Microsoft has new plans to close the Windows 'app gap', Android support still possible

Microsoft will be making a new push to close the 'app gap' that currently exists between its Modern apps for Windows and Windows Phone and apps made for iOS and Android by attracting more independent software vendors (ISVs). However, a new report claims that Microsoft is still considering an option that could allow Android apps to run in Windows 10.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, using her unnamed sources at Microsoft, says that it is currently unknown when Microsoft will give the ''go-no go" to allow Android app support in Windows 10 but that it is still a possibility. In the meantime, Microsoft is sticking with "Plan A"; the Universal App program that will allow developers to create apps that will run on any version of Windows 10, from the smallest smartphone to the largest all-in-one PC.

Foley also posted word that Microsoft's Developer Experience team will be reaching out to students, startups and developers that have previously not supported Windows to ask them to create apps for the platform. She posted part of an internal email that was sent last week by Microsoft's Corporate Vice President Steve Guggenheimer, who also leads the Developer Experience team:

"DX has built a global ISV management capability over the past 18 months and now we will extend that capability to manage top ISVs in the field. In partnership with WPG (Worldwide Partner Group), we will also develop a broad programmatic approach to reach and engage a broader set of ISVs that scales from higher touch programs and offers through to self-service with MPN (Microsoft Partner Network). We must be selective in how we look at ISVs to drive the greatest adoption of our cloud and mobile platforms. We will no longer define ISVs in the traditional sense."

Foley adds that the DX division is forming a new ISV team, saying, "That team will encompass app launch services, app performance, Microsoft Ventures and the existing ISV Alliance team."

Source: ZDNet

John Callaham