's why iSHEEP buy iJUNK phns, cuz it has more apps, that they will NEVER EVER be able to use in their life time.   unbelievable how ignorant some ppl are. More apps does NOT make a phn OS or the phone itself any better. My Nokia 1520 blows iJUNK6+ in every category away(Camera, Battery, Display, MicroSD slot,..................), and has all the apps i can possibly use, without ANY problems. My WP is extremely smooth, beautiful, and stable unlike Android and iOS crap.   
  • Okay... So as I was saying I am going to the CES and for those who don't know what that is... It's the Consumer Electronic Show. There will be about 160,000 geeks like me running around Las Vegas next week. They have an ios and android app that shows you the show floor, who is at what booth etc and tracks your appointments. The show is friggin hugh. So I have to take a stupid iPhone 4 or my Samsung tablet (gift don't actually use it) just for this one stupid app. Or if my 1520 which is a f*ckin awesome phone had android load capabilities then I would be all set. Again, I don't think being able to load a android app say through something like bluestack would have any f*ckin effect on Windows Phone. I can bluestack on my Surface Pro 2 but its kinda big to haul around. And it does not ruin my Microsoft experience at all.
  • Microsoft has been trying for five years to get developers to build apps for them - and they're always going to be the also-rans unless they do something radical and make a change. The only people who care about coding apps are nerds. Consumers don't care - they just want a device that has everything everyone else has. And I don't blame them. 
  • I disagree !! Thelf this happens I will be out the WP .
  • Android apps will freeze and force close all day. No thanks.
  • it's unfortunate when this happens ...WP's uniqie because of the difference of technologi people switch to wp
  • No. No Android.
  •    Can someone please explain to me why enabling Android apps on WP is still even a viable option at this stage in the game? They have to know that this option didn't help Blackberry any. From what I've read in reviews, the Android apps that are available for Blackberry OS don't always function properly because they haven't been optimized for it.
  • No android apps....that's the spirit...bullshit lag droid
  • All though I don't see an incentive for devs to ever write apps for WP if they bring in Droid apps, it would close the app gap in regards to the smaller ones. As an end user I don't have a problem with it. And it wouldn't make mad enough to jump to a Droid phone like many of you claim. After all, the wp user experience is still better with live tiles, the mail app, and Bluetooth connectivity. Love how it works for me in my car. These little things are more important to me.
  • TBH I think its a good move, Its not about app gap, its about game gaps, and it doesnt made any major diffrences to playing android games on windows phone if it happens. and this got rid of one commong questions, is WP have xxx aap. Current answer: No.... After This: (Casually) WP have all the apps and games of  Android... ;) But at last I dont care about all apps and games, Im happy with what I have now... :)
  • The app gap is at this moment NOT the reason Windows Phones' trail IOS and Android devices in market share. The biggest problem for Windows phone is distribution. Go into a store and WHERE ARE THE WINDOWS PHONES??
    And, where are the clearly better devices, when compared to a similarly priced Android devices? Oh, I forgot, the next wave of hardware is rumored to arrive in Q2 2015. Hmmm.... Looks like that might be the problem there.... Not apps.
  • I have this gut feeling that if they do this it'll be like a nail to the coffin of the os that they have steadily tarnishing the past year. What with the new music app, removal of hubs, hamburger menus ie what made this os interesting in the first place is completely gone now and replaced with things similar to the iPhone and Android. I'm getting sick of this identity crisis windows phone is going through yet I stubbornly refuse to jump ship. Sigh
  • No allowing Android app to be installed please... I don't like how their app layouts. And by doing that Microsoft will practically kill Windows App Developer Community.
  • I don't like that idea! If you allow Android app to run on w10, I rather use Android phone(Google play edition)! But I hate Android!
  • Perfectly answered!
  • This is the worst idea MS could ever come up with. This won't stimulate devs to create Windows Modern apps, this will only make them ignore WP even more since all Android apps will be running on WP.  Not to mention that many devs won't even give their apps a proper testing on Windows/WP. Moreover, this will fill Windows and WP with with tons of services and subsystems that will be used to emulate those apps since Android it's an Unix platform. While this might not be a big problem on desktop PCs, all devices running on batteries will see a downgrade in battery life not to mention in performance. Another problem is that on Android there are no design guidelines. Well, there are, but not many use them hence those hundreds of ugly apps with ugly color combinations on Android. WP and the Windows Modern apps are however unique in terms of GUI (Hell, I like to design my own Android apps just like WP apps because of this. Why in the world I'd wanna do the other way around :|). Adding Android apps to it's echosystem will only ruin this uniquity. The only ones who will benefit from this are Google and Android and adding this "feature" will be suicidal  decision for MS and Windows Phone.
