Microsoft HoloLens headset will transport Kennedy Space Center visitors to Mars

The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset is being used as part of Destination: Mars, a temporary exhibit at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will allow visitors to see a simulation of what it looks like on the planet as seen through the Curiosity Mars Rover.

The Kennedy Space Center website has more info on this new exhibit:

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin will serve as a holographic guide for visitors during their journey on the surface of Mars. Curiosity Mars rover driver Erisa Hines will also appear, leading visitors to the sites of exciting discoveries about the Red Planet.

Destination Mars opens today at the Kennedy Space Center but will only be available until January 1, 2017. If you are going, be aware that while the exhibit is part of the space center's ticket price, you must make a reservation on the day of their visit.

John Callaham
  • That's superb Microsoft. This calls professional move . Go ahead . Surprise us .
  • Miscrosoft is and google are watching. With the pace at which ms is leading,i dont think apple,google and even magic leap will be able to catch up.
  • Is leading the run to hell...
  • And your in that line also.
  • Why are you in hell?
  • Of Couse Microsoft is leading because it is the only company with Mixed Reality headset.
  • Wouldn't immersive VR be better for this.
  • Why are all the fanboys disliking his/her comment? He had a question and the answer is VR probably would be better for that type of thing. I have an HTC Vive and it is mind-blowing, not to say that the HoloLens isn't. The HoloLens is also an amazing device, but it is better for adding things to your world because you can still see through the lenses. The Vive is better for transporting you to other places because of the wider FOV and you can't see your surroundings unless you look through the camera. Don't dislike questions for no reason.
  • Totally agree. The Hololens is a great device for its area but in this case a VR headset would definitely be the better choice to get immersed into the subject Mars.
  • IMO, VR headsets wouldn't be a better choice. Immersive experience varies from scientific and collaborative experience. You're not watching a movie here / you don't want to cheat your brain to believe that you're actually in Mars (may be some would want that). HoloLens is better at its peak for this kind of experiments.
  • From my personal observation, they are disliking his/her comment because most of his/her comments are troll-ish and that he/she is disliked in general for the consistent troll-ish behavior. However, he/she could be right in that VR might be a better immersive experience, but I don't necessarily think AR/Hololens would be a bad experience either. I think a large part of it is Microsoft already has a partnership with NASA from the beginning conception of Hololens. @raytiger and @mijacs have interesting and valid points too with the type of experience and not just about being immersed.
  • Answer: because NASA decided so. Maybe VR would technically be a better fit, but hey, we are living in a world where a Youtube-promoted phone being half as smart and costing twice as much as the competition while having an app gap itself rules the market.
  • NASA decided that it should be a group experience. If it was all about the individual then VR would be better. If you want to be part of a group then AR is better.
  • Good initiative.
  • Gonna have to head out there tomorrow and check it out
  • Interesting!
  • Wonder how many have decided to buy one after using it here?
  • It's very exciting to see HoloLens making waves everyday with just the Developer Edition. This has already became a part of marketing, good for msft and fields of interest. Can't wait for the Consumer Edition, I'll buy it even if it's $3000, I hope they'll improve battery life, nothing more... And one can be pretty sure that development for HoloLens will be massive at the time of public release.
  • Really makes me want KSP on HoloLens to be a reality
  • I'm loving this, but I wish the volume of apps coming to the platform was more. I think developers are only scratching the surface. (pun)
  • vacation in Cape Canaveral is in March. :(
  • No love for their Houston home base?