Microsoft HoloLens could bring Warcraft characters into your living room

Legendary, the movie production company that makes films like The Dark Knight, Pacific Rim and more recently the movie adaptation of Warcraft, is working with the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality technology for a variety of uses.

You may remember that as part of the Warcraft movie premiere, Legendary used the HoloLens, combined with Microsoft's Actiongram app, to create videos that showed people interacting with one of the characters in the film, the Orc called Orgrim. In both a blog post and in a new video, Microsoft talks about how Legendary is planning to expand its use of the HoloLens:

With HoloLens, creators now have more than one way to make holograms, whether characters are played by actors or are CG-based. To capture actors and real objects as holorams, we use a holographic video capture studio. We record the actors using dozens of synchronized RGB and infrared cameras on a calibrated green-screen stage. We are able to capture the motion, shape, and appearance of the performer, producing something like video but viewable from any angle, at any moment of recording. Life-sized holograms of CG-created characters can also be made using 3D data.HoloLens gives storytellers a new medium to tell stories, develop richer characters, and delight people. With HoloLens, there is no longer the boundary of the screen between fans and the content they love. Characters can jump off the screen and into the living room – giving every fan the chance to direct and star alongside them in their own mixed reality movies.

In addition to creating mixed reality movies, Legendary says the HoloLens could also be used for pre-visualization in films, so that art directors can see what a set will look like before it's even built.

John Callaham
  • And with this technology pornhub's revenue will keep on increasing..
  • And finally it will be listed in Stock Exchange. Lol
  • I think VR is better suited for the porn side of it..
  • Ever since the popularity of Pokemon Go, I've been speculating about how fun a World of Warcraft boss fight in a park with a group of people wearing hololenses would be.
  • Oh, God. Imagine 25 people LARPing and fighting a creature no one else sees in Central Park. LOL. That would certainly be entertaining, though, to be one of those "players."
  • All 100 users will be thrilled.
  • If that....
  • I would be more interested in watching fighting games with HoloLense. Imagine watching a Killer Instinct fight go down in your own living room.
  • At first, I thought you were talking about UFC, etc.  Imagine that.  Holographic 3D real-time cameras recording a fight projected into your living room.
  • World of Warcraft looked so revolutionary 12 years ago, but in 2016, what I really want is a new Warcraft but with 2016 graphics, am I the only fan of WoW that is expecting new graphics for this amazing game?
  • I've been happy with the incremental updates they've been making. Do I want the game to look like Elder Scrolls, or even Guild Wars 2?  You bet.  But, I'll concede that the game would certainly "feel" different from its original RTS game.  Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe they should sever ties with that art style, and bump things up.  The movie showed that they could accomplish this and still make it feel/look like the world of Warcraft.  What I would like most, however, is more "dynamic" fighting.  i.e. directional combat, dodging, etc, like you see in GW2 and ESO.  They are doing some of that with spells like the Frost, Arcane Orbs, etc. But they should apply it to melee, and update more ranged spells to do the same.  I digress.   Interesting times to see holography in its commercial infancy. 
  • This is way better than Pokemon