  • First of all, I like Microsoft and even here in Brazil MS devices (like tablets) are not common and available for sell (only WPs are), I imported one Windows Tablet, I already have a Android Tablet but for me, I needed a Windows device. IMHO, Microsoft is a big company. Doesn't matter a company size, companies love money, and if they have "experts" in strategic area saying "let's allow adroid apps under windows 10 and we will make money", that will happen. Microsoft doesn't care about you developers, about companies using their tools, they care about their profit. Of course they respect their customers and clients, but who only cares about you, is your family, your friends, people. Microsoft is a company. If MS thinks Windows Phone is not good enough for them (not making the expected money), they will say: "was a good bet, but ... lets close it down". I don't believe this will happen right now, because they acquired Nokia stuff, so they are investing on WP and mobile, but what we don't know is: Which are the long term expectations for WP and its dead line. Of course, the world is mobile right now. MS built its foundation in desktop world, but it's not the current world. We can see MS changing it's bases, investing in cloud and mobile and still in desktop. There is another tendency, IoT. What Microsoft is offering for us or for the market? We see consolidated java devices and only a promisse from a partnership between Intel and MS... We see Android and Apple plans for cars, what about Microsoft?  I believe 2015 will be a good year for MS, because of Windows 10 and what it promisses. I believe this will be the first step to something bigger and unified, which will allow Windows apps in any device.   
  • Microsoft needs to concentrate on user experience in their own eco system. I love WP, however, their plan of updating their own apps with features WP doesn't have is a bit absurd. My point is, if the focus on enhancing the experiences that caused many of us that enjoy WP, while adding new and useful features, will be the way to get more people wanting to use WP, which will have more developers wanting to develop apps for WP. Android apps on WP and Windows will only serve to give a terrible experience on the platform, and as has been echoed, not give many reasons to stay or convert to WP. Microsoft need to keep exclusive features on WP and develop must have features that other platforms do not. In addition, they need to keep new tech and OS updates close. When they release details about a major update, they need to already have it near completion. Outside of fans of Windows, many of those features will be forgotten and iOS or Android will have already added similar features to their own, making it seem to the mass public health hat WP is trying to be like them. For a change, give them features they have to catch up on.
  • It's like they're waving a white flag. Just surrendering to Google. This is BS, don't do this Microsoft, we know you can see these messages!
  • If that's true, it means the end to WP ecosystem.
    Am sure it will serve phone sales good in the sort term but the message to dedicated WP developers is clear: "Develop for Android first!"
  • I love the uniqueness of WPs itis the very reason I stick with them. I am proud to have a platform that different and functional, however all this talk about sharing the very things that gives us bragging rights saddens me. I was disappointed when our music, photo and store hub was changed. Now we are dealing with this. I can't stand it!
  • I can't imagine Microsoft allowing apps to be downloaded direct from the android app store but they may support using android code through their developer tools which would allow developers to migrate their existing code with little hassle. By wrapping up most of the android API they could provide an easy in for android developers. If its cheap and can utilize existing app framework developers would have no reason not to introduce on windows, money talks.
  • I hope Steve Guggenheimer's team contacts Tripadvisor and LinkedIn, their cra-apps are not updated since ages.
  • I can understand doing this to close the "app gap" (hence the quotations because that gap is really not that big if you consider the quality of most of the apps in WP compared to iOS and Android makes up for it), but there are NUMEROUS problems with doing this: 1: Android is open source. Open source= more vulnerable=spam/malware 2: Like the crApps (crappy fake apps, hence crApps. See what I did there?) on WP, Android has its fair share of them as well, so porting those over will further the issue 3: Developers will just be encouraged to keep shoving out apps for Android and ignore the WP ecosystem entirely, meaning they will be combining a Modern UI look with an Android style looking app which is stupid. This would also really give Microsoft no point to keep investing in WP which is a dumb move because it is a much more stable and smooth OS than Android will most likely ever be. Imagine a future where a nuclear missile was about to accidentally be launched in 1 minute and it takes 15 minutes for the Android powered computer to type out a 7 character cancellation code because of the horrible lag it has. Not saying it will happen, but its a scenario where you would wish the world wasn't 100% dominated by Android. That's why I laugh when I hear all of these fools saying "Windows will be non existent in a matter of years due to the low market share of their current systems." Without Windows, people would then realize how unproductive the world will become.
  • Windows Platform does not need any HANGROID APP - I'm a developer and if other developer need better Technology world in future they should write application JUST for Windows OS or at least Mac OS not hangroid... they just think about money not selling user info to third party like google do to make money...
  • It took you guys long enough to report on this ...
  • I seem to be more optimistic than most people in the comments. Having Android apps on WP may actually get more devs to see that it's a worthy platform to develop for.
  • Can't see it happening. There's no real app gap. Perhaps for the young'uns who don't have SnapChat. But for anyone older than Bieber, there's only so many Androidy poor-quality Talking Cat or farting apps we need.
  • Games glets getrich
  • Games lets getrich for lumia 8.1
  • MS just needs to open up the OS.  There's no reason we can't have as open a phone OS as we do a desktop OS.  It's one reason why Android is so popular.  You'd get a lot of support from people wanting to have some commonality between the desktop and the mobile OS.  Can Win10 accomplish that?  I don't know but I doubt it.
  • Will it support android apps?
  • If it works on W10 & android that's case closed we will have every app and be happy , just do it man
  • such as blackberry with android emulator ♥ Windows™
  • such as blackberry with android emulator..