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Microsoft HoloLens app team reaches halfway point in creation of Galaxy Explorer

The small development team at Microsoft that's currently working on the Galaxy Explorer app for the company's HoloLens augmented reality headset now reached the halfway point of the app's creation. In a new video, the team shows the progress that it has made so far.

The YouTube video shows the team putting in some of the art assets in the Galaxy Explorer app, including the planets in Earth's solar system and the sun. The video shows that the team wants the sun to appear to light up the room that the HoloLens wearing is standing in. The video says that the team wants all of the art assets to be in place for the app sometime next week.

After the six-week development of Galaxy Explorer is complete, Microsoft plans to release the app for free and make it an open source project so that developers can look at the code as a guide for making their own HoloLens app, or even to add to the Galaxy Explorer app with new content. Invites to pre-order the HoloLens Development Edtion have been sent out to some developers, with the first units scheduled to ship sometime at the end of March for the price of $3,000.

Apply for Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition

  • Looks pretty cool
  • Just hoping they don't shut it down :-( even tough I cannot afford it , also its not even launching in India at the first place, but still I love it. Would love to at least try it out once..
  • Would be pretty stupid of them to shut it down with all the positivity around it.
  • Well it is a niche like kinnect was
  • They screwed the pooch with Kinect by targeting gamertards with the technology and ignoring its practical applications in industry. They seem to be taking an opposite approach with HoloLens.
  • They learned a few things with Kinect. I'd like to think they're wiser and they're targeting other arenas vs the hardcore CoD types. Draw in new audiences. Let the oldschool gamers keep gaming but introduce a new way to do things. That's how I see it. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  • Should be amazing
  • This thing can revolutionize the education sector. Schools can buy HoloLens and start practical for subjects like geography that was only considered as theoretical till now. It's much easier to understand seasons, tides, eclipses and valleys using interactive 3D models. I can say this because I once had a really hard time understanding polarization through book. I could finally understand circular and linear polarization using the 3D animation that I saw on a website. However, Microsoft should market this aggressively to schools and research institutes all over the world.