TV DVR feature could still make it to Xbox One

A Microsoft Xbox rep says it "wouldn't rule it out entirely" that the Xbox One might still get its over-the-air TV DVR feature. Microsoft officially put those previously announced plans to add that function "on hold" in May 2016.

In a chat with GameSpot about that controversial move, Xbox general manager Dave McCarthy stated:

"Those are always tough decisions," McCarthy told GameSpot about putting Xbox One TV DVR on hold. "You kind of have to prioritize where you're focusing your time." McCarthy pointed out that Xbox One already has "a lot" of media support, including streaming services like Netflix and video-on-demand options. Additionally, the Xbox One supports over-the-air TV (with an adapter sold separately).

However, he hinted that if enough people decided to go to the Xbox Uservoice page and stated they wanted the TV DVR feature added, Microsoft could put those plans back in play:

"We listen," he said. "We look at that User Feedback site on a regular basis and try and respond to what people want the most. I wouldn't rule it out entirely, over time."

John Callaham